Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between The Kids Life Studio® and the Kids Life Coach Academy?

The Kids Life Studio® Global Group is an international organisation founded in 2005 that offers coaching and self development programmes to children below the age of 13. It has a global network of certified Kids Life Coaches who have completed their training through our online training programme. Visit to learn more. This online training is hosted by our school, The Kids Life Coach Academy who is the leader in online Kids Life Coach Training that is affordable and accessible. Both organisations were founded by Zelna Lauwrens, who has over two decades experience working with children.

What does the Kid Life Coach Academy offer?

The Kids Life Coach Academy offers a variety of courses that are focused on uplifting and supporting children. These include training programmes for parents, teachers and professionals who work with children and want to enhance their skills set. Our signature offering on The Kids Life Coach Academy is our Kids Life Studio® Coach Certification endorsed by The Kids Life Studio®.

What does it mean to be an affiliate of The Kids Life Studio®?

The Kids Life Studio® is a global organisation that has a network of passionate and professional World-Class Kids Life Coaches who are committed to children’s well-being. There are two options for joining The Kids Life Studio® team:

  1. Become a Kids Life Studio® Certified Coach and start your own private coaching practice using your own brand.
  2. Open a Kids Life Studio® Coaching Venue where you will have the opportunity to use the already established brand and be provided with all marketing materials and operations manual.

As an affiliate, once trained, you have permission to use all of the programmes, methodologies and products. There is also flexibility and adaptability as to how you would like to implement the programmes. Most importantly, being an affiliate of the Kids Life Studio® means that you will be part of a global network of Kids Life Coaches who support, learn and collaborate with each other. You will also have access to ongoing personal and business development training. The affiliation is renewable on an annual basis.

Who developed the Kids Life Studio® programmes, methodologies and systems?

Zelna Lauwrens is the founder of The Kids Life Studio® and Kids Life Coach Academy. She has an extensive background working with children as a school teacher and she also has an Honours Degree in the Psychology of Education. She lectured at University Level and so her training has been developed based on practical experiential learning coupled with solid research and theory.  Her experience spans over two decades and she has run her own Kids Life Coaching practice in South Africa and the United Kingdom since 2005. She has worked with a variety of children and her experience is diverse and she imparts her practical personal learnings into her own coaching methodologies that are easy to use and see quick results.

What qualifications do I need to become a certified Kids Life Studio® Coach?

As part of the screening process, you will need to complete a Statement of Interest online. Once our team has reviewed it, you will be contacted to set up a Strategy Session Call with founder of The Kids Life Studio®, Zelna Lauwrens who will interview you to see if you are a good fit for our organisation. Although no formal qualification is necessary, a teaching, psychology or social work degree is beneficial or a Life Coaching Diploma or Certification. Our certified coaches amongst others, consist of parents, teachers, doctors, social workers, nurses, adult life coaches and psychologists so this certification integrates will into a wide variety of backgrounds. We look for passion and purpose as the key ingredients in becoming a World-Class Kids Life Coach.

Is the Kids Life Studio® Coach Certification a professional qualification?

Kids Life Coaching remains an unregulated profession, and with no internationally agreed regulatory body in place in this comparatively new discipline, The Kids Life Studio® has taken the lead in establishing an ethical framework within which the profession can develop.

The Kids Life Studio® Coach Certification is a qualification endorsed by The Kids Life Studio®. The standards have been set and are monitored by the founder Zelna Lauwrens and her advisory team. All of our certified coaches are required to submit an ongoing annual Portfolio of Evidence as proof of their competence so that we can ensure that standards are being maintained.  The qualification obtained is highly rigorous and structured in such a way that it is not purely academic. Whilst there is substantial theory involved, the emphasis is on practically equipping you to become a practicing Kids Life Coach. For this reason, we do not align ourselves with any adult Life Coaching bodies as their criteria is not relevant to coaching children. We take great pride in our self imposed standards and we pre screen and qualify coaches prior to enrolling so that we are always able to serve the best interests of the child.

How much time, will it take me to become a certified Kids Life Studio® Coach?

There is no real pressure as far as time is concerned – you study at your own pace so the time frame is dependent on your effort. The average completion for the Kids Life Studio® Coach Training is 200 hours and an extra 50 hours if you are doing the additional training for opening a Kids Life Studio® Venue. There are also a large amount of recommended books, research and videos to engage with, which will enhance your knowledge base. Hopefully you will not skip past these, but work slowly and carefully through all of the materials provided.The Kids Life Studio® Coach Certification is made up of 6 modules and each has 2 assignments as well as a set of consolidation questions to complete. There is a practical part to the certification which takes 4 weeks. The average time frame is 3 – 6 months to complete the Kids Life Coach Certification and a maximum of 1 year.

