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Originally founded in 2003, Kids Life Studio® has been leading the way in ethical and results driven life coaching for children.  Since the launch of our Kids Life Coach Academy in 2014, we have trained coaches in over 45 countries and our materials are translated into multiple languages. 

The Kids Life Studio® is globally recognised for our unique Play Based Coaching System® that is informed by cutting edge research on how toddlers to teens think, learn, act and behave. What makes our approach unique is that we have bridged the divide between theory and practice and we understand what really works in real-time when it comes to getting results in coaching children.  

We believe in keeping our course work practical and experiential because we want our students to easily implement the tools and techniques we share with them. This way, we know that we can make a positive impact on children! With our international accreditation with the ACCPH, on completion of your Diploma, you will be invited to become a verified member of the Accredited Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists & Hypnotherapists registry. We believe however, that there is one thing that we know is more important than accreditation and that is using a robust coaching system that gets results and client referrals.

We are extremely proud of our 5 values which are the driving force behind all that we do. With our highest value being relationships, we value getting to know our students personally. We don't subscribe to the "cookie cutter" or "sausage factory" methodology and our immersive 5-day boot camp Diploma Training can fast track your success quickly and easily or if you enrol in our online Diploma training, you will gain access to our twice weekly mentorship sessions for ongoing professional supervision.

Our emphasis is on training and mentoring quality coaches who are geared for positive impact in their local communities. With our accredited Diploma training, you will not only gain a qualification but you will become part of a global network of children's change makers who are committed to upholding our values and code of ethics. We look forward to getting to know you and sharing this journey with you!

Any questions about our accredited Kids Life Coach Diploma training?

If you are ready to enrol but you have a few questions, why not setup a time to speak to our founder, Zelna by filling in a statement of interest form or mail our team on [email protected]


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