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Uncategorized Feb 02, 2024

When I first started coaching children in 2003, I was doing it part-time as a primary school teacher and school counsellor. I would consider myself pretty creative and I absolutely loved finding, curating and making new resources for the children in my classroom and that I was coaching in my spare time. 

I remember having this big old steel filing cabinet!! Yes, you know the type!! The old industrial office one before cloud storage was a thing. I had all these neatly filed away alphabetical folders with resources from A to Z! If I found a magazine article or a book or a resource or poster or a worksheet, I would print it out and file it. 

Oh and did I mention that I didn't have access to google and AI like we do now! did I do it WITHOUT ANY social. media!

Boy oh boy! How times have changed! Now we have everything at our fingertips. You can google away and there are millions of resources available to you! What I have found though is that with this choice has also come massive confusion!

You see, how do you know what it good information and what isn't? How do you screen for misinformation and choose the right resources that you need?

Which is why in January this year, we decided to open a FREE Coaching Resources section on our Kids Life Studio® website! With a new theme each month, we give kids life coaches, teachers and parents access to research journal articles, resources, tools, links and ideas all carefully chosen by our in-house team!

This takes the guess work away for you because guessing is not a good strategy!

No need to enrol or sign up or even provide us with your e-mail!! The information is just right there ready to be downloaded and used by anybody and everybody interested in quality resources for supporting children. 

This is our little gift to you! No strings attached! So head over to get access to our free coaching toolbox! All we ask is that you shine your light brightly for children and offer them unconditional love and support!

Oh and a special shout out to our global team of Kids Life Studio® coaches! Many of whom willingly and without wanting any compensation in return have contributed their own ideas to these coaching toolkits. That is what makes our team so unique! They truly understand the value of collaboration and paying it forward for the good of their community and clients. 

So if you are a kids life coach, feel free to share with your clients and if you are a teacher, feel free to share with your class...or if you are a parent...feel free to share with your kids! 

Our goal is to reach children around the globe to ensure more mindful, happy living that is based on neuroscience and developmental strategies that aren't just theory but actually shift the needle in real life! 


Regards with Zeal,


Kids Life Studio® Founder 



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