Kids Life Coach Academy


 What our students say:

"This course is like no other in its uniqueness. First and foremost, I should mention that the course is extremely complex, well-structured and equally challenging; I may even say that it keeps one on the boil: business, coaching, research, live sessions, personal development, case study, psychology! There is a lot of useful information that seems unconceivable to be gathered harmoniously in one course and yet it is so well embedded and perfectly structured. I can hardly wait to share everything I acquired with children, to teach them to be happy, to pursue their dreams. I am profoundly honored to be part of an international team of World Class coaches, and I hope thus we can offer a better world for our children. Now, more than ever, they need our support and our unconditional love. Zelna Lauwrens, I will forever be thankful to you for the opportunities that this course has opened to me: a deeper introspection in my own life, mind and heart, a knowledgeable reflection on the power to self-improvement through wisely applied command of emotions as well as the happiness of sharing it all with children by guiding them in their own pursuit of happiness. Thank you! "

 Carmen Tepelea - Romania


"Coming into this training I thought that I knew what it is to know about being a Kids Life Coach because I'm a Certified School Counsellor. I was so wrong! I learned the difference between being a counsellor and a life coach. My focus as a Kids Life Coach is to focus on showing them how to overcome their challenges by giving them the key ingredients for managing their stress and facing their stress. I'm learning to think like a child, and PLAY! Help children to realize that they have the power to be positive in their own lives! I love being a school counsellor, but being a Kids Life Coach takes helping children to another level, and I'm here for it!"

Keywana Stephens - Saudi Arabia


"It took me 2 years to commit to do the course. However l can never regret taking the first step. Having worked with children for the past 7 yearS, the course was relevant to me. I have learnt new skills and knowledge to add. The course is broad with practical skills which yield results. The support I received from other fellow Change makers from the network group and the Thursday meeting made me feel supported and easy the burden. l am confidence l have what it takes to coach children to be leaders of their own life."

Tinah Lughano - Kenya


"One of the most informative and engaging courses I have come across in my career. The knowledge I gained in such a short time left me with a flavour to want more. It was cleverly designed to cover all aspects of the process in making us brilliant Kids Life Coaches. I highly recommend it. This course was a life-changer for me. I have gained so much knowledge in a topic I am passionate about and changed my lifestyle. I feel ready and prepared to conquer the world with the tools and awareness I have acquired. I loved and enjoyed every bit of the process of becoming who I am now." 

Ellie Symonds - London, England


"My inner child is jumping for joy! Having gone through the level 1 training it's allowed me to reconnect with my own inner child and what she's heard and learnt have excited her. This course has provided so much insight into how a child operates and what we can do to shape the outcome of a child life. Simply learning these fundamentals have provided a platform for my own inner child to feel loved, heard and supported. I cannot wait to continue the journey through the remaining training, but most importantly to have the opportunity to apply it to myself and then assist other children on the path to self-love."

Faye Collay - Melbourne, Australia


"Thank you to the founder and everyone else who had a hand in putting this course together. Unlike anything I have ever done before! This was one of the most fast-paced, exciting, and informative courses I have ever done. It is well presented, filled with knowledge and information. It is one of the best and most content rich courses I have done in a long time (and I have done quite a few). I think this course should be mandatory for parents and teachers, and anyone else who works with children. If every child had a supportive role model like a Kids Life Coach, what an amazing future it would be. I always felt supported when I needed it and part of a global team. Thank you to the whole team at Kids Life Studio for this amazing course. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to make a meaningful difference in a child's life." 

Tracey Hansen - Ireland


"This course is incredible, the content included is totally invaluable and life changing. What you learn sets you up to be a successful and valuable Kids Life Coach, it not only includes all the theory but the practical as well so you know exactly how to implement what you have learnt. The support you receive is fantastic, everyone is so helpful and supportive that you never feel alone in your journey. I would 100% recommend it, as I do not believe there are any other online courses out there that hold as much value as this one!!"

Cassie Swift - England


"The Kids life Studio is going to make a huge change to the way children are brought up. Being a Teacher I have watched children being forced to grow up to quickly in a world that they don't know how to navigate or understand. The Kids life Coaching program will help children understand the world around them and be able to communicate their needs and wants in life. Through understanding themselves they will live happier fuller lives."

