Kids Life Coach Academy

The Kids Life Coach Academy

Our online school is the global leader in online Kids Life Coach training that is affordable and easily accessible. 

What makes us the best

A Teen Life Coaching programme

$199.00 USD

  What is this Zeal Challenge® Teen Coaching Programme about? The teenage years can be a challenging time ...

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A motivational 28-day parent coaching programme

$59.00 USD

What is this EQual Zeal System® Parent Programme about? Parenting can be a challenging time with the multitude o...

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Start earning an income as a Kids Life Coach in just 90 days

Price on Application

The Kids Life Studio® offers accreditation to passionate people who want to work with children or are already wor...

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Kids Life Coaching made easy

$129.00 USD

With teen depression, anxiety, suicide, self harm, drug and alcohol abuse on the rise, we believe that we need to tac...

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A Kids Life Coaching Programme

$199.00 USD

What is this Zeal True Colours® Motivational Programme about? Every child is born with amazing opportunity embed...

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