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Are you a "fake" Kids Life Coach or a real change maker?

Uncategorized Oct 08, 2018

Anybody who truly cares about children and wants to be a change maker will never have a hidden agenda!

I have been in this game long enough to tell the difference between “fakers” and “change makers”.

I have trained hundreds of professionals around the world to use my coaching model and not all of these remain members of my Kids Life Studio network. The ones that have stayed with me are heart centred and they serve their communities with integrity and honesty and respect. They are role models that walk the walk and talk the talk....They understand the value of collaboration and team work. 

Then there are the coaches that have come and go...because they either prefer working in isolation or they don’t value themselves enough (yet) to spend money on belonging to a network of like minded professionals or they have a need to boost their status and they feel my organisation detracts from their limelight.

What I have learnt....(and trust me it has taken long to realise) is that when anybody works from a space of ego and self serving validation standpoint they will never excel fully as a Kids Life Coach.

I once upon a time (in 2010) was that person...a Kids Life Coach who didn’t walk in my own truth! I didn’t serve from the heart but from my me it didn’t turn out well! (Read my book The Secret Parent to find out why...)

So here is a Kids Life Coaching tip for you.

If you want to be a world-class Kids Life Coach behave like one already. Never compromise on your values or the quality of your coaching for a quick fix or to earn a quick buck....

My team and I are working hard to regulate the Kids Life Coaching industry and I see a future where parents will know the difference between a properly certified coach and one who has taken short cuts...

Which one are you? As a parent which Kids Life Coach would you choose for your child?

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Regards with zeal,


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