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Do you believe in Kids Life Coaching as much as I do?

Uncategorized Jun 08, 2019

When I started my free Facebook support group for Kids life Coaching a year ago the aim was to raise the standards of Kids Life Coaching globally through connection and collaboration.

I have been coaching children with my own model for 16 years. I developed this based on my experiences as a teacher and school counsellor. I have trained people globally to use this proven model and programme in their local communities with great success.

(In fact this past week a group of my Kids Life Studio brand ambassadors and I were a voice for children in the Houses of Parliament in London. Click here to watch the video of my speech)

I needed to share today that in the past few years I have started noticing that various service providers were all of the sudden training people to coach children.

Naturally this excited me (at first) as we want to reach more children...but....

I started seeing a few glaring problems out there with these training providers.

1. Many of them have never coached children themselves...they are adult coaches who have seen a need and are tapping into this “new” niche market. Trying to help...but not realising that coaching adults is NOTHING at all like coaching children!! I have worked with children for over two decades and nothing replaces practical on the ground experience.

2. The quality of their training has gaps when it comes to the practical side of coaching children. I only know this because a few of my coaches previously went to other training providers and they all say the same thing when they approach me. “I am equipped with the theory but don’t really know how to coach”

3. They offer online training without mentorship. This is not only impersonal but also unrealistic. I give my personal input into each person who trains with me by offering Q & A calls to discuss coaching clients. This is fundamentally important!

4. There is money to be made in training people online, so focus in many organisations is on numbers. They look at high volume foot traffic with low personal interaction. My highest value is relationships so I focus on low volume and high quality with a limited intake per month.

5. Their big “why” was similar to mine and they want to help children but they aren’t a voice for children. They are not working towards changing policies or actively involved in campaigning for children’s rights. My team and I do that and so much more behind the scenes as true change makers for children’.

So if you have read this far thank you! It means you care about quality so reach out to me and tell me what you need and how I can be of help. If you want to gather momentum by interacting and working towards supporting children with the quality coaching they deserve, reach out to me!!

Regards with Zeal, 

Zelna (The Secret Parent)

Kids Life Studio® & Kids Life Coach Academy Founder


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