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The secret behind financial success as a Kids Life Coach

Uncategorized Feb 12, 2019

Today I was asked the question by somebody thinking of enrolling in my training when she can expect to start "seeing the fruits of her labour". When I first interviewed her, I made her aware that my training takes work and I have made it clear she will have to put in the elbow grease, but she is a single mom and so there is a certain risk involved as she needs to support her child. 

She isn't the first person that has asked me this and it got thinking as to what the difference is between a financially successful Kids Life Coach and one that isn't. For purposes of this I want to first unpack the meaning of success in the context of coaching children. 

Over the past 16 years I have coached thousands of children from all backgrounds, cultures, demographics....for me the success comes when:

  • I can measure a child's progress pre and post coaching and see positive results. (I have an online assessment tool that does that), 
  • I know a child is happier, more motivated and that they feel confident enough to handle life's ups and downs
  • A parent has peace of mind that their child is living up to their full potential. 
  • A teacher tells me that a child has overcome their limitations in the classroom and can learn better,
  • A child feels inspired to be a positive contributor to our world and shares their coaching tools with others.
You see, I have made a success as a Kids Life Coach because I really truly care! I care about the outcome and am not focused on the monetary rewards. Yes...It is no secret that I do not offer my services for free but I can confidently say that the clients that come my way can afford my fees and that they receive great value. 
So now that we have defined what success means to me as a Kids Life Coach...ask yourself what it means to you! You need to be in this game to be a children's change maker and action taker! 
Going back to this amazing lady who really wants to be a life coach for children. She has an enormous heart and is really intent on making a difference. So already I know she has what it takes in theory...but in practice the choice remains up to her.  So this is how I responded back to her:
"Thanks for connecting. It sounds like you have been doing a lot of thinking which is great and I can imagine how frustrating it must be for you to know that you are so close to living your dream!  
To answer your question…I cannot say how long it will be? It depends on how well you internalise what I teach you. Some people fly within 6 weeks and have first clients and others take one to two years….I have noticed that the difference between those that succeed and those that delay is this:
The people who get up on their feet fast are the ones who are action takers and change makers and not excuse makers. Those that fail to launch make excuses as to how hard things are, how busy they are, how life gets in the way. I myself know that if your intentions are right, you do the work and you work on your attitude and mindset, you can only succeed. The key is to focus on the changes you want to make in Childrens lives first and foremost and then the money will follow."
If you come to join our global team of world-class trained coaches, you will no doubt hear a new motto at Kids Life Studio  that we have recently adopted. It goes like this:
“Better daily awareness = better daily choices = better daily results”.
I have no doubt that anybody can be a success at coaching children, with the right training, the right tools, the right attitude and intentions you will be a financial success.  Along the way you have to also throw a good measure of faith and trust in yourself.
Wishing you well in your Kids Life Coaching journey.
Regard with Zeal, 
Inspired Contributor to children globally

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