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The essence of Kids Life Coaching: If it isn't broken don't fix it

Uncategorized Jul 09, 2024

In the vibrant journey of childhood, every day brings a new adventure, a fresh challenge, and a unique learning opportunity. Kids Life Coaching is a beacon of support, not just for children navigating through significant difficulties but for every child facing the everyday hurdles of growing up. It's a common misconception that life coaching is a remedy solely for children with major challenges. However, the truth is, it's a proactive approach to equipping children with the resilience and skills they need to thrive in their daily lives.

Yet, one of the most intriguing aspects of Kids Life Coaching is working with parents. Many parents approach coaches with a fix-it mentality, hoping to solve a problem or improve a specific aspect of their child's behavior or performance. This perspective, while well-intentioned, can sometimes miss the broader scope of what life coaching offers. So, how do we navigate this delicate dynamic and guide parents to see the holistic benefits of Kids Life...

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10 Steps for beating overwhelm as a Kids Life Coach

Uncategorized Jul 05, 2024

Have you ever felt overwhelmed? You know that feeling when your head feels full, your mind is distracted, your focus is off and you just don't know which task on your lists needs doing next?

We've all been in that boat, feeling adrift amidst the sea of tasks and responsibilities. It's a common sensation, especially in the demanding field of kids' life coaching, where the stakes feel incredibly high. You're not just managing a business; you're shaping young lives. When the overwhelm hits, it's crucial to have a strategy to navigate through it. Here are 10 steps to consider when you find yourself wondering what to do next:

1. Pause and Breathe: It might seem counterintuitive when your to-do list is a mile long, but taking a moment to pause can actually help clear your mind and improve focus. A few deep breaths or a short meditation (mind holiday as we call it with kids) can reset your stress levels and give you a fresh perspective.

2. Prioritize: Not all tasks are created equal....

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The top tip for getting Kids Life Coaching clients

Uncategorized Jun 30, 2024

I know know, you've been told by all those online gurus that you should be targeting getting new clients by being visible online. They are 100% right, but it is not quite by doing what you may be thinking. 

I suggest that you should STOP building your brand. Yes, I know, trying NOT to build a brand sounds a little counter intuitive but it works. If you are starting out in your kids life coaching practice, you may not know this and if you've been going at it for a while, you probably do know this...

Focusing on building a brand means you've lost focus on what you are good at. Let me explain by breaking it down for you. Although I'm not inclined to focus on what you shouldn't be doing, for this purpose I want to start with what NOT to do so that you can get clients...

In my experience, the best way to get clients in your Kids Life Coaching practice is by avoiding spending to much time on these things. So try:

NOT choosing a business name

NOT creating a logo...

NOT working on your...

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Overcoming fear as a kids life coach

Uncategorized Jun 21, 2024

Today I was speaking to a lovely lady who wants to enrol in our Kids Life Coach certification but she was stuck in fear...

I told her that was perfectly normal and that she needed to start discerning between facts and feelings.

Fact: "Will I know enough to coach children?"

I told doing our kids life coach training would equip her to coach children responsibly, ethically and sustainably! Knowledge is power! If she spends time working through our Kids Life Coach Training, she will know have a solid foundation to build onto. 

Feeling: "Am I good enough to coach children?

I told her you are only as good as the last child you have coached! Experience and confidence comes with practice! Even the coaches I have trained who never had any experience working with children have excelled because we do a LOT of work building a theoretical foundation but we also work on mindset. Both a duality of importance. 

She needs to do some transformational will take time but with...

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7 Ways to coach children to have a positive attitude

Uncategorized Jun 11, 2024

Parents naturally become their children's first teachers, guiding them through learning various skills such as sports, cooking, sewing, and even academics, with many opting for homeschooling with notable success. However, offering life coaching to their own children presents a unique challenge.

To foster sustainable development in Executive Functioning Skills, it often takes an external Kids Life Studio® coach that parents trust. The impact of external affirmation on a child, from someone other than their parents or grandparents, is profound. Witnessing the joy and uplift in a child's demeanor when their efforts are recognized by an outsider is truly special. Moreover, managing a highly emotional or frequently angry child without escalating one's own emotions is a challenge where a Kids Life Coach can make a significant difference.

Our role as Kids Life Coaches is not to solve problems for parents but to coach the children directly. We have the advantage of observing the family...