Are there any assignments that need to be submitted for The Kids Life Studio® Coach Certification?

This is a self-study and research based training and you are required to submit a Portfolio of Evidence that consists of 12 Assignments which are practical in nature. Theory provides and practice decides so each assignment will include something useful to set you up as a successful Kids Life Coach. By the end of your modules, you will have everything you need to open your own Kids Life Studio® Coaching Practice. You will have questions after each module to consolidate the materials learnt and to ensure that you are on the right track and understand the work at hand. You will need to submit a Practical Portfolio of Evidence at the end of your training to receive your final certification.
Please note: An additional assessment fee of $199 will be invoiced on submission of this Portfolio of Evidence. This includes assessment according to criteria and standards allocated, feedback & electronic Certificate.

What support will I get during my Kids Life Studio® Coach certification training?

Once enrolled in our online training, you will be allocated a Master Coach who will mentor you through your training. You will have an initial 1 hour strategy session with your Master Coach to plan your training and then you will schedule 12 x 20 minute mentorship sessions. During your practical application you will be supported by your Master Coach on a weekly basis.  After you have certified as a Kid Life Studio® Coach, you will have a final 1 hour strategy session to work through any areas to ensure a smooth launch.

What is the format of the Kids Life Studio® Coach Training?

An internet connection is required for completion of the online self-paced training as this can only be provided by us with your technological infrastructure in place. The Training begins with an orientation module that takes you through the methodologies behind The Kids Life Studio® Coaching Programme. Then, you commence on a self-development journey to ensure you have a positive mindset based on your own mental well being. Thereafter, you will have the Theory module which is research based and you will be provided with multiple sets of questions to facilitate your own gathering of information.  These are focused around CBT,NLP,EQ, Social Psychology, Positive Psychology and Life Coaching.  The reason is because all of our students enter our training at various levels and as such this helps them to fill in any gaps the their current knowledge base may have.

All of the modules require practical application and each consists of two separate lessons with reading materials and videos. Each has an opportunity for consolidation with text-based questions. After the theory is complete, you move onto practical application of the skills and methodologies.

What modules does the Kids Life Studio® Coach Certification consist of?

Orientation & Defining expectations
Developing the Mindset of a Kids Life Coach

Putting the Child Back into Childhood (Life Coaching)
Brain Training for Gaining (CBT & NLP)
Real Intelligence in a Real World (EQ)
Positive Solutions for Everyday Problems (Positive Psychology)
Social Beings in a Social World (Social Psychology)
Playing the Game of Life (Kids Life Coaching)

The Zelna Zeal Kids Coaching Model
A System for Kids Life Coaching Success

Meeting a child’s needs
The 10-steps for Enabling a Child

Using the Zeal for Life® Kids Coaching Programme
Putting the Kids Life Coaching Theory into Action

Starting your Kids Life Coaching Journey
Monitoring your Kids Life Coaching Success

What does the Kids Life Studio®Venue Licence Training give me?

The Kids Life Studio® Coach Certification offers you the Theory & a Coaching programme, which can be used and integrated into your own existing practice. The Kids Life Studio Venue Licence  incorporates this and allows you to open a Kids Life Studio® Coaching Venue that offers self development programmes, facilitated through extra-mural programmes.Visit to find out more. The Kids Life Studio® Venue Licence Training offers 6 online training modules and all the marketing, business set-up and related materials to start your Kids Life Studio®. If you purchase a Kids Life Studio® Venue Licence, you will be given permission to use the brand in its entirety in whatever setting you choose. The venue licence is ideal for the person who wants to spend more time coaching children and less time setting up a business and is not interested in creating their own brand. You can also use your own existing brand/organization in conjunction with the Kids Life Studio® Venue Licence. Eg. You can run a Fitness Programme or Art school in your studio.

What modules does the Kids Life Studio® Venue Licence Training consist of?

To open a Kids Life Studio® Venue, you will need to complete the Kids Life Studio® Coach Certification and you can complete the Business Training concurrently which consists of a further 6 modules:



  • Preparation for Business Setup
  • Preparation for Obtaining Bookings


  • Fielding Queries & confirming bookings
  • Managing New Clients



  • Business Growth
  • Business Management


  • Orientation of Extra-Mural Programmes
  • Practical Side of Group Coaching
Where can I open a Kids Life Studio® Venue?

