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Why you need to sweat it as a Kids Life Coach!

Uncategorized Aug 05, 2020
Recently we revamped our Level 1 Theory of Kids Life Coaching to be more comprehensive and robust! Our nickname for this training is our "Kids Life Coaching Jump Start" package!
Our aim at The Kids Life Studio is to educate, empower and equip professionals to coach children with a solid foundation of knowledge in place. So this is why we consider this Theory training to be so fundamental to the success of our Kids Life Studio Certified Coaches. It is not like many mainstream trainings that don't really require much effort. On the contrary, this training has a different starting point for each student and the aim is to fill the personal gaps through self paced research in the areas of:
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Positive Psychology
Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Social Psychology 
Emotional Intelligence
Life Coaching (specifically aimed at children)
Trust me...the 6 week process takes commitment, lots of reading and a willingness to be curious about...
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The 3 Types of Kids Life Coaches

Uncategorized Jul 28, 2020

So many amazing students go through our training programmes and some excel and others don't! We have found and identified through experience that there are three types of Kids Life Coaches:

1. The independent coach who is a "gatherer" and a "taker":

This is the type of Kids Life Coach who wants to learn so they do as many trainings, courses and certifications as they possibly can. Their aim is to "take" what they can and to then launch their own brand...They usually do this by modifying and passing off other peoples intellectual property as their own...Don't worry...we have had very few of these come through our training....but yes...this is not the kind of coach we want as part of our network. We soon realise that they don't like working as part of a team and they certainly don't like giving anybody else credit for their "achievements." Their ego is big and they usually schmooze their way into our network to see how much intel they can gather to launch...

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How do you start as a Kids Life Coach?

Uncategorized Jul 23, 2020

As an ex South African, I started my first Kids Life Coaching practice there in 2003. I was a teacher at the time and developed my coaching programme as part of my University Honours Degree. My assignment was to write a parent programme but in the end I realised through my research that I preferred a "family resilience" approach. Needless to say my angle was completely different to what my lecturers were expecting! I turned their theory of parent coaching on its head and I was encouraged to pilot my "family approach" to see if it worked in practice. 

So, I decided to work on the weekends launching my “assignment” (I got 100% for that assignment by the way) by running my Family Resilience Coaching programme as a pilot with 15 families. I got local family volunteers with children in three age groups between age 5 and age 13.  I initially saw two groups every Saturday for 4 x 3 hour sessions. In week 1 and week 4, the parents attended with their children and in...

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8 things to ask when choosing a Kids Life Coach Training service provider

Uncategorized Jul 11, 2020
In the recent weeks I have had such great questions from people wanting to enrol in my Kids Life Coach Training that I decided to create this post to help you do the same!
I'm assuming that since you are reading this, you have been doing your homework on Kids Life Coaching because you have a big heart for children and you are passionate about making a difference?  
I also guess that you have already found a few options or spoken to a few people, but perhaps you don't know how to choose the best fit for you? *(disclaimer: we have a screening process and not everybody is a 'good fit' for our programme and we do not accept everybody in)
My recommendation when researching is to choose a training service provider who offers a robust system that is able to measure success. 
How do you know who is a good fit for you? 
So these are the 8 questions you should ask a service provider when you are...
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Why you shouldn't feel guilty charging as a Kids Life Coach

Uncategorized Jul 07, 2020
When I first became a full-time career life coach for children in 2005, I felt soooooo guilty charging for my services!!
My belief was that if I am “helping” it should be free or my fees should be low...
That led to clients taking advantage of me. I was unhappy and couldn’t pay my bills.
Despite this I loved my work and I loved coaching children.
So I embarked on a massive belief system detox....I systematically worked on changing the way I viewed money and I started seeing it as a vehicle to help those who couldn’t afford my fees.
Fast track to today and I am the co-founder of The Secret Parent Foundation which is a not for profit and I am the founder of The Kids Life Studio which is for profit. This helps me to have a great balance but more importantly it keeps my heart full knowing I can service all children needing support!!
Since helping ALL children from all backgrounds, cultures and demographics is...
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Your Kids LIfe Coaching clients care about your outcomes not your certification!

