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Can you do damage as a Kids Life Coach?

Uncategorized Sep 08, 2020

I have been coaching children since 2003 and I have always felt confident in my results. There have been tines where I have really struggled to achieve breakthrough for various reasons....but I quickly realised it was virtually impossible for me to do damage as a Kids Life Coach! 

If you’ve been through my Kids Life Coach training, or if you’re going to go through my training you will quickly learn how strongly I feel about attaching “labels” to children!

🌟I believe labels are useful when we need a diagnosis to get treatment.

🌟I believe when we attach labels there is a risk of them sticking and becoming an excuse for bad behaviour.

🌟I believe sometimes therapists use labels to pre-determine an outcome because that’s what the text book says.

🌟I believe labels deny the fact that we are multi-dimensional humans.

🌟I believe labels can prompt peole to lose hope.

So let’s look at your role....Can you do damage as a Kids Life Coach? 

Well....I am coaching a child and her therapist (working alongside me) recently told her she has been labelled with a psychiatric label.

This was a BIG mistake!! Since then, this child has been using her label as an excuse for her poor choices!!

She has been doing so well in our coaching sessions. She has had ups and downs but when her therapist 'attached' her label to her it was not productive for her.

I have since then, spent a coaching session reminding her of the power of choice....and that her label doesn’t define her. She is courageous and strong and resilient. She has been through so much trauma....I don’t believe she has a psychiatric label but that she is a victim of trauma. Which has influenced her brain development. This can be rectified!

How do you as a Kids Life Coach work alongside a therapist that has pre-determined the outcome according to the DSM-V? She has also just had a medication change after seeing her Psychiatrist for a re-evaluation. In my opinion she doesn’t need medication...she needs time...but I have willingly supported the “professionals” who know “better” than I do. I can only go by gut feel and speak from personal experience.

The current system frustrates me.

It needs to change.

Keep doing what you’re doing as a Kid Life Coach but remember that when you attach can do damage! That is about the only time. When you use a viable, ethical and sustainable play based kids life coaching model such as ours, you will get good results.

Labels don’t fix...they hinder! So never ever buy-in to what the medical professionals tell you. Children deserve to leave their labels at the door when you coach them! There is ALWAYS matter the trauma, the challenge or the label. means working towards better choices rather than staying stuck in what the medical journals and text books tell us. 

Practical, tangible solutions are key to your success as a Kids Life Coach. So become well versed on the "labels" and how children can be classified according to mental health difficulties. BUT never ever...ever...ever...let that label become a self fulfilling prophecy! Reframe the label and look for the strengths rather than box the child into what they "can't" do!

I wish you well as you continue to inspire children to shine their true colours! 

Regards with Zeal,


Kids Life Studio & Kids LIfe Coach Academy Founder 


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