The Zeal Challenge® Teen Coaching Programme

The Zeal Challenge® Teen Coaching Programme


This motivational programme is specifically designed to support teenagers in implementing the 3 Pillars for Success: Happiness, Motivation & Inspiration.

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What is this Zeal Challenge® Teen Coaching Programme about?

The teenage years can be a challenging time with the multitude of changes, demands and challenges that can be faced making them a high risk for anxiety, depression and mental health problems.  The World Health Organisation predicts that by 2020, mental health problems in young people will increase by 50% and you will be playing a part in proving this statistic wrong.  Your support in helping a teenager on their journey to improved mental well-being and a positive mindset, means that you will be involved in defining true success by inspiring teens to tackle life with energy and enthusiasm because the amount of energy you put in will equal the results you get out!

Just like regular exercise builds up healthy bodies the Zeal Challenge® Coaching programme helps to strengthen a teenagers body, heart, mind and spirit by following an easy self development process designed to achieve long-term success.

The founder of The Kids Life Studio®, Zelna Lauwrens is the developer of the Zeal Challenge® Journal which underpins this programme and that aims to give you a toolkit to support teens preferably before their behaviour spirals out of control.  It is based on implementing 5 easy daily habits that assist teens to make better choices with you mentoring them through structured daily activities that lay the foundation for lasting change. These activities are based on forming new neural pathways in the brain which will ultimately overrule the old faulty belief systems. This results in better lifestyle choices and positive outcomes.

Who is this Zeal Challenge® Teen coaching programme for?

The easiest way to make positive influence on a teen is to be a role model that lives a positive life yourself. This means being a lifelong learner that participates in ongoing self development. This way you will be strong enough in your own heart and mind to support teens when challenges strike. If you have a passion for either supporting your own teen or somebody else’s, then this is the programme for you.

This Zeal Challenge® Programme is designed in such a way that it can easily be used and integrated by anybody who has an interest in supporting teens such as:

  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Social Workers
  • Psychologists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Life Coaches
  • Youth Workers
What will you learn?
This motivational programme is specifically designed to support teenagers in implementing the 3 Pillars for Success: Happiness, Motivation & Inspiration. This consists of you making use of the Zeal Challenge® Journal as a tool for coaching teens, which consists of 21 days of daily activities and 50 weeks of inspiration . Before the teen starts using their journal on a daily basis, you will learn the 10-step process that you will take them through to prepare their attitude for the self development journey they are embarking on. You will participate in 8 self paced Modules in the comfort of your own home that should take you approximately 12 hours to complete. Each module will include a PDF Manual download and instructional audio/video. The themes covered in this Zeal Challenge® training include:

Lesson 1- Orientation & Welcome

Lesson 2 – The Zeal Challenge® Basics

Lesson 3 – Inspiring teens to become leaders

Lesson 4 – The Zeal Challenge® Ingredients for Mental Well-Being

Lesson 5 – The Zeal Challenge® Tools

Lesson 6 – The 10-Steps for implementing the Zeal Challenge®

Lesson 7 – The Zeal Challenge® Themes

Lesson 8 – Zeal for Life® as a Lifelong process with 5 BONUS videos!

What tools will you get to support teens?

The strength of this programme is designed around teens making use of the dynamic Zeal Challenge® Journal and Zeal Talk® Affirmation Cards, which are unique tools that support them to reengineer their lives so that they maximise their own success. With this programme you are given permission to use the high resolution print ready files of the following templates that are provided to you as part of this package:

  • The Zeal Challenge® Journal -164 Full Colour Pages with checklists, inspirational quotes, illustrations and space for daily scribbles.
  • 3 Poster Set: Happiness, Motivation and Inspiration
  • Zeal Talk® 52-Week Double Sided Affirmation Cards
What outcomes can you expect teens to achieve by participating in this programme?
  • This motivational programme is specifically designed to support teenagers in implementing the 3 Pillars for Success: Happiness, Motivation & Inspiration.Once you have supported a teen to participate in this Zeal Challenge®, they will have the skills to steer their life in the right direction.  Not only will they understand who they are but they will have a toolkit for making healthier choices and taking control of those aspects in their life which are holding them back and further improving on those that are propelling them forward.The Zeal Challenge®:
    • Is a proven way to help teens to overcome their self-defeating thoughts and behaviours. It does this by asking them to take a look at their life and to become aware of their thoughts so that they can begin to change their faulty beliefs about themselves.
    • Helps to re-programme a teens unhealthy negative thoughts so that they become healthy positive thoughts.
    • Has an important role in facilitating that the teen takes a look at themselves from the inside out. This means forming a correlation between negative thoughts that result in negative choices.
    • Supports a teen to acknowledge that there may be things that they need to or want to change about themselves. This also means you helping them to understand that there is nothing wrong with them but that they would benefit from small improvements.
    • Helps the teen to find success by making healthier choices about themselves. There is benefit in them understanding that they have the power to choose how they will react to what happens in their life, no matter what the circumstances are.
    • Facilitates finding solutions for problems that are workable and show results. It assists in forming a success mindset that sees every challenge as an opportunity to learn and grow.

Will you receive a certificate?

Once you have completed these modules, you will receive a Certificate of Completion that you can include in your Portfolio of Professional Development should you wish.

Please note that this training does not provide you with a formal certification and if you would like to become a certified Kids Life Studio® Coach and setup your own coaching business that targets children below the age of 13, you are invited to click here to start your application process.


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