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Why children shouldn't be allowed to drive a bus without a Kids Life Coach on board

Uncategorized Jun 01, 2018

I want you to imagine you are a 10-year old child and you right now are driving a bus without adult supervision. You can't reach the pedals, you don't know the rules of the road, you are responsible for the people on the bus, but yet nobody has taught you the skills to be responsible as a bus driver. You need supervision, but there isn't anybody to show you or help you.

Being a child, you may see this challenge in one of two ways:

1) just get on with it and you see the adventure and you embrace it whole heartedly or

2) You are filled with fear of what could go wrong and you ask for help.

Which do you think you would have felt as a 10-year old? No matter which you choose, there is a high likelihood of crashing the bus. How would you feel when you get blamed as a 10-year old for crashing the bus if an adult irresponsibly let you drive it in the first place.

This is like a beautiful analogy for your own inner child where your subconscious mind drives your behaviour based on our emotional reactions.   We need to rescue and nurture and Love our inner children - and STOP them from controlling our lives. STOP them from driving the bus! Children are not supposed to drive. It takes our own inner adult, our conscious mind to nurture that child, teach it, show it the right way, reassure it that when it is old enough we will let it drive but in the meantime, we will help them to steer.

Children are inherently positive and full of love and energy for life - as I mentioned, you may have been the child to drive that bus with a big smile on your face. Children thrive on having fun and playing and doing things that make them happy until fear steps in the way. They look up to people in their lives who support them and this makes them receptive to positive learning.

Everything that children reflect in their behaviour is telling us a story and is showing us that they have an unmet need or that they are lacking in the skills to move forward in other words they don;t know how to drive the bus. Providing them with the practical tools for a goal-directed life based on their unique set of circumstances is the best gift that you can give them. In other words, helping them to understand that when they are tall enough, old enough, wise enough, they will have the skills they need to drive that bus in such a way that they get to their destination safely and deliver their passengers all in one piece.

Children inevitably behave badly because adults correct, fix and complain when they do things wrong. Sometimes, it's just that perhaps a child has to drive a bus without somebody showing him how because they are too busy telling them how. 

All bad behaviour is a sign of an unmet need and as a Kids Life Coach, it is your job to find out what that need is and guide the child to overcoming their obstacles with the reassurance that every problem always has a solution. When we can get children to understand their behaviour better, we are giving them the tools to manage their emotions and make choices based on fact and not on feelings.

One of the most common expressions parents can be heard saying is, I don't understand why he/she is doing thatĀ. The family is the primary unit of socialisation where the child is first exposed to emotional stability and structure through rules and a sense of belonging that by far exceeds that of the busy world outside the doors of their home.

Many parents acknowledge that they need all the guidance they can get in this since raising children is becoming more difficult. This is why Kids Life Coaching is so important. It is about supporting the child and this will make a parents job easier since the parent will learn through their child's experiences.

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