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How do you choose to show up as a kids life coach?

Uncategorized Nov 08, 2021

When we interview people and decide to give them the go ahead to join our global team of Kids Life Studio brand ambassadors there is an element of gut feeling....initially....

As the founder, when I speak to Childrens change makers, I use my intuition to “feel” their true intentions. Usually this is what I call my “goose bump” moment! Where I connect to the persons heart.

Once that is done we move into the formalities. A checklist of criteria we look for in brand ambassadors. One of the MOST IMPORTANT things we look for is attitude over aptitude.

Yet this is probably the hardest thing to measure initially....since some people choose to hide their true colours until later.

So we ask ourselves some of these questions when screening “leaders” to join our organisation as change makers for children:

⭐️Do they have a good foundation for coaching children already in place? This isn’t necessarily formal education but could be that little secret ingredient...

⭐️How will the person choose to show up? Is their intention good and are they going to be givers rather than takers?  Surprisingly we can spot entitlement early on in the game by the questions people ask us.

⭐️Will they make excuses when things go wrong? Blaming and shaming is not what a leader does. Ever! So how do they speak about their current or past colleagues?

⭐️Have they faced life challenges? Can they put their past trauma aside? Are they willing to work on themselves so that they can give their best version to children?

⭐️Do they show commitment to themselves and consequently others? Have they already put in the work to galvanise their strengths?

Sometimes we are disappointed by our choice. Not often. But it has happened over the past 12 years of training professionals to be career kid’s life coaches.

Where I override my intuition (yes...I know I shouldn’t do that!) and I go against my initial gut feel by giving the person “the benefit of my doubt” and giving them a chance.

Usually they ended up showing their true colours down the line.

They show they were never ready to be the leader of their own lives so how could they possibly lead children.

Why am I sharing this.

Because I feel so strongly about mindset when it comes to an adult coaching a child. Putting the work in as an adult in your own life, is so very important!

I admire and respect those of you who acknowledge that just like me you are not perfect. Perfectly imperfect!!

Yet you choose to show up authentically and with enthusiasm each day. Giving of your best and having a respectful attitude to yourself and others. This is what makes you a world-class Kids Life Coach!

I appreciate you 🙏thank you for all you do for children ❤️

Regards with Zeal,

Zelna Lauwrens

Kids Life Studio® and Kids Life Coach Academy Founder


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