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How did the Kids Life Coach Academy School start?

In 2003, founder Zelna Lauwrens started researching tried and tested methods for supporting children to become the leaders of their own lives.  As an early career teacher she was frustrated that children who were labelled as 'naughty' or 'learning disabled' or having 'ADHD' were not being given the support they needed as part of the school curriculum. Since then, she has acquired a Masters Degree in Clinical Child Psychology that has consolidated her Play Based Coaching® approach that she was intuitively using to help children in her classroom over two decades ago. 

In 2009, she started supporting professionals to use her approach through face to face training along with intensive home based studies.  In 2014, in response to the demand from professionals around the world, Zelna launched our Kids Life Coach Academy online school to make this training more accessible. 

What does The Kids Life Coach Academy offer?

 In an industry that is largely unregulated, the main emphasis at The Kids Life Coach Academy is on a commitment to:

  • Offering robust training programmes to professionals that are based on the fundamentals of neuroscience and psychology,
  • Empowering and engaging professionals, to reinforce and extend the benefits of Play Based Coaching® as a strategy for supporting young people non-invasively,
  • Creating a well-qualified network of professionals that deliver high quality Play Based Coaching® across the globe,
  • Providing a well-researched Play Based Coaching® system with measurable results, which is designed to give children and their families the tools to cope with life challenges in a practical way.

What approach does The Kids Life Coach Academy take?

Our approach is based on rigorous academic research coupled with realistic practical skills development strategies and goal setting approaches applicable to children. 

Research has proven that children learn through play which is the language of childhood. We offer a fully integrated Play Based Coaching® system that incorporates story telling, role plays, games, art, building, experiments and movement.  We transfer these skills and self management principles in a child-friendly way that enhances understanding and consolidation.

Our Play Based Coaching® Programmes offer the essential Ingredients, to help children to re-engineer bad habits into good habits through structured daily activities that lay the foundation for lasting change. Our evidence informed approach is based on forming new neural pathways in the brain which will ultimately overrule the old faulty belief systems. This results in better lifestyle choices and positive outcomes.  

Is the training at the Kids Life Coach Academy accredited?

Our Play Based Coaching®  approach has been recognized by child development expertspsychiatrists, the secretary-general of the commonwealth, the head of social care England and other reputable leaders in the child mental health field. 

Our global team of certified Kids Life Coaches, have proudly taken the lead in establishing an ethical framework for life coaching for children to develop as a profession. In a largely unregulated industry, we have taken the self-directed route of setting our own high standards. Whilst there are some coaching federations that offer accreditation, they do not have specialist understanding of the psychology of childhood and how this relates to the unique niche of life coaching for children. 

This is why our organization has chosen to go the opposite route. Rather than choosing to put an accreditation logo on our website that acts as window dressing, we have taken the academic route for verification. 

Click here to read more about kids life coaching and accreditations. 

Is all of the training at The Kids Life Coach Academy online?

We offer your self paced Level 1 - 3 certification online in the comfort of your own home so you can plan your learning around your own family and work time commitments.  Whilst we do offer recommended time frames for completion, we do allow you to set your own pace. 

We also offer bi-weekly in-person mentorship sessions that are hosted online with other students and certified coaches from around the world. This means that despite tackling your training at your own pace, you will be held accountable and leave feeling inspired to keep your momentum going.  

Before Covid we offered live in person training as a fast track option and we are in the process of scheduling dates for 2022/2023. Please mail us if you are interested in attending live training in England with founder, Zelna Lauwrens.

Can I certify as a Kids Life Coach in only a few weeks?

If you are looking for a quick fix solution, then our approach is probably not for you! We don't do the one size fits all cookie cutter method of churning out reams of students who master the theory but don't know how to transfer this into real-time practice. 

We are aware that some 'certifications' to coach children allow you to do this within a weekend or a few weeks, but for us, your time frame for completion will be dependent on your previous background and experience.

With accountability and good time planning, you can aim for completion of your Level 1 - 2 training within 6 - 12 months of initial enrolment.  Your Level 3 - 4 training can take up to a further 12 - 18 months. This will mean you can confidently coach children and get good sustainable long-term results. This cannot be achieved in a short space of time...we encourage a marathon and not a sprint if you want to succeed!

Do I need to have a certain background to certify as a Kids Life Coach?

