Kids Life Coach Academy

Would you love to coach children as a career?

Our Kids Life Coach Academy offers practical experiential training based on leading research on how toddlers to teens think, learn, act and behave.

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Wondering how to take your first steps to coach children?

Step 1 - Learn the theory

You know you want to help children, but with so much information out there where do you start? We will give you the structure you need to turn your existing knowledge into a solid foundation for coaching children. 

Step 2 - Turn theory into practice

If you want credibility coaching children, this can only achieved by getting sustainable results! Our proven system will fast track your success by taking all the guess work out of what to do, when to do it and how to do it. 


Step 3 - Become part of a global network

Setting up your own independent coaching practice can be lonely and finding the answers can be hard. This is why our ongoing professional supervision is so sought after with coaches practicing around the world. 

Lay the foundation 

Play Based Coaching® is an approach based on the fundamentals of neuroscience and psychology. This evidence informed approach empowers toddlers to teens to navigate life’s challenges with ease. With a strong focus on building resilience, leadership and a confident mindset, it provides a solution to the challenges young people may be facing in their everyday lives. 

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Build a Future 

Do you want to create a successful career out of supporting children?  We will give you a solid foundation for understanding how toddlers to teens think, learn and behave so that you can coach them to become the leaders of their own lives. With our practical skills, play based activities and resources you will be able to coach any child in any circumstance no matter what difficulties or challenges they may be facing.

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FREE Preventing Suicide and Self Harm in children online course

At the Kids Life Studio, we are passionate about supporting children to be the leaders of their own lives. With so many external influences increasing anxiety and stress, we want to show you what you can do to be part of the solution.

Need some Kids Life Coaching inspiration?

Check out the latest blog posts from our founder Zelna Zeal

"I always wanted to work with kids and help them develop and be who they want to be, because most kids have big feelings that can cause them confusion or depression so having someone to support them is very essential. This journey with the Kids Life Coach Academy has put all that to action. When I first started I had no trust, I was confused, and I thought of not going through this process. But when I started the process and let go of my fears, it all fell into place. Throughout this journey I have gained knowledge, I have grown, I became more confident, I have an amazing supportive team, and an awesome mentor in Zelna, we’re always there for each other. It was the best decision I made, because it was the first step into my huge and transformational journey of becoming the person I always dreamt of being. I’m blessed to be in this journey and with all those beautiful people. ❤️"

Mai El-Badawy - Alexandria, Egypt
Kids Life Studio® Certified Coach

"Participating in this course was life-changing. It opened doors for me to finally pursue my passion and God-given purpose. I always felt stuck and didn't know where to start to reach my dreams. The course is structured in such a way that you first have to help yourself before helping others and this experience was exhilarating. I never thought I'd find healing by doing a course. There was always ongoing support and I never felt alone. The course pushed me far and challenged me every day. Every module was needed and nowhere was something irrelevant or boring. Throughout my practical application, I started seeing the magic at work and this was so rewarding. I thank Zelna for this amazing opportunity. I also thank my mentor and fellow coachees for the ongoing support. This is something you don't usually get when completing a course. Nowhere else will you get the investment and enthusiasm as I've experienced with the Kids Life Coach Academy. I now have tools at my feet to change the lives of thousands of children. Let's do this!! :) "

Monique Engelbrect - Centurion, South Africa
Kids Life Studio® Certified Coach

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