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Our highest value at Kids Life Studio® is relationships and we don't believe in subscribing to a "cookie cutter" one size fits all style of training. We also don't believe in an overly academic approach that looks good in theory but isn't easily translated into practice. Most of all, we don't believe in rushing our students through their training with not enough support and not enough time to build a solid foundation for launching their sustainable and ethical kids life coaching practice. 

Our approach is mentorship-driven and whilst our course content is self paced and online, the real magic is found in connecting with children''s change makers from around the world!  All handpicked as compassionate children's change makers, our global network of students and coaches are committed to collaboration and co-creation of new ideas to transform their coaching practices. 

If you see yourself as a team player who likes to learn and grow alongside others, why not book a time to speak to us and ask your questions! This interview is your opportunity to engage with us and see what really sets us apart. 

We look forward to speaking to you! Simply CLICK HERE to fill in a statement of Interest and tell us more about yourself. On completion you will be invited to schedule an appointment and we will send you more information! In the meantime, any questions...please contact us on [email protected].




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