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How will you start your journey as a Kids Life Coach?

Uncategorized Nov 28, 2018

I started my journey as a Kids Life Coach purely through need.

I used to be a teacher and after getting an additional Honours degree in Psychology of Education I realised there was more to teaching and supporting children than what I was doing!

So I started researching and looking at ways I could support children with long-term sustainable results!

Way back in 2003 there were no child life coach trainings and so I delved into:

💫Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
💫Neuro Linguistic Programming
💫Social Psychology
💫Positive Psychology
💫Emotional Intelligence

And very very lastly...I discovered:

💫ADULT life coaching.

I got really excited when I discovered the coaching side of things until....

I realised that it wasn’t AT ALL applicable to children.

The concepts were based on tried and tested traditional theory and children need more than that.

I realised because their brain and body are still developing my approach needed to be unique!

So I created my own programme based on the areas I had researched which I have refined over the past 15 years and I now share with my global network of certified Kids Life Coaches I have trained.

My model is based on my OWN REAL experiences actually working with children as a teacher, counsellor and coach. No waffle, window dressing or fancy theories. Just PRACTICAL applications that actually work!

I have packaged my materials in such a way that I fast track people who want to be career coaches to avoid the common pitfalls and mistakes I made over the past 20 years working with children!

Kids Life Coaching has now become a trend/buzz word along with Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence and Growth Mindset work.

The thing is I have been doing all of these and more for over a decade. It frustrates me when people don’t realise that to PROPERLY coach children there are many small puzzle pieces including:


Coaching children to be the leaders of their own lives is not only about goal setting in these areas but also about building up a tool kit to deal with everyday challenges such as divorce, bereavement, bullying, academic challenges and many more.

Also.....Not only children with “problems” need coaching...

It is for ALL children and when my team and I assess each child’s individual needs with our online tool, we categorise them into one of 3 areas:


Based on the area of need we identify we can tailor make a programme to maximise the child’s strengths and leverage their challenges as learning opportunities to build resilience!

Sometimes we work alongside other professionals if there is a need for therapy or trauma counselling but with our structured intervention we ALWAYS get results.

We track and measure progress graphically which is how we know this!

My team and I are all about world-class coaching which starts with us walking our walk and talking our talk! When it comes to supporting children “mediocre” isn’t an option!

I am always looking for new children’s change makers to join our global team! If you think you are suited to join us submit an application and setup a time for NO obligation strategy session with me.

Regards with Zeal,


Kids Life Studio & Kids Life Coach Academy Founder


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