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Would you love to coach children as a career?

Since 2003, our collective mission has been to coach children around the world to build their wellbeing, coping and resilience through our Play Based Coaching System®.

Our approach is not only fun but it’s measurable, developmentally sound and based on the latest neuroscience and psychology research. With our emphasis on bridging the gap between theory and application you will be provided with the support you need to coach children to overcome their challenges. 
With our academy offering online or in person training up to a Level 5 Diploma, along with continuous professional development and supervision, you are well supported to coach children as a new full time career or part-time in your current role. 
Having trained professionals in over 45 countries to use our proprietary Play Based Coaching System® we are interested in reaching children ethically and sustainably with high impact results that are a solution to the toxic influences children are faced with. 
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Wondering how to take your first steps to coach children?

Step 1 - Learn the theory

You know you want to help children, but with so much information out there where do you start? We will give you the structure you need to turn your existing knowledge into a solid foundation for coaching children with a fun play based approach. 

Step 2 - Turn theory into practice

If you want credibility coaching children, this can only achieved by getting sustainable results! Our proven Play Based Coaching System® will fast track your success by taking all the guess work out of what to do, when to do it and how to do it. 


Step 3 - Become part of our global network

Setting up your own independent coaching practice can be lonely and finding the answers can be hard. This is why our ongoing professional supervision is so sought after with coaches practicing around the world. 

Fast Track your Diploma Training 

Join us for an immersive and experiential 5-day boot camp and obtain your Level 4 Advanced Diploma in Kids Life Coaching. 

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Build a Future 

Having the skills to coach children is only one part of the puzzle. You need to know how to obtain, maintain and retain clients! Book a strategy call to ask your questions! 

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FREE Special Report on why kids life coaching is viable

At the Kids Life Studio®, we are passionate about supporting children to be the leaders of their own lives. With so many external influences increasing anxiety and stress, we want to show you what you can do to be part of the solution. Find out how!

Need some Kids Life Coaching inspiration?

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"I always wanted to work with kids and help them develop and be who they want to be, because most kids have big feelings that can cause them confusion or depression so having someone to support them is very essential. This journey with Kids Life Studio Coach Academy has put all that into action. When I first started I had no trust, I was confused, and I thought of not going through this process. But when I started the process and let go of my fears, it all fell into place. Throughout this journey I have gained knowledge, I have grown, I became more confident, I have an amazing supportive team, and an awesome mentor in Zelna. It was the best decision I made, because it was the first step into my huge and transformational journey of becoming the person I always dreamt of being. I’m blessed to be in this journey and with all those beautiful people. ❤️"

Mai El-Badawy - Egypt
Kids Life Studio® Certified Coach

"I conducted a lot of research looking for courses that offered kids life coaching. I could not find a program that truly coincided with my own philosophies. Until, I found The Kids Life Studio. Their philosophy of inspiring, motivating, and providing kids with a greater self-acceptance, self- awareness and clear understanding of their own thinking patterns was exactly what I was looking for. What makes The Kids Life Studio coaching distinctive, is that children learn through constructive play. This is a unique approach to coaching, that I did not see another program offer. The Kids Life Studio course teaches you how to facilitate self-development, enhance social skills, and build self- esteem through the transfer of life skills in children."

Bronwyn Bergen - USA
Kids Life Studio® Advanced Coach

"Completing the Kids Life Coach Certification has been one of the best decisions I have taken in my life. From day one, I felt I was in the right place, with the right people. I have learned in a rigorous, structured but at the same time, supportive and inspiring manner how to become a WorldClass Kids Life Coach. Zelna Lauwrens’s strong experience and unconditional support have been determining in this learning journey. The curriculum is extremely well organized and solid in terms of theory, researches and practice. It is the first time I feel so close to the other students and teacher in a distance learning course. The videos in the modules, the two group coaching sessions in the Zoom room every week, the daily interactions on Facebook with the global network of Kids Life Coaches made this learning so lively, inspiring and tailor-made. This Kids Life Coach Certification prepared me at all levels, personally and professionally, to be fully equipped and ready to launch my new business and serve all children with passion, rigour, authenticity, empathy and confidence. If I am World-Class Kids Life Coach today it's because I have been trained by a world Class Kids Life Coach Academy and an amazing teacher who truly lives her passion for children.”"

Aurélie Andriamialison - Switzerland
Kids Life Studio® Advanced Coach

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