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Is AI (artificial intelligence) a threat to Kids Life Coaching?

Uncategorized Jan 23, 2024

I'm just going to spill the beans here...perhaps I am one of the few...but so far I have not as yet made use of Chat GPT to write my blogs, curate articles or executive administration tasks. 

Am I being foolish?


Yet, I can't help but circle back to our highest value at Kids Life Studio® and that is to nurture caring, kind, supportive relationships with children. If we are to walk with integrity in our work as Kids Life Coaches, there may be some sense in taking short cuts when it comes to admin but when it comes to children, I can't think of anything worse.

Children are showing an upswing in mental health problems not because of something they have done...but because of what the world is doing to them collectively. The pressures have exponentially increased and alongside this, quality of life has deteriorated with less meaningful face to face relationships and more online interaction. Less family time and more go go go....Everything accessed at the click of a button with the world shrinking from a once vast global entity to a global village!

So this got me thinking after reading a recent report by the Coaching Federation giving their opinion on if AI will replace coaches. 

The short answer....absolutely not. The long can happen and is happening, but only because some people are allowing it to. Whilst so many people migrated to online coaching during the pandemic, many have stagnated there and this is not beneficial to maximise outcomes for children.

Currently, there is a trend for teens to speak to chat bots online when they have problems. A recent research paper was published, giving an overview of chatbot-based mental health apps. They concluded:

"Our findings suggest that chatbots have great potential to offer social and psychological support in situations where real-world human interaction, such as connecting to friends or family members or seeking professional support, is not preferred or possible to achieve. However, there are several restrictions and limitations that these chatbots must establish according to the level of service they offer. Too much reliance on technology can pose risks, such as isolation and insufficient assistance during times of crisis."

With this in mind, it is important for us as practitioners to maintain good healthy, contact with our child clients and their families. It also means we need to step up and go above and beyond in times of crisis. We want children to have our name top of mind when they may (fingers crossed they never do) one day be in trouble.

Many years ago, I had a teen reach out to me in crisis, feeling suicidal and hopeless and helpless. I got into my car, drove to them and supported them in the middle of the night. My husband next to me. They felt unsupported by their school and misunderstood by their family and rejected by friends. 

Maybe one day, you may be that person. So hear me out....a CHATBOT CANNOT REPLACE YOU!! Stay strong and stand true. Children need REAL role models who can offer them authentic, caring and empathetic relationships where skills transfer can organically take place. Artificial Intelligence can never and will never replace YOU. 

If you are one of those kids life coaches looking for shortcuts and saving time by using AI, I applaud you...(my goal this year is to be more open to learning what this hype is all about) make sure you are doing it with integrity and that it doesn't burn bridges with your clients in the process.

Keep on keeping on and coach children to be kind, compassionate citizens that value relationships above all else....just like us!

Sending much love and zeal your way!


Kids Life Studio® Founder 



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