Delani Hollhumer - South Africa


"The Level 1: A foundation for Kids Life Coaching is a detailed, refreshing approach to working with kids. It's a great supplement for any coach who works with children who wants to develop them on a deeper level.  The Kids Life Studio Level 2 Training has given me a solid foundation to coach children to become the leaders of their own lives. I feel confident in being able to help children in depth, thanks to this training. I also feel very prepared to launch my coaching as a business as well because of the course, too."

Carol Chapman - Texas, USA


"I am impressed by the level of professionalism, and the sense of community that Kids Life Studio has. Since the first day that I started the program I felt part of a group of people that go above and beyond helping kids being the leaders of their own life. It’s a team of people that talk the talk and walk the walk, they are authentic and real. I also loved the play based approach of the program and all the scientific support that it is based on. The videos and materials given are made with such professionalism and you can see that the well-being of the kids is at the centre of everything. This course not only helped me become a kids life coach but also helped me in being aware of the tools that I needed to be motivated, inspired and happy in my own life. Thanks Zelna for everything that you do to make this world a better place for the kids."

Tania Delsordo, Argentina


"This has been an amazing experience to work through this program. It's based on solid science, has a lot of in depth research behind it, yet is simple enough for children to understand. Zelna has put lots of work into creating this comprehensive program and from what I've seen, there's nothing else out there like it yet. I'm so excited to see the results of this program with the kids I'm working with! I'm honored to be a part of this global group of Children's Change-makers and I can't wait to start making a change in my community! Thank you, Zelna, for having the vision for this important work."

Victoria Clarke-Jones - Colorado, USA


"A brilliant journey! Taken many learnings away and look forward to putting them into practice. Lots of really great materials, assignments, videos, ted’s and books, a perfect combination of self-paced reading and guided research. Zelna is such a kind and warm hearted person, with a huge experience in working with children. I gained the confidence I needed to start a new journey in life. Now I am in the process of transitioning to what I’ve always dreamed of doing. I am happy to be part of a network of people committed to educate, inspire and motivate children to be the leaders of their own life." 

Carmen Tepelea - Romania


"The theory is a fantastic insight into the child’s brain and the child’s world. It gives anyone who is working closely with children a good understanding of why children need support and coaching and the benefits of coaching. I am a qualified life coach who has been coaching for more than 2 years - I learnt so much from this course!" 

Shruti Shah - Kenya


"A wonderful mind-blowing course that is thought-provoking and intense. There is so much content to gobble up, but it's all beautifully instructed, simple to follow, with the right amount of audio, visual and homework to keep you going. I've learnt a lot in a short space of time and it's been well worth it!  The reason I chose this course with Zelna was because I felt her values are aligned with mine. Zelna's passion for helping children is evident throughout this course and my interaction with her, and this gave me tremendous confidence that the materials she provides are all from the right place. The contents are solid and practical. This platform is really the best way to start for anyone who has a passion in coaching children."

Andrea Liu - Singapore


"I can go on describing kids Life Studio as an educational platform, but what really makes the program special is that it takes you all the way through the process of building an all-around successful coaching business." 

Nahla Biyari - Saudi Arabia


"I'm thrilled to have found The Kids Life Studio! When I first read about what their mission is, to help as many children as possible to become leaders of their own lives, it immediately felt like home. As a music teacher for many years, I've not only taught children music, but have always tried to build their confidence and self-esteem. By becoming a Certified Kids Life Coach, it has given me the opportunity to take my work with children to another level. The Kids Life Studio coaching program is outstanding and very thorough. It covers all areas needed to prepare the Kids Life Studio Coaches. The proven, kid-friendly coaching program teaches kids how to be more resilient, confident and self-aware so they can handle the ups and downs of life and make great choices so they can reach their potential. I'm so proud to be a part of this life-changing organization and am inspired to help kids thrive!"  

Sharlin Craig - Santa Ana, California


"I absolutely loved this course. It was so much more than I’d imagined. Zelna has really done an amazing job of compiling her work, her experience and from her many sources. I think anyone working with children could benefit from taking this course. It opened my eyes up to so much that I didn’t know about. I now have a large reading list and can’t wait to dive in. Well done!"

