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Uncategorized Nov 22, 2018

Yesterday was a profound day for me! My most memorable and life changing day of my entire 15 year career as a Kids Life Coach!

So some background first....

Last month I launched my book “The Secret Parent” and through social media it came to the awareness of Lord Patel of Bradford. He asked to see me in Parliament (in England) to speak about coaching children!

So yesterday we had a meeting that I have been preparing for intensely over the last few weeks....with much anxiety!

Not knowing what to expect I went into the House of Lords in London yesterday with one speak from my heart and personal experience. My message was clear...

“Coaching children should be mainstream but regulated and this has been my mission for 15 years and I will continue striving as this is my purpose.”

The thing is....I never got to formally present anything.. Lord Patel just intuitively picked up on my intentions and he masterfully steered the conversation to how I can realise my dream of regulating coaching children. He was sold!!

He had never heard of coaching children before my book and I reassured him that was because it is relatively “new” as a career....

I explained how so many commercial organisations see opportunity and jump onto fads...making it viable financially but with little intent on sustainability and ethical results that can be measured!

I told him unfortunately coaching children in the last 4 years has become “fashionable” and that I fear people with good intentions but no proper training will ruin the name of the industry.

I told him I feel it is my ethical responsibility to be the trail blazer in holding ALL coaches accountable and not just my own network of coaches.

He loved my view on raising the standards and he supported me fully in how to do that and is intent on opening doors to make this happen!

I am so fortunate that my coaching that is used by my global network of certified kids life coaches has reached the radar at government level in England.

It didn’t take me pushing, pulling, forcing or insisting. I have just sustainably and authentically been building a passionate network (an army actually) of Children’s change makers around the world.

Do I have a personal agenda?

Indeed I do!

To create the largest global network of WORLD-CLASS KIDS LIFE COACHES who are action takers in their local communities!

I see myself as a voice for children that mediocrity and complacency is not an option. For too long adults have been deciding what is right or wrong for children’s development!

Many children (not all) have become desensitised to their true nature because of the influx of commercialism, city living, technology and adult based agendas. This is why we are seeing so many problems in childhood!!

We need to take children back to basics!

I know big things are on the horizon for us collectively!

Parents traditionally send children to therapy when things go wrong...

This is in some cases acceptable...there is a time and place for psychologists.

My intention however is to reframe that old outdated belief system so that Kids Life Coaching becomes a respected intervention that has equal status just like a university degree.

Watch this space....

If you want to join our revolution as children’s change makers complete an application and set a time to speak to me....


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