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What excuses about money are you making as a Kids Life Coach?

Uncategorized Sep 03, 2020
What fees do you charge for your Kids Life Coaching services? How do you know what to charge for your services?
Can you proudly tell people....or do you feel “shy” “vulnerable” “embarrassed” sharing what people need to invest to obtain access to your services?
You see only when you get comfortable that you are offering good value in return for the financial investment will you feel free to speak “money”.
There is a flip side though....perhaps you are obsessed with money.....perhaps all you think about is paying your bills. Or being financially retired? Or taking your family on holiday. Perhaps you feel you are not being respected? You tell yourself you are deserving of money and why won’t people pay you what you are worth? This is risky....and could lead to you repelling clients....
If you are stuck in the ego state of “I offer so much value that my fees are worth it.” think again.
Money is simply a value of exchange for the services you offer. The real “payoff” you get is a child's transformed life.  So don’t look at your bank account to measure your success...look at how many families you have supported and transformed.
If you find yourself in a zone of giving “discounts” do this for the right reasons and to the right people who are deserving of those discounts...don’t do this as a sales tactic to gain “a little” money in the bank.  Money mindset is part and parcel of running a successful Kids Life Coaching practice.
If your bank account is empty...take a look at how you view money. Is it a tool for you to “purchase” or is it a way for you to “contribute”?
Money is good.
Money drives our economy.
You are deserving of earning an income doing what you love and making a difference. So always value your own worth first and then others will follow.
So stop making excuses about money. If you believe you are offering value, people will pay what you ask for your services. End of story. 
Wishing you well as you live the life you love and love the life you live coaching children to be the leaders of their own lives!
Regards with Zeal,
Kids Life Studio & Kids Life Coach Academy Founder 

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