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The one thing that will ensure your success as a career Kids Life Coach

Uncategorized Jun 27, 2019

Today I had a great question from somebody that is in my Kids Life Coaching Facebook Support Network (click here to request to join)

This lovely lady is wanting to pursue her dream of leaving her current career and coaching children full-time.  She says she is stuck in fear as she doesn't know if it will work. 

Check out my video response to her with the one thing that you need to ensure your financial success as a Kids Life Coach. 

I've done it, my global team of Kids Life Studio® Coaches are doing it and you can to!


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What choices will you make today that will impact positively on children as a Kids Life Coach?

Uncategorized Jun 12, 2019

One week ago I spoke my front of a room of prominent influencers. To say I was scared is an under statement. I felt so vulnerable but I did it because I spoke about something close to my heart.

My driver for all I do in life and my purpose.....supporting childrens well being through Kids Life Coaching.

We are all in a position to be role models to children. This doesn’t mean we need to be perfect but it does mean we need to each take responsibility for sharing love as an antidote for the problems we see in our world.

What choices will you make today that impact positively on our future generation? It starts with just one child....

Watch my speech  in the Houses of Parliament in London, England on 4 June where I was hosted on International day of innocent child victims of aggression. 

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Do you believe in Kids Life Coaching as much as I do?

Uncategorized Jun 08, 2019

When I started my free Facebook support group for Kids life Coaching a year ago the aim was to raise the standards of Kids Life Coaching globally through connection and collaboration.

I have been coaching children with my own model for 16 years. I developed this based on my experiences as a teacher and school counsellor. I have trained people globally to use this proven model and programme in their local communities with great success.

(In fact this past week a group of my Kids Life Studio brand ambassadors and I were a voice for children in the Houses of Parliament in London. Click here to watch the video of my speech)

I needed to share today that in the past few years I have started noticing that various service providers were all of the sudden training people to coach children.

Naturally this excited me (at first) as we want to reach more children...but....

I started seeing a few glaring problems out there with these training providers.

1. Many of them have never coached...

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Parents only care how much you empower their child to solve a problem through Kids Life Coaching

Uncategorized Apr 16, 2019

Parents only truly care how much you empower their children to solve a problem. FACT!

They don’t want you to fix or judge or advise or be “airy fairy” with hypothetical ways. They don’t want theory....they don’t want textbook recommendations....they want practical ways of working through life....

What counts is sharing constructive and proven methods that give children a toolkit for dealing with life’s ups and downs with ease! This is what my Kids Life Coaching model offers. A structured way for dealing with life by laying the foundation for positive mental well being and building resilience. 

Labels don’t matter and understanding the perceived problem doesn’t matter...what matters is results! 

You can only get results with a measurable system and a recipe that works each and every time with any child anywhere with any challenge...

If you can’t do that you will constantly be reinventing the are not being...

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Never give up on your dream of being a Kids Life Coach

Uncategorized Apr 04, 2019

As the founder of The Kids Life Studio® and The Kids Life Coach Academy, I organically started coaching children in my classroom as a teacher in 1992...

Then I transitioned to part-time coaching outside of my classroom in 2003 after building my own coaching model....

Then from 2005 I coached full time in my own Kids Life Studio space - I was seeing approximately 60 children a week for individual and small group coaching at the height of my career....

Then from 2009 I started training adults to use my coaching methods...

In 2014 I started building a global team of children’s change makers! I now work less with children and only take on a select few per year because that way I have time to mentor and invest into professionals who want to be career Kids Life Coaches.

Sooooooo why am I sharing this with you....

Not to impress you with my experience....or to tell you about my achievements, but to show you how committed I am to children! I have never ever given up on my dream to...

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The secret behind financial success as a Kids Life Coach

Uncategorized Feb 12, 2019

Today I was asked the question by somebody thinking of enrolling in my training when she can expect to start "seeing the fruits of her labour". When I first interviewed her, I made her aware that my training takes work and I have made it clear she will have to put in the elbow grease, but she is a single mom and so there is a certain risk involved as she needs to support her child. 

