£6500 Package saver

Level 1 - 3: Fast Track Savers Package

This package includes access to the Level 1 - 3 training online with personal mentorship and support by Kids Life Coach Academy and Kids Life Studio® founder Zelna Lauwrens and her Student Success Mentor Team during this time. 

You will get:

  • Level 1 Theory Training 6-week  online programme to learn the fundamentals of play based coaching (Value: £950)
  • Level 2 Practical Training 6 month online programme to learn how to coach children individually (Value: £2950)
  • Level 3 Advanced Training 6 month online programme to learn how to coach groups in schools and families (Value: £3950)
  • one year online group mentorship sessions
  • one year online group professional supervision sessions
  • 12 x 15 minute weekly check ins during Level 2 practical case study application for support in turning theory into practice (Value: £900)
  • 6 x 1 hour coaching sessions during Level 3 rollout stage for support in turning theory and practice into a lucrative income (Value: £900)




What People Are Saying:

In my past life as a taekwondo school owner for 12 years, whenever anyone asked me for advice on running a martial arts school, I always began with saying, “Your school is a business first, and a taekwondo school second.” The same is true of a kids life coaching program - which is why Level 3 training is vital if you want to truly have a successful business. The first part of Level 3 helps you with running your business. And, even though I ran a successful business for 12 years, I still benefitted so much from working my way through this training. It helped me develop me business plan for my coaching business, which was so very beneficial as it provided me with a road map of where I wanted to take my business, among other things. The second part of this training focused on how to run taster workshops and the family resiliency group program. Both of these events are invaluable to me as a way to bring in income and new clients who can potentially become individual clients - and in fact, I gained 2 clients from the 2 workshops I’ve run, and another client from one of the family resiliency workshops I’ve held. The third part of this training revolved around writing a research paper to develop my expertise in my niche. Let me tell you - I really, really did not want to do this part. It had been about 30 years since I wrote a paper, and I was very intimidated by it all. But, it was pivotal in developing my expertise and because of it, I feel like a true kids life coach and have banished my imposter syndrome. In working through this level of training, I’m now able to position my business the way I want - but I’m also able to better meet the needs of my individual clients as I’m confident in my ability to “mix and match” from all programs to best serve my clients.

Carol Chapman - Level 3 Kids Life Studio® Advanced Coach