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Can you fail as a Kids Life Coach?

Uncategorized May 29, 2024

I have worked with many people from around the world who ask me this question at the beginning of their journey:

"What if I get it wrong as a Kids Life Coach?"

My answer is always the same...if you have a robust coaching system in place and you have a solid foundation of knowledge in place, you can't go wrong with good intentions. 

What this means is this: 

Anybody who is coaching children with an adult coaching certification or without any certification may be at risk of failing as a Kids Life Coach. Without doing due diligence on what kids life coaching is, and what it isn't, many well intentioned people take short cuts. They want to help children but they don't necessarily know how so they find out by trial and error. To me this can be dangerous. 

Click here to enrol in our FUNdamentals of Kids Life Coaching online training

When I started my kids life coaching practice in 2003, it was with two degrees in Education and having written a family resilience programme...

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Are you serious about getting outcomes for your Kids Life Coaching clients?

Uncategorized May 22, 2024

Last week I had an unplanned coaching call with a teen coachee. She wasn't scheduled to have a maintenance coaching session with me, but she was feeling overwhelmed and reached out spontaneously via WhatsApp expressing her challenges. She sounded like she was in I called her. 

Now, as a Kids Life Coach for over two decades, this isn't something I usually do. There are boundaries that need to be kept intact as a coach and one of them is preserving your time and charging for your time. However, there are sometimes cases like this one where these boundaries need to be shifted temporarily. 

If you are serious about getting outcomes for your coaching clients, it isn't just about what you can do in your 45 minute coaching session once a week. It is way way more than that. In fact, your coaching sessions is only partway there!

What young people need is the safety and security that you are available if and when they need you. This doesn't imply an unhealthy...

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Can you be a Kids Life Coach if you aren't a parent?

Uncategorized May 15, 2024
Today is International Day of Families and our global network of Kids Life Studio® Coaches are reaching children and their parents in various ways!
it was on also on this day in 2018 that I started preparing and planning for my official Secret Parent book launch at the Museum of Childhood in London, England.
To be hosted on World Mental Health Day I wanted my event to be a gathering of family, friends and clients to celebrate the “birth” of my new “book baby”. For somebody childless not by choice this was a big deal! 
At  the time I remember feeling intense anxiety!! I was second guessing myself! Scared of judgement and wanting to play it small. I felt sad. Overwhelmed but most of all very vulnerable. I was a Kids Life Coach and what would my clients say knowing the truth about me and my mental health struggles? 
What would they think when I told them that I had previously been incorrectly labelled...
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How to setup a Kids Life Coaching practice without social media

Uncategorized May 06, 2024
I know nothing about some things and I know everything about other things.
May be a black-and-white image of 1 person and text that says "Life Is All About How We See Things"
Photo credit: unknown
This image gives me perspective, because recently I have been struggling with navigating a constantly new wave of social media trends.  I found myself questioning what I know and what I need to know to better serve my clients both online and offline.
So,  let me re-introduce myself since you may not know me before we met here on social media....
When I started my business in 2003 I left the classroom with zero administrative and marketing skills on how to setup, manage and run my own organisation supporting family wellbeing in my local community in Durban, South Africa!
Boy did I make mistakes!! Cringe worthy mistakes! The rookie kind that now make me realise just how little I knew! (Full disclaimer: I’m still making a few of these as I navigate the constantly turning tide of the online world!)
Yet it’s...
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Is it okay to not be okay as a Kids Life Coach?

Uncategorized May 01, 2024

Okay, so I am not kidding here....but April was officially my WORST month of this year so far....Here I am....ME...whispering this secret out loud!! WHAT?

You see, I turned 50 on 2nd of April and my month started off well and then it slowly started to deteriorate. Even with so many good things in my life...

Even as a self employed business owner.
Even with great family & friends.
Even with a beautiful home close to the beach.
Even with the freedom of being childless.
Even with my white privilege.
Even with my hobbies and adventures.
Even with my accomplishments.
Even as a pioneer in Kids Life Coaching...

You may be wondering why April was my worst month yet? So I will need to digress a little...

At the tail end of last year, I realised I was having serious problems with my eye sight..and so the end of April arrived having a few months under the belt of attending a visits to the optician, othamologist, ENT, glaucoma specialists and hospital for surgery...

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