She isn't the first person that has asked me this and it got thinking as to what the difference is between a financially successful Kids Life Coach and one that isn't. For purposes of this I want to first unpack the meaning of success in the context of coaching children. 

Over the past 16 years I have coached thousands of children from all backgrounds, cultures, demographics....for me the success comes when:

  • I can measure a child's progress pre and post coaching and see positive results. (I have an online assessment tool that does that), 
  • I know a child is happier, more motivated and that...
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We have a world class global team of Kids Life Coaches

Uncategorized Jan 08, 2019

Every Monday our global team of Kids Life Studio® Coaches and I have a group coaching call. We call this “Mindset Monday”!

During this time we sometimes have guest coaches and authors who share their wisdom and give us new perspectives. The aim is to build our mindset toolbox so that we can maximise our results.

So yesterday was our first official group coaching call of the year BUT...

The universe had other plans...

....and I was unable to make it and also unable to let anybody in my team know that I couldn’t be there!

Since these meetings are usually led by myself, I anticipated our team doing a casual New Year meet and greet and having a chit chat catch up!

What transpired was magical!!

These self led change makers for children embraced the opportunity and apparently lots of group coaching transpired! Even though I wasn’t there they took the opportunity....

These remarkable people give willingly of their time outside of their working day to learn...

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Why we are proud to be the leading global training provider of Kids Life Coaching

Uncategorized Jan 04, 2019

I was having a strategy call with a potential new Kids Life Coach trainee yesterday when I had my first AHA moment for 2019!

I realised that nothing beats REAL on the ground experience with methods that actually work and get measurable results!

When I started out my coaching practice 16 years ago I was filled with just as much passion as I am today BUT the difference was that I hadn’t yet developed a tried and tested way of coaching children.

I used to stumble through and figure things out through trial and error...which really isn’t fair to the children I was retrospect! I had good intentions and I eventually got the results but way back then they weren’t measurable statistically like they are today! I was just good at figuring things out and offering the best I could!

I see so many people who like me...have passion yet don’t back that up with PROPER education and knowledge when it comes to coaching children. I have a bachelor of education...

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Kids Life Coach Training should never compromise on quality

Uncategorized Dec 11, 2018

Today I have quite a few interviews lined up. People I am speaking to who are interested in training with me as a certified Kids Life Coach. I don’t know how they find me...but they do!

I have learnt in my 15 years of business that there is a fine line in terms of pushing too hard in marketing! Sometimes you have to spend time laying a solid foundation (for me it was 15 years) before you reap the rewards!

I see so many perceived “competitors” send out fluffy frilly e-mail campaigns (I used to do that until I realised actions speak louder than window dressing!) and what they say is good on paper but not always solid in practice.

They compete on price and charge a smaller investment fee to gain a higher revenue with through traffic! I realised long ago that this model of doing things can be fundamentally flawed (I know because once upon a time I did the same....before I knew better!)

You see it is easy to deliver content with no accountability....

But....I decided I...

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How will you start your journey as a Kids Life Coach?

Uncategorized Nov 28, 2018

I started my journey as a Kids Life Coach purely through need.

I used to be a teacher and after getting an additional Honours degree in Psychology of Education I realised there was more to teaching and supporting children than what I was doing!

So I started researching and looking at ways I could support children with long-term sustainable results!

Way back in 2003 there were no child life coach trainings and so I delved into:

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Neuro Linguistic Programming
Social Psychology
Positive Psychology
Emotional Intelligence

And very very lastly...I discovered:

ADULT life coaching.

I got really excited when I discovered the coaching side of things until....

I realised that it wasn’t AT ALL applicable to children.

The concepts were based on tried and tested traditional theory and children need more than that.

I realised because their brain and body are still developing my approach needed to be unique!

So I created my own programme based on the areas I had...

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