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Since 2003, we have been setting the standards for ethical, values driven Kids Life Coaching around the world. Our accredited training programmes are designed to give you the skills, tools and methods to fast-track your success in supporting children through life coaching that is ethical and sustainable. 

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Level 1: Introduction

Kids Life Coaching is fast becoming a buzz word! With so many problems that children are facing, now more than ever t...

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Level 2: Theory

You wouldn't be here if you already had all the answers to coaching children! We understand just how confusing it can...

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Level 3: Certification

The training is designed in such a way that you have everything you need to start coaching children ethically and...

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Level 4: Advanced Certification

In this training, more than 75% of your time will be spent building your coaching practice, meaning that you’ll learn...

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Level 1 - 4 Premium Package

This premium package offers a fast track pathway to success with access to personalised individual coaching, ...

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Portfolio of Evidence Submission

As the global leader in Kids Life Coach Training, it is important to equip you to be able to transfer and apply...

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Group Mentorship & Supervision

Coaching children is about creativity and coming up with new ideas to keep it fresh and inspiring for the children yo...

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Kids Life Studio® Marketing Toolkit

Excited to start coaching children and earn an income BUT you don't want to spend time building a brand. This package...

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Launch your personal brand

You have a vision in your mind, but you don't know where to start. You know the colours, the look, the feel BUT you k...

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Coaching Toolkit for 5 - 9 year olds

 This programme, will motivate and inspire children to become engaged thinkers and life-long learners.  What is th...

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Coaching Toolkit for Tweens & Teens

Just like regular exercise builds up healthy bodies this coaching toolkit  helps to strengthen a teenagers body, hear...

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Coaching Toolkit for Families

Parenting can be a challenging time with the multitude of changes, demands and issues that children could be facing! ...

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