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Life Coaching for children can support children who are forced to conform

Uncategorized Sep 17, 2018

These are my reflections on schools forcing children to conform

My global network of coaches and I often have productive discussions on various topics in our secret FB group. This week our focus is “anxiety in children”.

Last week when speaking about “children who think out of the box” one of my Kids Life Studio coaches who is an ex school principal Beth Ferreira-Cant shared such profound insight...(thanks Beth!!)

Too good not to share with you...(see below) What are your thoughts about this topic?

“Such a controversial subject!
I have to agree with you. Through our school going years we are taught to “fit in”, stand in line, and conform... while I appreciate what the schooling system is trying to do here, as there are many children in a class and they have a loaded curriculum to get through, we spend our adult lives trying to stand out?

We want to be different, we spend most of this time just trying to find ourselves.

If we focused on children’s God given talents earlier on, by the time they graduated they would confidently know in which direction to steer their ship.

Maths and science will have no value when you loose a loved one; history won’t help when you are faced with a bad situation...

I feel that we need to teach children growth mindset and emotional intelligence in conjunction with subjects on a daily basis.

Just like our perception pictures we do in Week 3 of coaching, the same instructions given but we come out with a different result, and is there a right or a wrong? No we all see life through different coloured glasses right and who decides?

At least with doing art children are able to express and be authentic.
Teachers who “fix up” children’s work/art I feel are only concerned with how this will reflect on them as s teacher.

A true teacher will guide children, allowing them to come up with the answers and get to the realisations on their own- and in essence that’s teaching children how to navigate through life 💪😀

If you want to support children to be unique and stand out from the crowd, then you need to learn more about Kids Life Coaching.  Feel free to take a look at what we do at the Kids Life Studio®

Regards with Zeal,


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