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What choices will you make today that will impact positively on children as a Kids Life Coach?

Uncategorized Jun 12, 2019

One week ago I spoke my front of a room of prominent influencers. To say I was scared is an under statement. I felt so vulnerable but I did it because I spoke about something close to my heart.

My driver for all I do in life and my purpose.....supporting childrens well being through Kids Life Coaching.

We are all in a position to be role models to children. This doesn’t mean we need to be perfect but it does mean we need to each take responsibility for sharing love as an antidote for the problems we see in our world.

What choices will you make today that impact positively on our future generation? It starts with just one child....

Watch my speech  in the Houses of Parliament in London, England on 4 June where I was hosted on International day of innocent child victims of aggression. 


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