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What our students are saying:

"The Kids Life Studio has truly changed the way I think, feel, and act. I have become more quiet within, more focused, and I feel in control. I have found healing in areas of my life and this was made possible by all that l have learned and applied. My dreams have become bigger and bolder, and I now trust in the choices I make. I am ready to inspire children so that they too can look back on their journey and feel that immense sense of pride and achievement. I always knew that helping kids was my purpose in life but throughout my journey at Kids Life Studio I literally feel it with every heartbeat!"  

Monique de Bruin - Johannesburg, South Africa


"As I go through the course, I am becoming the role model I have always wanted to be, the qualities I so admired in others, which lay dormant in me, is showing up. It's moulding me to be a better version of myself on a daily basis and it's never ending. Its throwing light on the immense potential that lays deep within me... the potential that lays within all, the potential that lays within every single child."

Saritha Thulisidas - Trondheim, Norway


"One thing I love about the Kid’s Life Studio - Kids Life Coach training is the personal work you do above and beyond your study. Being matched with a master coach and learning to apply the tools practically in my own life has helped me to kick some bad habits, overcome some fears, grow in confidence and become a calmer more responsive parent. Thanks for bringing me on the journey!"

Lisa Benson - Nova Scotia, Canada 


"I always wanted to work with kids and help them develop and be who they want to be, because most kids have big feelings that can cause them confusion or depression so having someone to support them is very essential. This journey with the kids life studio has put all that to action, when i first started i had no trust, i was confused, and i thought of not going through this process. But when i started the process and let go of my fears, it all fell into place. Throughout this journey I have gained knowledge, I have grown, I became more confident, I have an amazing supporting team, and an awesome mentor, we’re always there for each other. It was the best decision I made, because it was the first step into my huge and transformational journey of becoming the person I always dreamt of being. I’m blessed to be in this journey and with all those beautiful people. ❤️"

Mai El-Badawy - Alexandria, Egypt


"This journey has been transformational. From a caterpillar to a butterfly 🦋
I always knew I had it in me, but I didn’t know to what extent, my beliefs were limited. I also didn’t know how I would transfer what I felt and knew in my heart onto the children that I encountered; I now have clarity.
The Kids Life Coaching program has transformed the way I think, and how I view the world on a daily basis and I can now, having the appropriate skills, toolset and being apart of this community, I can achieve what I am destined to do; and that is change children lives. I have never felt so empowered!
My social anxiety has settled and I am ready to be the voice for our children."

Beth Cant - Douglasdale, South Africa 


"I love this journey and it is transforming me on all levels.
More self love more calmness and more positivity.
I like that it is changing me inside out I look healthier & more energized.
It made the impossible possible for me.
I told my Master Coach the other day that Zelna is a pillar in the children's world and people will remember her with huge impact on the children's lives like Marie Montessori. Thank you very much"

Lina Alia - Dubai, United Arab Emirates 


"I feel grateful every day that I have been able to take this journey with Kids Life Studio. Zelna's passion and commitment is uncompared and the support network is invaluable. I have been on a journey of learning not only in coaching but in growing my inner self. I am more centred, confident and self aware. There is no doubt that we are changing the world- one child at a time. If only I had know what I know now years ago......"

Janine James - Johannesburg, South Africa 


What our certified Kids Life Studio® Coaches are saying:

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