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How Kids Life Coaching Supports Parents

Uncategorized Oct 01, 2018

"Either we spend time meeting children's emotional needs by filling their cup with love or we spend time dealing with the behaviours caused by their unmet needs. Either way we spend the time." by Pam Leo

This quote is so true...

At my organisation, The Kids Life Studio we keep it simple...

Our advice to parents revolves around 3 core concepts:

1. Set realistic rules and boundaries - preferably draw these up at a family meeting together with children. These should work both ways....what is good for the child should be good for the win!!

2. Stay consistent in the expectations you have and when these are overstepped use natural consequences that embrace learning and an opportunity for growth. This should work both ways...always with a win win outcome.

3. Love unconditionally. No shaming, blaming or judgement when 1 or 2 are overstepped...all bad behaviour is a sign of an unmet need. Kids Life Coaching supports children in learning appropriate ways to get their needs met. It works.

Win win! This is why our Kids Life coaching works! We take the pressure off parents by showing their children how to take more responsibility and communicate their needs better! Easy peasy!


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