Julienne Kwai - New York, USA


"The theory training of the Kids Life Studio was an eye opener for me. I have always desired to impact on children's life positively but I held myself back a lot of times because I believed that the journey of life is not what you can assume and consequently mislead a child. This training touched on 6 theories that I loved so much and with these theories, I am so confident now that with this training and the WORD of God - Jesus Christ that lives inside of me guiding my own life, I can confidently impact any child - street children and children of the top 1% in the society alike and get the best out of them."

Deborah Lucky-Deekor - Nigeria


"The Kids Life Studio has truly changed the way I think, feel, and act. I have become more quiet within, more focused, and I feel in control. I have found healing in areas of my life and this was made possible by all that l have learned and applied. My dreams have become bigger and bolder, and I now trust in the choices I make. I am ready to inspire children so that they too can look back on their journey and feel that immense sense of pride and achievement. I always knew that helping kids was my purpose in life but throughout my journey at Kids Life Studio I literally feel it with every heartbeat!  Participating in this course was life-changing. It opened doors for me to finally pursue my passion and God-given purpose. I always felt stuck and didn't know where to start to reach my dreams, but Kids Life Studio® showed me the way. The course is structured in such a way that you first have to help yourself before helping others and this experience was exhilarating. I never thought I'd find healing by doing a course. There was always ongoing support and I never felt alone. The course pushed me far and challenged me every day. Every module was needed and nowhere was something irrelevant or boring. Throughout my practical application, I started seeing the magic at work and this was so rewarding. I thank Zelna for this amazing opportunity. I also thank my mentor and fellow coachees for the ongoing support. This is something you don't usually get when completing a course. Nowhere else will you get the investment and enthusiasm as I've experienced with the Kids Life Studio®. I now have tools at my feet to change the lives of thousands of children. Let's do this!! :)"  

Monique de Bruin - Centurion, South Africa


"I have thoroughly enjoyed this course. I have grown a lot personally and professionally. It was awesome to see so much theory condensed and explained in a simple way, and then put into practice for efficient coaching."

Anne-Cecile Andrada - Singapore


"The Kids Life Coach Academy is absolutely what I've been looking for 2 years now. After researching and looking for different courses to attend, there was no single one as the Kids Life Coach Academy. It is well structured, clearly arranged, contains all the valuable information you need to start. With this Level 1 you gain an overview of what a Kids Life Coach requires and from there you can check in with your heart and listen if it's truly your heart desire. I am happy and grateful for having attending this course and I am looking forward to Level 2 in order to become a professional Kids Life Coach. Thank you!"

Selina Fischer - Switzerland


"As I go through the course, I am becoming the role model I have always wanted to be, the qualities I so admired in others, which lay dormant in me, is showing up. It's moulding me to be a better version of myself on a daily basis and it's never ending. Its throwing light on the immense potential that lays deep within me... the potential that lays within all, the potential that lays within every single child."

Saritha Thulisidas - Trondheim, Norway


"I always wanted to work with kids and help them develop and be who they want to be, because most kids have big feelings that can cause them confusion or depression so having someone to support them is very essential. This journey with the kids life studio has put all that to action, when i first started i had no trust, i was confused, and i thought of not going through this process. But when i started the process and let go of my fears, it all fell into place. Throughout this journey I have gained knowledge, I have grown, I became more confident, I have an amazing supporting team, and an awesome mentor, we’re always there for each other. It was the best decision I made, because it was the first step into my huge and transformational journey of becoming the person I always dreamt of being. I’m blessed to be in this journey and with all those beautiful people. ❤️" 

Mai El-Badawy - Alexandria, Egypt


"This is an amazing course every teacher should do. I love the structure and style of delivery. It makes learning the content that much easier. Zelna has done an exceptional job at creating this program. I searched for a program for weeks and this program encompasses all that is needed to assist kids in the best possible way."