Our training is geared towards people who have some prior experience working with children even if only in a volunteer or part-time capacity. Whilst it is helpful to have an adult life coach certification or a degree in teaching, social work or psychology, we have successfully trained numerous adults who start with a blank slate.  

No matter your background, we expect you to roll up your sleeves and do the hard work if you want to be well equipped emotionally, theoretically and practically...there is no compromise if you want to really excel as a fully certified Kids Life Coach.

If you have no experience with children at all, we recommend volunteering and getting some experience while you complete your Level 1 Theory Training. This will lay a good foundation for your Level 2 training which will call on previous experience relating to how children think, learn and behave. 

Are there set start dates for this online training? 

There is no set intake date for our Level 1 - 3 training and the online modules and assignments are completed in the comfort of your own home in your own time and at your own pace.  We offer recommended time frames for completion and you are allocated a mentor coach that will support you in staying on track. You are also invited to attend live online support sessions twice a week where you will be provided with an opportunity to ask questions relating to your self paced online training. 

Is there a screening process to enrol in this Kids Life Coach Training?

There is no screening process involved if you want to do our Jump Start Level 1 Theory TrainingYou can simply click here and enrol in your Level 1 training. Once complete, you submit a Portfolio of Evidence to see if you meet eligibility criteria before you commence enrolment in the Level 2 training.

We will screen you before you receive your final Level 2 certification to ensure that you meet all of our child safeguarding policies.  This includes having a police clearance certificate, first aid certification and professional insurances.

If you are interested in our full Level 1 - 4 training that provides a 'done for you' branded package for business setup provided by our sister organisation, The Kids Life Studio® then you are encouraged to complete an online application This will amongst other things highlight your previous experience with children but most importantly how passionate you are.  When you are involved in your face to face interview with a Kids Life Studio® Certifications Consultant, you will have a chance to ask questions to see if you are a good fit for our organisation. We want you to make the right choice because we have children's well-being at heart!

How much time will it take to complete the full Level 1 - 4 training?  

Your initial Level 1 Training is a minimum of 6 weeks. This self paced training consists of completing one module per week and doing self study and research. Depending on your previous experience, this can extend this up to a maximum of 3 months. 

Your Level 2 Training takes 90 days and consists of 12 modules with 2 x hours of training videos and accompanying reading materials.  Each week you submit consolidation questions and assignments. These are all practical in nature with the aim being to start coaching children within 3 months.  The final stretch of your training will be the practical application where you coach children, after which you will submit a Portfolio of Evidence to certify. This portfolio needs to be completed within a maximum of 12 months of enrolment.  

Your Level 3 self paced training is hosted online and takes a maximum of 12 months and is aimed at creating multiple streams of income by getting your ethical and sustainable Kids Life Coaching practice  launched and off the ground.

Your Level 4 Training is hosted live by founder Zelna Lauwrens on an invitation only basis. This can be at a retreat style venue or online dependent on demand. 

Do I get help to launch my kids life coaching practice in this training?

This depends on your intentions. Some students already have an existing brand and business, so they require no help in setting up their coaching practice. They usually enrol in our Level 1 - 2 training since we provide a robust model for launching an ethical and sustainable coaching practice using our Play Based Coaching® system.    

If you are starting from scratch and you do not have an existing brand, we do offer two modules in this training that guide you in making smart decisions for your coaching practice launch. You are also invited to ask us ongoing questions in our bi-weekly mentorship sessions during you training and we are on hand to offer our advice based on decades of experience. If you already have an existing brand and you want to use our coaching model and templates within your own brand, that is no problem at all!

Our sister organisation The Kids Life Studio® offers a branded start-up package that will fast track your success if you would like to make use of a reputable organisation to leverage your influence. Click here to fill in an application form and to setup up a time to speak to us about this opportunity. 

What experience do I need to have to be a certified Kids Life Coach?

We attract highly passionate and driven people with huge aspirations to change the world one child at a time. Our students come from diverse backgrounds which means they have diverse experience. Most have a previous formal qualification of some sort although this isn't essential.  

Our global network of certified Kids Life Coaches is made up of professionals such as Parents, Psychologists, Teachers, Therapists, Social Workers and adult Life Coaches who have blended their formal learning and life experiences with our proven Kids Life Coaching model.

What checks do our certified Kids Life Coaches go through?

