Introduction to Kids Life Coaching

Introduction to Kids Life Coaching


Do you want to be a mentor, guide and role model to children? No matter how you are involved with children, this Introduction to Kids Life Coaching will give you the tools to support children through the stresses and strains of coping in an ever-demanding world.

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Course information:

Do you possess that one secret ingredient that cannot be manufactured or taught? That ingredient is passion! Passion creates purpose and purpose creates results.  Coaching children requires a unique skillset which cannot only be learnt in books, studied at universities or gained by attending training courses or seminars. It is something that is based on what is in the heart and also in the mind.

This training will inspire you to tap into your own natural inner Kids Life Coach that every single adult has!  So whether you are a parent, teacher, therapist, social worker or life coach this training can be adapted and applied in your own unique context.

You will learn….

* The skills for nurturing your natural inner Kids Life Coach that you can immediately put to use.

* How to use our Kids Life Studio® “Happiness Barometer” to assess if a child is at risk for mental health problems.

* An easy to implement toolkit you can share with any child no matter their background or circumstances.

* A system for motivating children to become the leader of their own life despite the challenges they may be facing.

* An introduction to our secret recipe that our global team of Kids Life Coaches are successfully using.

Course Sections

1. Welcome

2. Training Orientation

3. The Psychology of Childhood

4. Creating a New Definition for Childhood

5. Exploring Childhood Challenges

6. Looking beyond the problems

7. Enabling children’s labels

8. A system for motivating children

9. Moulding Children for Life

10. A toolkit for coaching children

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