Shemarah Tajudeen - Trinidad


"This journey has been transformational. From a caterpillar to a butterfly 🦋
I always knew I had it in me, but I didn’t know to what extent, my beliefs were limited. I also didn’t know how I would transfer what I felt and knew in my heart onto the children that I encountered; I now have clarity.
The Kids Life Coaching program has transformed the way I think, and how I view the world on a daily basis and I can now, having the appropriate skills, toolset and being apart of this community, I can achieve what I am destined to do; and that is change children lives. I have never felt so empowered!
My social anxiety has settled and I am ready to be the voice for our children.  
Zelna's Zeal for Life Coaching Program is so much more than just an online package on how to coach children. She has carefully and skillfully assembled this in such a way that you gain insight into 6 different theories which she has wisely researched as well the gain of your personal growth. This unique opportunity provides you with the prospect to make favorable transformations to your own life. This exclusive journey is what separates me from being a mediocre Kids Life Coach; I am a World Class Kids Life Coach. Being apart of this global team of talented coaches allows me to work in collaboration, making sure that we are all there to support each other.

Beth Cant - Douglasdale, South Africa 


"One thing I love about the Kid’s Life Studio - Kids Life Coach training is the personal work you do above and beyond your study. Being matched with a master coach and learning to apply the tools practically in my own life has helped me to kick some bad habits, overcome some fears, grow in confidence and become a calmer more responsive parent. Thanks for bringing me on the journey.  I think this course is a very valuable course for anyone wishing to do actual coaching work but also for people working with children who want to share valuable tools and make an impact. It covers sharing tools to give children for healthy living but also keeps you living those things that you are learning so you can be a true example for the children you work with. The team of Life Coaches and coaches in training were a valuable resource both in the Zoom room and on the social network support group. It was amazing to note that you are not alone and if you have questions you can post them or pose them in a meeting for feedback. It is always valuable to collaborate with like minded people!" 

Lisa Benson - Nova Scotia, Canada 


"I love this journey and it is transforming me on all levels.
More self love more calmness and more positivity.
I like that it is changing me inside out I look healthier & more energized.
It made the impossible possible for me.
I told my Master Coach the other day that Zelna is a pillar in the children's world and people will remember her with huge impact on the children's lives like Marie Montessori. Thank you very much" 

Lina Alia - Dubai, United Arab Emirates 


"Wow Zelna, what can I say. It has felt like a whirlwind - but a good one. I have learnt so much in the past couple of months, not just about kids life coaching but about myself and life. I am so glad that our paths have crossed again and that I had the courage to go for it. The training programme was so well thought out and comprehensive. It covered all the areas needed and also helped to set up the practical and POE. The support structure is phenomenal. I can only grow in strength by having the support structure you offer. I didn’t make the decision of being a brand ambassador lightly – however I can say without a doubt it was the only decision to make. The material you have made available covers all I need to build my business and the additional support you provide to me as a brand ambassador is so appreciated. Zelna, you live your purpose and you live your brand. It is so inspiring. You are professional and vulnerable all at the same time and I don’t often come across the depth of commitment that you have. You are a successful business woman, a trusted guide and mentor and someone I can learn so much from. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to go on this journey with you and all the Team Zealers. I am Inspired to Thrive! " 

Janine James - Johannesburg, South Africa 


"Warm and heartfelt thank you to Zelna for creating the Kids Life Studio Coach Certification. The course was exactly what I was looking for when realizing I wanted to spend more of my life making a difference in children’s lives. The course provided a tried and tested method to help children reach their potential in life no matter what support they may or may not have from care-givers and parents. The network itself that Zelna has come up with is what kept me going throughout the training. Feeling overwhelmed at times and that maybe I wasn’t able to make the life change I wanted to make, the support and check-ins came at just the right time. Zelna seems to know exactly when a gentle nudge is needed or just a check-in and words of encouragement, and the team zealers that she has as part of the network are never wavering in their support and motivation to their fellow team members to keep going. I am honored to have been selected to be a part of this network, I am proud that I have managed to complete the course journey and I am excited to see myself continue to grow as I know I am now able to coach myself, as well as children, to reach their dreams."  

Tamara Mc Graw - Bahamas, America 


"The research and recommended reading that has gone into this course has had me entrenched for hours upon end in exciting new information. I have loved this course and really want to continue on this road with Kids Life Studio." 

Deborah Mc Crystal - Johannesburg, South Africa



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