If you choose to use The Kids Life Studio® brand by obtaining a Venue licence, you can outsource a venue for a “pop-up” studio eg. A community hall or school classroom. This is a space to run your extra-mural programmes on a part-time basis. If you will be opening a full-time Kids Life Studio® venue, as your primary business, it is suggested that you build up a reputation, data-base and clientele before investing in high overheads. The model is easily adaptable to this. Please note that this is not based on the restrictive franchise concept and allows you the flexibility to use all of the intellectual property associated, with the freedom to adapt the venue according to the needs of your community.  The Venue Licence is ideal for: Schools, Learning Centres, Extra-mural Programmes, Private Health Care Practices, Therapy Centres, Juvenile Correction Facilities, Psychiatric Units, Rehabilitation Centres, Private Homes, Hospitals, Support Groups, Churches, Community Centres, Welfare organizations, Orphanages and Non-Profit Organizations.

Can I give my Kids Life Studio® a name?

For the Kids Life Studio® Venue, the name of the Kids Life Studio® may not include any reference to country, city, town, village, suburb. The name may only include reference to a chosen name eg. The Enrichment Kids Life Studio or Zelna’s Kids Life Studio. You may not use The Kids Life Studio® name in your business registration. You need to register your business in your own choice of name with T/A (trading as) eg. Zelna’s Kids Life Studio.

Is there any face-to-face training available?

There are a variety of professional development trainings hosted by The Kids Life Studio® Founder, Zelna Lauwrens and her team of trainers on an ongoing basis. This includes a 1-Day Kids Life Coach Theory Training which can be attended by anybody wanting to enhance their skills set but not necessarily become a full time Kids Life Coach. Once you have your Kids Life ® Coach Certification,there is an Advanced Coach Training available.  Once you become a certified Kids Life Studio® Coach, there is also the opportunity to participate in ongoing support training to collaborate with other Kids Life Coaches, which will ensure continued professional development, networking opportunities & a peer-learning environment. All trainings can be attended via Live Streaming.

Can I use the Kids Life Studio® Coaching Programme in my own existing environment?

The fundamentals of the Kids Life Studio® Coaching programme provide a solid foundation, which can be easily adapted to any particular needs in your community. The coaching programme is fully adaptable and you are free to add your own “flavour” to it, based on your own personality or needs identified in your community. Initially as a novice coach, you will have a foundation coaching programme that you can work through systematically but as you gain confidence, you will be able to adapt this.

Can I use my own brand?

If you want to start your own business coaching children, you can develop and use your own brand in conjunction with The Kids Life Studio® brand. If you already have a business, you can incorporate your qualification into your existing brand. You will be given permission to co-brand and make use of the Kids Life Studio® logo as an endorsement on all stationery, website and e-mails. If you obtain the Kids Life Studio® Venue Licence , you will have the permission to use The Kids Life Studio® brand in its entirety or in collaboration with your own brand.

What if I start my Kids Life Coaching business and somebody else trades as a Kids Life Coach in my area?

Just like a Doctor, Psychologist or Therapist, there may be more than one in a medical practice or locality. There is always a need for educating, motivating & inspiring children in our toxic world! Remember that your mindset and determination will be key factors contributing to your success. Referrals are always by word of mouth and if you do a good job, you will have more than enough clients. There is a real need for Kids Life Coaching and there are many children needing your support. Although competition is healthy, we encourage working in collaboration with partners in the best interests of children. We also support our coaches to niche in their own area of expertise eg. bullying, divorce. This allows them to differentiate themselves from other coaches and gives them a distinct edge in a potentially saturated market.

Can you give me a business plan?

The Kids Life Studio® provides the theory and programmes needed to be a Kids Life Coach but all business planning is your responsibility, since this is not a franchise opportunity. You can compare it to a University Graduate leaving university. They are responsible for turning their knowledge into practice.  You will however be supported by fellow Venue Affiliate network who will be available to give you practical implementation advice based on their own personal experiences.

What fees will I charge for my services?

The Kids Life Studio® is not in a position to indicate the fees to charge since this is an international company with affiliates World Wide. It is recommended that you do market research by speaking to other professionals working in your area. Eg. Psychologist, Tutors, Life Coaches, Social Workers. One of the training modules in the Kids Life Studio® Coach Certification focuses on market research and establishing the value of your services and the fees you will charge.

Can I provide services at no cost, in an existing organization that is not a business? Eg. School, Charity, Medical Centre, Orphanage

The Kids Life Studio® prides itself on reaching all children across all demographics, cultures, religions, circumstances and abilities. The Kids Life Coaching Programmes are easily adaptable to suit any environment as the fundamental principles are universal. The Kids Life Studio® Coach Certification includes marketing & sales training but you can choose to offer your services for free.

What are the legalities of being a Kids Life Coach?

