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The secret behind financial success as a Kids Life Coach

Uncategorized Feb 12, 2019

Today I was asked the question by somebody thinking of enrolling in my training when she can expect to start "seeing the fruits of her labour". When I first interviewed her, I made her aware that my training takes work and I have made it clear she will have to put in the elbow grease, but she is a single mom and so there is a certain risk involved as she needs to support her child. 

She isn't the first person that has asked me this and it got thinking as to what the difference is between a financially successful Kids Life Coach and one that isn't. For purposes of this I want to first unpack the meaning of success in the context of coaching children. 

Over the past 16 years I have coached thousands of children from all backgrounds, cultures, demographics....for me the success comes when:

  • I can measure a child's progress pre and post coaching and see positive results. (I have an online assessment tool that does that), 
  • I know a child is happier, more motivated and that...
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We have a world class global team of Kids Life Coaches

Uncategorized Jan 08, 2019

Every Monday our global team of Kids Life Studio® Coaches and I have a group coaching call. We call this “Mindset Monday”!

During this time we sometimes have guest coaches and authors who share their wisdom and give us new perspectives. The aim is to build our mindset toolbox so that we can maximise our results.

So yesterday was our first official group coaching call of the year BUT...

The universe had other plans...

....and I was unable to make it and also unable to let anybody in my team know that I couldn’t be there!

Since these meetings are usually led by myself, I anticipated our team doing a casual New Year meet and greet and having a chit chat catch up!

What transpired was magical!!

These self led change makers for children embraced the opportunity and apparently lots of group coaching transpired! Even though I wasn’t there they took the opportunity....

These remarkable people give willingly of their time outside of their working day to learn...

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Why we are proud to be the leading global training provider of Kids Life Coaching

Uncategorized Jan 04, 2019

I was having a strategy call with a potential new Kids Life Coach trainee yesterday when I had my first AHA moment for 2019!

I realised that nothing beats REAL on the ground experience with methods that actually work and get measurable results!

When I started out my coaching practice 16 years ago I was filled with just as much passion as I am today BUT the difference was that I hadn’t yet developed a tried and tested way of coaching children.

I used to stumble through and figure things out through trial and error...which really isn’t fair to the children I was retrospect! I had good intentions and I eventually got the results but way back then they weren’t measurable statistically like they are today! I was just good at figuring things out and offering the best I could!

I see so many people who like me...have passion yet don’t back that up with PROPER education and knowledge when it comes to coaching children. I have a bachelor of education...

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Kids Life Coach Training should never compromise on quality

Uncategorized Dec 11, 2018

Today I have quite a few interviews lined up. People I am speaking to who are interested in training with me as a certified Kids Life Coach. I don’t know how they find me...but they do!

I have learnt in my 15 years of business that there is a fine line in terms of pushing too hard in marketing! Sometimes you have to spend time laying a solid foundation (for me it was 15 years) before you reap the rewards!

I see so many perceived “competitors” send out fluffy frilly e-mail campaigns (I used to do that until I realised actions speak louder than window dressing!) and what they say is good on paper but not always solid in practice.

They compete on price and charge a smaller investment fee to gain a higher revenue with through traffic! I realised long ago that this model of doing things can be fundamentally flawed (I know because once upon a time I did the same....before I knew better!)

You see it is easy to deliver content with no accountability....

But....I decided I...

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How will you start your journey as a Kids Life Coach?

Uncategorized Nov 28, 2018

I started my journey as a Kids Life Coach purely through need.

I used to be a teacher and after getting an additional Honours degree in Psychology of Education I realised there was more to teaching and supporting children than what I was doing!

So I started researching and looking at ways I could support children with long-term sustainable results!

Way back in 2003 there were no child life coach trainings and so I delved into:

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Neuro Linguistic Programming
Social Psychology
Positive Psychology
Emotional Intelligence

And very very lastly...I discovered:

ADULT life coaching.

I got really excited when I discovered the coaching side of things until....

I realised that it wasn’t AT ALL applicable to children.

The concepts were based on tried and tested traditional theory and children need more than that.

I realised because their brain and body are still developing my approach needed to be unique!

So I created my own programme based on the areas I had...

