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The Kids Life Studio® is the global leader in world-class Kids Life Coaching and is currently represented by certified Kids Life Coaches on almost every continent. These children's change makers work tirelessly as the voice for children and strive towards creating awareness that every child is the leader of their own life. 

Our founder, Zelna launched this Kids Life Coach Academy school in 2014 with online self paced training, in response to the problems children are facing all over the world. This is her official school of The Kids Life Studio which is the global leader in Kids Life Coaching services to parents and their children.  

All of our online courses are based on supporting children to become the leaders of their own lives and our range of programmes on offer have been put together in response to the real needs identified in children. We believe in keeping our course work practical and experiential because we want our students to easily implement the tools and techniques we share with them. This way, we know that we can make a positive impact on children!

If you want to enrol in Zelna's FREE online training on the Prevention of Self Harm & Suicide through Kids Life Coaching,  you can click here 
What makes The Kids Life Coach Academy unique is that we have based our training on what really works and not what is good in theory but impossible to effectively implement.  
Our training was created through the practical experience of our founder, Zelna who has an honorary fellowship through Queen Mary University in London. She is a researcher and expert in resilience, mindset, leadership and peak performance in children.  
She is the author of multiple books and is also the co-founder of the Secret Parent Foundation - a charity that supports neglected, abused, abandoned, disadvantaged and traumatised children.  All profits from the sale of her Secret Parent book  go towards funding this foundation.  
She also acts as representative to the Global Policy Institute at Queen Mary University and is committed to supporting the Resilient Futures Initiative in changing mental health policies.  She has presented a speech in the House of Parliament in England, as a voice for children and is a keen networker that travels globally raising the profile of Kids Life Coaching as a viable intervention. 
Notably, she has trained hundreds of parents, adult coaches, therapists, teachers and social workers in her unique coaching model since 2009 and she has personally coached thousands of children since 2003.  Coming from a teaching, school counsellor and University lecturing background her unique approach ensures that you will have everything you need to successfully support children no matter the context. 
If you want to connect with fellow children's Change Makers and Action Takers, please click here to visit our Kids Life Coaching Support Facebook group. 

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