You are required to provide your own Public Liability insurance and/or Professional Indemnity Insurance when operating and working with children and any additional registrations both at local and country authority governance. You are responsible for asking all clients to sign a coaching contract with associated indemnity form to ensure standards are met by both parties.

The Kids Life Studio® Global Group is not held responsible for any causes howsoever from any claims arising from the incorrect use or application of the programmes or materials.

You are required to provide a Police Clearance and First Aid Certificate for the assurance of the safety of the Children. This is to be provided prior to trade and renewed on an annual basis.

You will need to submit a Portfolio of Evidence on an annual basis to ensure that you are maintaining the criteria and standards set by the organisation. If you fail to meet the required terms & conditions of trade as a Kids Life Studio® Certified Coach, your annual affiliation will not be renewed.

You are responsible for asking all clients to sign a coaching contract with associated indemnity form to ensure standards are met by both parties.

Will the Kids Life Studio® Head Office help me with marketing?

If you do the Kids Life Studio® Coach Certification, you will need to design your own brand/use your own existing brand. One of your training modules will guide you in the setup of this business.  The Kids Life Studio® provides you with a Kids Life Coach listing on its website and is responsible for driving traffic to this platform. If you obtain the Kids Life Studio® Venue Licence, you will be provided with a more extensive marketing training based on our unique model. You will also get all of the templates and resources you need to market your Kids Life Coaching business. This includes:
Business Card
E-Mail Branding
Newsletter Template
Networking Events Invitations
Powerpoint Template
Business Profile
Special Report
Pull-Up Banner
Registration Form

Are there any other fees I need to pay after my training?

After you have completed your Kids Life Studio® Coach Training, you will need to submit your Portfolio of Evidence which carries a $199 submission fee. This can be paid up front or at the time of completion of your training.

You will need to pay an annual affiliate fee to belong to the Kids Life Studio® organisation. All Affiliate Fees are payable annually in advance with the first fee being payable on submission of your registration. The anniversary renewal date will be one year from initial enrolment. This fee gives access to multiple benefits such as a coach login area, access to monthly professional development training and a global mastermind group.

The affiliate needs to notify The Kids Life Studio® Global Group. in writing 60 days prior to their renewal date should they not wish to continue. Any fee increases will be published on 1 December each year and will not exceed 10%. The new fee will become effective on next renewal anniversary date.

What do I get as an affiliate of The Kids Life Studio®?

You pay an annual affiliate fee of $900 to belong to the Kids Life Studio® network and the benefits of this investment  includes:

The use of the Kids Life Studio® Coaching Programmes & Workshops

    • Permission to use all Kids Life Studio® Intellectual Property
    • Permission to use the Kids Life Studio® Logo in conjunction with own brand on personal website and on all associated marketing materials
    • Membership based website login area with research, resources, videos and training
    • Area Based Directory listing on the Kids Life Studio® Website
    • Website maintenance & Search Engine Optimisation
    • Membership to Kids Life Coach private Facebook group
    • Membership to Instant Messaging group
    • Monthly Professional Development Group Online Trainings
    • Mastermind Online Strategy Sessions with fellow affiliates
    • Monthly Newsletter from founder
    • Invitation to international professional development conferences
    • Localised Team Building retreats
    • Access to team data base for networking & referral opportunities

    All affiliates are provided priority access to an additional range of optional workshops and coaching programmes which are not available to the general public at further investment fees.

Who do I need to register my business with?

You are required to register your business according to local and country authority governance. The Kids Life Studio® Head Office does not provide consultation with regards to this process. All Kids Life Studio® certified coaches will need to register as members with the International Kids Life Coach Association which is an independent regulatory body maintaining the standards in the industry. Please note that this body is still in the inception phase as there is no regulatory body geared specifically towards children.

Where will I find clients?

You will need to determine the demographic and target market that you will want to focus on. Most of our Kids Life Studio® Certified Coaches have a niche market which focuses on a core “problem” being experienced by children eg. anxiety or bullying. This allows them to become an authority with referrals being made to them by professionals in the community.  Part of your training will be to put together a marketing plan which will assist you in finding clients by implementing long-term strategies.

Are there any other programmes available?

Once you become a Kids Life Studio® Certified Coach, you will have access to further 1-Day Coaching programmes: Anger with a Capital D, Sibling Success, Dealing with Divorce, Being my own Best Friend, Family Well-Being, Parent Coaching, Zeal Teen Programme.

As a Kids Life Studio® Venue owner, you will have the ability to run the following extra-mural group coaching programmes: Camp Zeal, Little Zealers Academy, Meals4Zeal, Heart&Zeal, EcoZeal, EZee Tutoring, Zeal Travel, Techno Zeal, Zeal Fitness.

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