To certify within 90 days and start earning an income as a Kids Life Coach.  You will need to complete your Level 1 Theory of Kids Life Coaching and submit a small Portfolio of Evidence.  You will then go on to your Level 2 Kids Life Coach Training and you will submit weekly practical assignments and a final case study in a full Portfolio of Evidence.  

As part of your Level 2 certification, you also have to produce a Police Clearance Check from their country of origin to indicate that they have no prior criminal record. You are also required to produce a First Aid Certificate. These checks are all renewable on an annual basis.  Alongside this, we ask for professional indemnity insurance and public liability insurance to be in place.  

Can I earn a good income coaching children?

The answer is yes and no. This is dependent on your mindset and how willing you are to implement what it is that we teach and recommend.  Our students who have graduated start earning an income within 6 months of enrolment as we provide a robust system for coaching that gets results.

Whilst marketing is essential, we believe that to earn a good income you need to have a sustainable and ethical coaching practice built on a solid foundation. Our unique 10-step system, allows for consistency in your practice so that you can position yourself as an expert in a niche of your choice. With this approach, you will build a good referral base that leads to a lucrative income. 

What experience do I need to have to be a certified Kids Life Coach?

We attract highly passionate and driven people with huge aspirations to change the world one child at a time. Our students come from diverse backgrounds but most have a previous formal qualification of some sort although this isn't essential.  

Our global network of certified Kids Life Coaches is made up of professionals such as Parents, Psychologists, Teachers, Therapists, Social Workers and adult Life Coaches who have blended their formal learning and life experiences with our proven Kids Life Coaching model.

 What is the benefit of this Kids Life Coach training?

Whilst we give you the training, tools and support to set up a Kids Life Coaching practice with the option of using our brand, you are not confined by the restrictions of a traditional franchise. With the support of our strong brand presence, we give you the flexibility to choose where, when and how you would like to assist children. This means that you can adapt this to suit the needs of your community and you can integrate this into your existing business.  

 Will have a chance to meet other kids life coaches?

We don’t just train you and send you away to work in isolation - we take great pride in having a network of collective wisdom that we tap into on a daily basis through our global coach support network. This means that problems are solved collectively and new perspectives are easily gained when working with children.  

Our global network are not only passionate about serving the children in their local communities, but they are fully committed to raising the profile of Kids Life Coaching collectively across the globe just like you! 

Is this training only geared at helping children with problems?

We believe that every child no matter their family circumstances or background can benefit from a neutral adult who is able to give them unconditional and structured support in a world that can sometimes be tricky to navigate.  Our training offers practitioners preventative and behavioural strategies that allow a tailor made approach to supporting everyday children with everyday challenges through our Play Based Coaching® system.  We also train you to seek referrals when a child may need further therapeutic intervention that falls outside of your scope of practice. 

Why is Kids Life Coaching necessary?

We understand that parents know their children best so we see a Kids Life Coach as adding an additional layer of support to the family. The aim is for a kids life coach to offer practical family resilience building strategies that are tailor-made to each child's unique circumstances. 

Whilst children rely heavily on their family, they also need different forms of social support to ensure they excel in different areas of their life. Numerous studies indicate social support is essential for maintaining physical and psychological health and this underpins our  family resilience building approach that targets not only the child but also parents and siblings in the family.  


What makes this life coaching for children approach unique?

Our unique Play Based Coaching® system was designed in 2003 by founder, Zelna Lauwrens and was refined over a time frame of 6 years before she started training professionals to replicate this model.  It is not only based on practical tools that work but it is easily adapted and integrated across a broad spectrum. It caters for children of all demographics, religions, cultures and backgrounds.  We believe in long-term sustainable results and we offer a foundation coaching programme with follow up building blocks extra mural programmes and ongoing workshops to ensure children’s success.   These is all based on an evidence informed approach that is based on the fundamentals of Positive Psychology, Social Psychology, CBT, NLP and Emotional Intelligence. 

Can I adapt the Play Based Coaching® model for teens?

We understand that the teen years can be challenging and that this is where most challenging behaviours arise. Our emphasis is on preventative coaching and we believe in equipping, empowering and enabling children before the age of 12 to prime their minds for success. This means that in their teenage years, they will be able to make better choices as their lifestyle foundation is consolidated. However, what we love is that our programme is fully adaptable for teenagers and is used successfully by our global network of Kids Life Studio® Coaches. In a nutshell....Our approach is applicable from toddlers to teens.

