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Does Kids Life Coaching really work?

Kids Life Coaching is fast becoming a trend because there is such a demand. Even though our founder, Zelna Lauwrens has been coaching children since 2003, only  in the past few years it has become a buzz word.  

We have seen many well meaning professionals such as adult life coaches see the need and try to adapt their inappropriate methods for children. The thing is that for Kids Life Coaching to really work it needs to be done properly 

Children think and learn things differently and if you don't have a solid foundation of understanding, you won't get results when coaching a child. 

Our specially formulated Kids Life Coaching Programmes offer the essential Ingredients, to help to re-engineer bad habits into good habits through structured daily activities that lay the foundation for lasting change. These activities are based on forming new neural pathways in the brain which will ultimately overrule the old faulty belief systems. This results in better lifestyle choices and positive outcomes.  

What is the difference between The Kids Life Studio® and The Kids Life Coach Academy School?

The Kids Life Studio® was founded in 2003 by Zelna Lauwrens and has since become the global leader in world class Kids Life Coaching. The organisation consists of a network of coaches who work as independent representatives of our brand in their own communities - we call them "brand ambassadors".  

Each coach has their own independent coaching space where children are involved in their personal development in a relaxed environment where there is no stigma attached. Our Kids Life Studio® Certified Coaches identify the needs of their community and build their offerings using our solid foundation coaching programme as their basis.  

All of our Kids Life Coach training was done face to face up until 2013. In 2014, we launched our Kids Life Coach Academy online school when we realised that there were people around the world who were unable to travel because of work or children. We now offer our certification online in the comfort of your own home. 

The Kids Life Coach Academy also offers smaller plug and play programmes for those people who may not want to certify with us such as parents, teachers, therapists and social workers. 


Is Kids Life Coaching just for children with problems?

At the Kids Life Studio® we have been working tirelessly to change the perception that Kids Life coaching is just for children with problems. We believe that every child no matter their background or circumstance can benefit from a neutral adult who is able to give them unconditional and structured support in a world that can sometimes be tricky to navigate.  


How can I learn how to coach children properly?

If you are looking for a quick fix solution, then we are probably not for you! We don't do the one size fits all cookie cutter method of churning out reams of students who master the theory but don't know how to transfer this into practice. 

We expect you to roll up your sleeves and do the hard work if you want to be well equipped emotionally, theoretically and practically...there is no compromise if you want to really excel as a Kids Life Coach.

If you are serious about quality training that will equip you realistically with a proven programme that works then you have four options for you:

Option 1:  If you are a parent, teacher or therapist, you can choose to use one of Zelna's plug and play coaching programmes based on her books Zeal the Zebra shows his True Colours for Kids (up to age 10) and the Zeal Challenge Teen programme.  

Option 2:  If you are a Life Coach already you can choose to add the fundamentals of our unique Kids Life Coaching model to your already existing toolbox by doing our Kids Life Coaching Jumpstart training which gives you a good foundation on the Introduction to Kids Life Coaching. 

Option 3:  Do our Kids Life Coach Action Taker training and setup your Kids Life Coaching practice in just 90 days. You will be guided to create your own brand but you will have permission to use our adaptable coaching model and coaching programme. We advise that you have some previous experience with children (parenting does count!) but this is not essential. 

Option 4:  Submit an application to become a Kids Life Studio® Brand Ambassador and you will be given everything you need to setup your coaching practice using our reputable brand with a proven track record to back you up. Please note we interview all candidates and then a application pack needs to be submitted. Click here to apply. 


How do I know which option is for me? 

We are going to be up front here...our Kids Life Coach Training is not for everybody!  We attract real children's change makers who want to make a difference in children's lives. Not just the superficial kind of difference with no follow up and follow through, but the kind where you are a trailblazer! You are not scared to step up and be a voice for children. You are a keen lifelong learner and you walk the walk and talk the talk in your own life. 

There is no screening process involved if you want to do our Kids Life Coach Action Taker Training to setup your own practice within 90 days. You can simply click here and enrol.  

If you want to be part of a global group of world-class Kids Life Coaches, then you will be interviewed and screened by completing an online application that amongst other things highlights your previous experience with children but most importantly how passionate you are.  When you are involved in your face to face interview with founder, Zelna you will have a chance to ask questions to see if you are a good fit for our organisation. We want you to make the right choice because we have children's well-being at heart!


Do I need to have an interview if I am not interested in being a brand ambassador? 

If you would just like to use one of our plug and play coaching programmes you are most welcome to enrol directly in any of our programmes that do not require an application here on the Kids Life Coach Academy. 

