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How do you get clients as a Kids Life Coach?

Uncategorized Mar 02, 2021

I have trained and certified life coaches for children in over 40 countries since 2009. Some of them go on to be very financially successful and others give up and go back to "work" and give up on their dreams.


Well I have identified that getting clients as a Kids Life Coach is not about "selling" is about this ONE thing...


You might be wondering, why does this matter? Perhaps you run a successful coaching practice with lots of clients and work you enjoy. But let me ask you this – do any of the following sound familiar?

  • You hold your breath at tax time and hope you have enough to cover your bills.
  • Seeing the number in your bank account stresses you out so you avoid even looking at it.
  • You aren't comfortable with telling prospective clients how much you charge.
  • You don’t know, on any given day, how much cash is in your business bank account.
  • It feels like your clients take forever to pay you yet you don't enjoy reminding them to do so.

So why am I bringing these things to your awareness? Well even if you are in "service" to your clients, you are also a business person.

Getting clients as a career Kids Life Coach is about running your practice professionally with ALL of the right structures in place so that you can be of service without the worry and stress.

When I initially started my coaching practice in 2003, for a short while I struggled to get clients...until I MADE the time to learn about how business works.  You can be the BEST coach in the world, but if you don't manage your money you won't be rewarded with ongoing clients.

Since learning how to run a business, I have never struggled to get fact I know that my #1 asset is my mindset. I work everyday to stay strong in how I view the world and the work I do. 

It is so easy for talented professional career Kids Life Coaches to give up. What a waste!!!! They give up because they are not equipped to THINK like a business person. 

The usual "mainstream" kids life coach certifications will teach you the theory but very little time is spent on the actual nuts and bolts that will keep you going. This is why my training incorporates all of the things I wish somebody had told me when I first started out!

Getting clients as a Kids Life Coach is easy when you know how! Let us help you fast track your success so that you don't have to struggle like I initially did!

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Don't let your talents go to waste! Children deserve to have you supporting them as their "tour guide" in life. So get the basics in place so that money becomes your friend and you are able to run a lucrative business whilst SERVING!

Sending much love and zeal your way,


Kids Life Studio® & Kids Life Coach Academy Founder 


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