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If you've found your way here, chances are you're considering the exciting journey of becoming a certified Kids Life Coach. Our training is crafted to guide you in leveraging our unique Play Based Coaching® model to make a meaningful difference in your community. This hands-on training is perfect for those with a passion for positively impacting children's lives through a tested and effective coaching system. What's great is that you can tailor the outcomes to meet your community's specific needs and seamlessly blend what you learn into your current environment, brand, qualifications, or business. Welcome to a world of possibilities where your passion can truly flourish!

Our training is meticulously structured to provide you with all the tools necessary to begin ethically and sustainably coaching children within three months*. For those who have already started our Kids Life Coach Theory training, you're aware that our focus is not on quick solutions but rather on a dedication to high-quality, strategic learning. This program may not be suited for those seeking shortcuts, as it involves an immersive hybrid learning model. This model is crafted to prepare you for a rewarding career in supporting children, enabling you to generate an income through meaningful work.

What are the advantages of enrolling in this hands-on course?

The outcome is completely up to you, hinging on the effort you're prepared to invest! Our Kids Life Coach Certification equips you with all the essentials to kickstart a thriving Kids Life Coaching business, turning it into a lucrative career. Instead of navigating the uncertain waters of trial and error, this training propels you towards success efficiently, all while maintaining uncompromised standards in quality and child safety protocols!

What are the outcomes on the completion of this Kids Life Coaching Practical Course? 

Unlike traditional education, this Kids Life Coach Training curriculum is hands-on. More than 75% of your time will be spent building your coaching practice, meaning that you’ll learn concepts and immediately put them into action. The work includes putting together a tangible coaching toolkit, working on promotional plans, creating administration templates and building up research and resource databases.  Whatever your goal for doing this training, you will leave with a clear road map for the next steps you need to take to coach children effectively and sustainably. 

Who is the teacher of this Kids Life Coaching Practical Course? 

Through her many years of curriculum planning and design as a teacher in the classroom and then as a University Lecturer, Kids Life Studio® founder Zelna has designed a unique training experience that leads to practical results. After all, why would you want to enrol in any other training and get lots of theory and not know how to actually practically coach children? Since 1992, she has been working with children and adults in various capacities and this organically evolved into her current wellbeing consultancy, advocacy work, training, writing, and coaching career.

How long will this Kids Life Coaching course take?

This course spans over 3 months, requiring approximately 10 hours of your time each week to complete. It is designed to accommodate any learning style, seamlessly integrating into your daily routine while providing you with the essential knowledge, skills, and experience needed to coach children effectively.

We've welcomed coaches who initially received their training elsewhere but chose to enroll in our Kids Life Coach Certification training. They recognize the value of our hands-on approach, which emphasizes the child's well-being as the focal point of the coaching outcomes. After all, enrolling in a program that's heavy on theory without offering practical coaching skills might leave you questioning its real-world applicability.

Kids Life Coaching involves numerous components, but this training will clarify how everything fits together. Our 6-module course is structured to guide you through the basics of establishing your coaching practice within just 90 days. This is complemented by bi-weekly mentorship sessions, allowing you to connect with fellow students and coaches globally.

Module 1 - Getting ready for your Kids Life Coaching Journey

This initial phase is designed to set the stage for your journey as a Kids Life Coach, introducing you to the coaching model you'll be employing. We'll also lay the groundwork for cultivating a healthy mindset. This module serves as a launchpad into your new Kids Life Coaching venture, establishing a robust foundation for developing positive habits. By doing so, you'll position yourself as an exemplary role model for the children you'll be coaching.

Module 2 - The Cornerstones for becoming a Kids Life Coach

In this segment, you'll delve deeper into the six core principles we introduce during our Kids Life Coach Theory training. You'll begin to apply these principles in real-world scenarios, crafting your own approach to practical implementation. Many of our former students have expressed that this is their most cherished module, often wishing for more time to engage with the material. You'll be motivated to revisit and reflect on the Theory content repeatedly.

The areas you'll explore include:

- Positive Psychology
- Social Psychology
- Neuro-Linguistic Programming
- Life Coaching
- Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
- Emotional Intelligence

While there's a wealth of information to absorb, you'll receive a distinctive system designed to establish a foundation for your ongoing education. This system is tailored to keep you connected with the latest research and developments necessary for effectively coaching children.

Module 3 - Laying the foundation for becoming a Kids Life Coach

This module deep dives into the essential details of setting your coaching fees (if you choose to charge), strategies for attracting clients (especially if you're unsure where to start), and the steps to establish a thriving coaching practice that consistently achieves positive outcomes. The cornerstone of this module is developing a concrete action plan aimed at maximizing the return on your investment in this training. You'll gain insights into effectively marketing yourself as a Kids Life Coach and begin to identify the unique qualities that distinguish you from other coaches in the field who may not know how to effectively showcase their expertise.

Module 4 - Coaching Children to become leaders

Discover the foolproof 10-step system for achieving success in Kids Life Coaching. Being an effective coach involves a systematic approach to supporting a child, and this module promises positive outcomes for every child you work with. Just like following a no-fail recipe when baking a cake, this module will guide you through assessing a child's needs, determining the best ways to assist them, and customizing your coaching program to achieve the optimal results. Stick to the system, and you'll find success as straightforward as baking a pie!

Module 5 - The Tools for Coaching a Child

In this module, you'll dive into mastering our Play Based Coaching® curriculum, a distinctive approach employed by Kids Life Studio® certified coaches globally. This innovative model has been shown to yield positive outcomes in children within just two weeks—a truly exciting prospect! This phase is all about transitioning from Kids Life Coaching Theory to practical application. We're confident in our programmes effectiveness, backed by a proven track record of success!

Module 6 - Kids Life Coaching in Action

This last module sees, you all set to implement our tried-and-true Kids Life Studio® coaching program! You'll get to put your newly acquired knowledge into action by engaging in practical exercises with child case studies. This is the moment where everything you've worked hard for truly comes to life and you witness the transformative power of your efforts!



Disclaimer: This training will take 3 months if you have previous experience with children but it may take longer if not. This training provides a certificate of completion unless you opt to submit a full portfolio of evidence for your full Kids Life coach certification.  

Should you at any stage have any questions, you are welcome to mail our certifications team who are on hand to support you. 



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