Kids Life Coach Academy

Play Based Coaching®

We offer a variety of short courses and certification programmes designed to equip, enable and empower you to coach children to become the leaders of their own lives. 

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Level 1: Theory of Kids Life Coaching


Hi, I'm Zelna Lauwrens, co-founder of The Secret Parent Foundation, founder of The Kids Life Studio® Global Group...

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Level 2: Kids Life Coach Certification

£2,950.00 GBP

The training is designed in such a way that you have everything you need to start your professional Kids Life Coachin...

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Level 3: Advanced Kids Life Coach Certification


Become a Kids Life Studio® Advanced Coach and get everything you need to boost your income and career quickl...

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A ready to use Kids Life Coaching Programme

£199.00 GBP

 This programme, will motivate and inspire children to become engaged thinkers and life-long learners....

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A ready to use Teen Life Coaching programme

£199.00 GBP

Just like regular exercise builds up healthy bodies the Zeal Challenge® Coaching programme helps to strengthen a ...

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A FREE course to prevent suicide & self harm in children through Kids Life Coaching


The secret ingredient to putting the child back into childhood is all about ONE very important thing.  In t...

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A resilience building toolkit for the whole family

£59.00 GBP

Parenting can be a challenging time with the multitude of changes, demands and issues that children could be facing...

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Join our members network of world-class Kids Life Coaches globally

£650.00 GBP every year

Hi, I'm Zelna Lauwrens, founder of The Kids Life Studio® Global Group and developer of all online programmes on...

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