What kind of outcomes does this kids life coach training offer me personally?

When we train our students, we start off by offering the opportunity to lay a solid foundation for understanding the psychology of childhood. Since everybody brings along their own experience, we encourage self study and research based experiential learning. This allows you to tailor-make your learning outcomes so that you can fill in any gaps you may have in your existing knowledge. 

We then go on to support you in your own personal development since coaching children relies heavily on you walking the walk and talking the talk.  We understand that life may have thrown you curve balls and perhaps you have faced trauma in the past. Our emphasis is on strengthening your inner resilience so you can leverage your unique strengths to support children authentically. 

Finally, we offer tried and tested solutions to supporting children that are proactive rather than reactive. We give you our proprietary coaching model, framework, system and principles that can be used as is or adapted to your needs. This includes training you in how to achieve measurable results through administering a comprehensive lifestyle assessment to fully assess every child before you recommend a tailor-made plan of action.

Can I adapt the Play Based Coaching® System once I am certified?

We respect that our students have diverse backgrounds and experience and that they understand their clients best. For this reason, we actively encourage you to modify the system we provide once you have conducted a needs analysis. This means that you are given permission to offer bespoke coaching that is underpinned by our core coaching model, framework, system and principles. Rest assured with our system, you won't need to adapt too much but we value you creating your own identity and injecting your own personality into your coach offerings. 

Will I be able to measure my success as a Kids Life Coach?

Our quantitative data forms an integral part of the success of our programmes and our trained Kids Life Studio® Coaches understand the value of tracking and measuring progress in children. Rather than focus purely on the problem at hand, you will be supported to fully assess all areas in  child’s life so that you can focus on creating positive lifestyle habits that create lasting change. 

What approach is used to support children?

Our approach provides a welcome break to the formal pressures of school where the emphasis is on academic achievement.  Children love to play and they have the need to be stimulated in fresh innovative ways that move away from the traditional pencil and paper methods. It also creates a much needed place of ‘belonging’ where stability, consistency, calm and good role models are the norm. We offer a fully integrated approach that incorporates story telling, role plays, games, art, building, experiments and movement.  

Click here to see 15 ways we do things differently and that helps to set our certified Kids Life coaches apart.

Do you have any testimonials related to this Kids Life Coach training?

We have plenty of student success stories. You can visit our Testimonials page to see what our past students are saying. 

Is there a regulation board for kids life coaches?

Kids Life Coaching remains an unregulated profession, and with no internationally agreed regulatory body in place in this comparatively new discipline,The Kids Life Studio® has taken the lead in establishing an ethical framework within which the profession can develop.  All of our Kids Life Studio® certified coaches belong to an independent regulatory body that is relevant to their profession and country. 

Our organisation is a voting member of the World Federation for Mental Health. Founder, Zelna Lauwrens is also an honorary fellow of the Global Policy Institute through Queen Mary University, London. She is involved in worldwide research and policy making for the benefit of children with a particular focus on family resilience. She has a Masters Degree in Clinical Child Psychology and is an active mental wellbeing advocate for children in various international research based projects related to building family resilience. 

 How do I know if this Kids Life Coach Training is for me? 

We are going to be up front here...our Kids Life Coach Training is not for everybody!  We attract real children's change makers who want to make a difference in children's lives. Not just the superficial kind of difference with no follow up and follow through, but the kind where you are a trailblazer! You are not scared to step up and be a voice for children. You are a keen lifelong learner and you walk the walk and talk the talk in your own life. You are also a team player and you understand the value of collaboration and connection with like-minded professionals from around the world. 

Will I get support after I complete my training with The Kids Life Coach Academy?

You can join our membership at an annual fee that offers you the opportunity to list your profile on the leading website for world-class Kids Life Coaches.  When you do this, you will get a personalised relationship driven service where you have direct contact with founder, Zelna Lauwrens who offers ongoing professional supervision. This will assist you in refining your skills and keep you on track towards becoming a world-class Kids Life Coach. You will also receive a monthly coaching toolkit with resources, research and strategies to assist you with personal and professional growth. 

How can I become a certified Kids Life Coach?

This is our most common question. If you have read all of the questions above and you still aren't sure, then reach out to us for help by clicking on this link


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