There is no screening process involved if you want to do our Kids Life Coach Action Taker Training to setup your own practice within 90 days. You can simply click here and enrol.  


What backgrounds do I need to have to be a certified Kids Life Studio® Coach?

We are all highly passionate and driven team with huge aspirations to change the world one child at a time. Our team of certified Kids Life Studio® Coaches come from diverse backgrounds but everybody has a previous formal qualification of some sort.  

Our team is made up of professionals such as Parents, Psychologists, Teachers, Therapists, Social Workers and adult Life Coaches who have blended their formal learning and life experiences with our proven Kids Life Coaching model.


What checks do our certified Kids Life Studio® Coaches go through?

Once accepted, they have to produce a Police Clearance Check from their country of origin to indicate that they have no prior criminal record. They are also required to produce a First Aid Certificate. These checks are all renewable on an annual basis.  

How are our certified Kids Life Studio® Coaches qualified to work with children?

Before they join us, all of our certified Kids Life Studio® Coaches already have an established foundation and have shown us evidence of previous learning that may relate to any or all of the following fields: education, psychology, coaching.  

What kind of training will I get as a Kids Life Studio® Certified coach?

If you choose to become a Brand Ambassador for The Kids Life Studio®, you will be enrolled into an extensive 12 module personalised online training programme through our Kids Life Coach Academy school. The modules are done in the comfort of your own home in your own time and at your own pace but you are allocated a mentor coach that will support you in staying on track. This is so that you can certify within 90 days and start earning an income as a Kids Life Coach.  You will need to submit numerous practical assignments and a final case study.  

You will get a personalised relationship driven service where you have direct contact with founder, Zelna Lauwrens. This will assist you in refining your skills and removes you from the impersonal nature of online training and keeps you on track. 

All of our Kids Life Studio® certified coaches participate in weekly group coaching sessions and case study support as well as monthly masterminding that is hosted by our founder, Zelna Lauwrens. 

What makes Kids Life Studio® Certified coaches unique?

The benefit of our brand ambassador membership concept is that whilst we give you the training, tools and support to set up a Kids Life Coaching practice, you are not confined by the restrictions of a traditional franchise. With the support of our strong brand presence, we give you the flexibility to choose where, when and how you would like to assist children. This means that you can adapt this to suit the needs of your community and you can integrate it into your existing business.  

We don’t just train you and send you away to work in isolation - we take great pride in having a network of collective wisdom that we tap into on a daily basis through our global coach support network. So problems are solved collectively and new perspectives are easily gained when working with children.  


What makes the Kids Life Studio® Coaching model unique?

Our unique coaching model was designed in 2003 by founder, Zelna Lauwrens and was refined over a time frame of 6 years before she started certifying Kids LIfe Coaches to use this model.  It is not only based on practical tools that work but it is easily adapted and integrated across a broad spectrum. It caters for children of all demographics, religions, cultures and backgrounds.  We believe in long-term sustainable results and we offer a foundation coaching programme with follow up building blocks extra mural programmes and ongoing workshops to ensure children’s success.    

Our solutions are proactive rather than reactive and we achieve measurable results because we fully assess every child before we recommend a tailor-made plan of action. This Lifestyle Assessment  forms an integral part of the success of our programmes and our trained Kids Life Studio® Coaches understand the value of tracking and measuring progress in their clients. Rather than focus purely on the problem at hand, we fully assess all areas in  child’s life so that we can focus on creating positive lifestyle habits that create lasting change.

We provide a welcome break to the formal pressures of school where emphasis is on academic achievement.  Children love to play and they have the need to be stimulated in fresh innovative ways that move away from the traditional pencil and paper methods. It also creates a much needed place of ‘belonging’ where stability, consistency, calm and good role models are the norm. 


Do you have any testimonials?

We have plenty of success stories of our Kids Life Studio® certified coaches and the results they achieve. You can visit our Testimonials page on this website to see what our certified Kids Life Studio® coaches are saying. 


Is there a regulation board for kids life coaches?

Kids Life Coaching remains an unregulated profession, and with no internationally agreed regulatory body in place in this comparatively new discipline,The Kids Life Studio® has taken the lead in establishing an ethical framework within which the profession can develop.  All of our Kids Life Studio® certified coaches will belong to an independent regulatory body that is relevant to their profession and country. 


How can I become a certified Kids Life Coach?

If you want to be a Kids Life Studio® Certified Coach Click on this link to submit an application form to be chosen as a brand ambassador. Please note that you will need to make a substantial money and time investment for this opportunity. There are also ongoing monthly fees

If you are looking for something with less accountability which is more affordable, we recommend you take a look at our range of plug and play programmes on this website.


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