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An evidence informed approach to coaching children through play 


Is Kids Life Coaching a viable solution?

Evidence that childhood is in crisis appears to be everywhere. 

It has been undisputedly proven in multiple research studies, that most 50% of lifetime mental illness begins before age 14. 

Find out why every child deserves to have their own Kids Life Coach based on research and proven evidence.  

Grab your free report and find out how you can be part of a global mental wellbeing movement! 

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What is the research saying?

This report explores the research on the Psychology of Childhood and how the toxic influences facing children impact on their wellbeing. 

Why do Kids need Life Coaching?

 This report will explain why Kids Life Coaching is a valuable intervention. Learn how we solve globally prevalent problems in a fun and proactive way.

How can you offer children support?

Support should not only be limited to children faced with challenges. This report will help you create an action plan for success to use with any child.


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