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Kids Life Coaching is a proven intervention that is equal to therapy

Uncategorized Nov 22, 2018

Yesterday was a profound day for me! My most memorable and life changing day of my entire 15 year career as a Kids Life Coach!

So some background first....

Last month I launched my book “The Secret Parent” and through social media it came to the awareness of Lord Patel of Bradford. He asked to see me in Parliament (in England) to speak about coaching children!

So yesterday we had a meeting that I have been preparing for intensely over the last few weeks....with much anxiety!

Not knowing what to expect I went into the House of Lords in London yesterday with one speak from my heart and personal experience. My message was clear...

“Coaching children should be mainstream but regulated and this has been my mission for 15 years and I will continue striving as this is my purpose.”

The thing is....I never got to formally present anything.. Lord Patel just intuitively picked up on my intentions and he masterfully steered the conversation to how I can...

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Kids Life Coaching (when done properly) can change the structure of a child's brain

Uncategorized Oct 27, 2018

When I started coaching children 15 years ago I based some of my approach on Dr Amens groundbreaking book “Change your brain change your life” and I credit my healthy views on supporting children to his eye opening research.

So when I saw this recent TED talk on "The most important lesson fro 83 000 brain scans" by Dr Daniel Amen, I was blown away yet again!

My Kids Life Coaching programme I designed is based on a lifestyle assessment that not only screens for red flags but it encourages holistic collaboration. It also has measurable results based on brain training techniques.

My global network of Kids Life Studio Coaches and I get results in as little as 2 isn’t magic but it is using brain science on such a way that children understand and can apply it in their daily lives.

Take a watch of this talk and get some insight into why you have to assess a child fully before embarking on medication or therapy or a coaching programme that targets problems...

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Are you a "fake" Kids Life Coach or a real change maker?

Uncategorized Oct 08, 2018

Anybody who truly cares about children and wants to be a change maker will never have a hidden agenda!

I have been in this game long enough to tell the difference between “fakers” and “change makers”.

I have trained hundreds of professionals around the world to use my coaching model and not all of these remain members of my Kids Life Studio network. The ones that have stayed with me are heart centred and they serve their communities with integrity and honesty and respect. They are role models that walk the walk and talk the talk....They understand the value of collaboration and team work. 

Then there are the coaches that have come and go...because they either prefer working in isolation or they don’t value themselves enough (yet) to spend money on belonging to a network of like minded professionals or they have a need to boost their status and they feel my organisation detracts from their limelight.

What I have learnt....(and trust me it has...

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How Kids Life Coaching Supports Parents

Uncategorized Oct 01, 2018

"Either we spend time meeting children's emotional needs by filling their cup with love or we spend time dealing with the behaviours caused by their unmet needs. Either way we spend the time." by Pam Leo

This quote is so true...

At my organisation, The Kids Life Studio we keep it simple...

Our advice to parents revolves around 3 core concepts:

1. Set realistic rules and boundaries - preferably draw these up at a family meeting together with children. These should work both ways....what is good for the child should be good for the win!!

2. Stay consistent in the expectations you have and when these are overstepped use natural consequences that embrace learning and an opportunity for growth. This should work both ways...always with a win win outcome.

3. Love unconditionally. No shaming, blaming or judgement when 1 or 2 are overstepped...all bad behaviour is a sign of an unmet need. Kids Life Coaching supports children in learning appropriate ways to get their...

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Life Coaching for children can support children who are forced to conform

Uncategorized Sep 17, 2018

These are my reflections on schools forcing children to conform

My global network of coaches and I often have productive discussions on various topics in our secret FB group. This week our focus is “anxiety in children”.

Last week when speaking about “children who think out of the box” one of my Kids Life Studio coaches who is an ex school principal Beth Ferreira-Cant shared such profound insight...(thanks Beth!!)

Too good not to share with you...(see below) What are your thoughts about this topic?

“Such a controversial subject!
I have to agree with you. Through our school going years we are taught to “fit in”, stand in line, and conform... while I appreciate what the schooling system is trying to do here, as there are many children in a class and they have a loaded curriculum to get through, we spend our adult lives trying to stand out?

We want to be different, we spend most of this time just trying to find ourselves.

If we focused on...

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