Uncategorized Jun 12, 2020
I have been training passionate people to become career Kids Life Coaches since 2009. One of the questions I get asked most often before enrolment is this....
“Is your certification accredited?”
My answer is always the same....
“Kids Life Coaching is unregulated and there are no adult life coaching associations that are able to accredit. We set our own standards and benchmarks.”
That being said we uphold academic criteria, and as an honorary fellow of Queen Mary University Global Policy Institute and also ex University Lecturer our focus at Kids Life Studio is on outcomes and a results driven approach.
How does this work?
We offer a toolkit that tracks and measures progress and success. This allows us to avoid a one size fits all approach and we get bespoke results for each of our clients.
This may sound tricky, but it’s really easy once you have a system that consistently gets results.
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Are you making rookie mistakes as a Kids Life Coach?

Uncategorized May 22, 2020

Did you know I have been coaching children for almost two decades?

When I look back now I can see such silly “rookie” mistakes I made!

Back when I started coaching children, I was armed with a teaching and educational psychology degree. No formal life coaching qualification or experience at all. (In fact I still haven’t ever done an adult life coaching certification because I don’t think it is applicable to children)

When I started my journey in 2003, there were no service providers offering anything remotely relevant to coaching children!

I did every course I could find and none were good enough when used in isolation. (In my opinion) EQ, NLP, Positive Psychology, CBT, Social Psychology.

I read books. Followed thought leaders. Learnt learnt and learnt. I was committed to helping children and what I realised was this....

Intuition was my biggest asset.

Whilst I felt like I was winging it...I actually had a solid foundation in place, to make good decisions...

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Why Covid-19 is the best thing that has ever happened for Kids Life Coaches

Uncategorized Apr 18, 2020

I have been very quiet in the past while in sharing my words...popping in for my weekly Facebook live on our Kids Life Coach support network and commenting on the odd this is me saying...I'm doing the best I can right now...pivoting Kids Life Studio and The Kids Life Coach Academy and The Secret Parent Foundation to support people during this intense time of change.

But today I felt I needed to share my thoughts on Social Distancing with you....and how Covid-19 is actually the best thing that has happened for career Kids Life Coaches.

Life as we know it will never be the same. Fact. I have already seen a shift in thinking and the good news is that it seems mental wellbeing is now becoming top priority for most people amidst the chaos of Covid-19.

So anybody already coaching children...will theoretically have more need for their services now!

With fear hijacking our brains on a daily basis and being forced into "lockdown" all of us are at risk for anxiety and...

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What is the secret to financial success as a Kids Life Coach?

Uncategorized Apr 10, 2020

What is the secret to your financial success as a Kids Life Coach?

So often I see capable people with the aptitude, knowledge and passion give up on their dreams to coach children as a full-time career.


Because they don’t earn enough money.

So they end up compromising and giving up on their dreams. They go back to the safety net of their full time career.

The kids lose out. They lose out. They end up unhappy and regretful.

So why is this the case?

Well I look at it this way. There is a secret to succeeding in this game. I have been coaching children since 2003 and nobody gave me a recipe. I didn’t have somebody helping me to set up my coaching practice.

I wanted it.
I figured it out.
I pushed through even when things got hard.
I refined.
I built my brand up step by step. is the secret to my success as a Kids Life Coach.

There are 3 things that I have and that I now look for when people want to join our team as a Kids Life Studio brand ambassador:

1. I am...

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Kids Life Coaching is published in the World Social Psychiatry journal

Uncategorized Apr 01, 2020

When I started coaching children 17 years ago I was a teacher and the most commonly used assessment tool back then that I was familiar with was the Connors Rating Scale for ADHD.

Since my niche back then was special needs and mostly ADHD kids I found the tool incomprehensive and so went about expanding and designing my own. To use in my coaching practice to assess and measure results.

This tool is now officially mentioned in the World Social Psychiatry Journal in a published journal paper of which I am a co-author alongside a team of Psychiatrists and Psychologists. We have been working together on a global family resilience research project for the past year and it is still a work in progress.

My play based Kids Life Coaching model which uses my Lifestyle Assessment tool is also mentioned. I am beyond proud of the fact that my Kids Life Coaching model is being recognised as a sound intervention and so proud of our global team at Kids Life Studio who are paving the way for setting...

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