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Kids Life Coaching is not just for Blue Mondays

Uncategorized Jan 15, 2024

Today is supposed to be BLUE Monday in England where I live! A day of the year that is supposed to be the most depressing. The concept is believed to have first been published in 2005 in a press release from Sky Travel, who made claims that by "a novel calculation they determined it as the most depressing day of the year." Due to this, the first-ever Blue Monday was born on January 24, 2005. And the "legacy" (a negative one...) lingers on. 

To be fair, I can see how today would be a hard day for many adults. It is halfway into the first month of the new year and perhaps "new years resolutions" have already disappeared. Some of you may still be hammering away at eating healthy, exercising, not drinking alcohol (dry January it is now called...) sleeping better, doing hobbies, being mindful...and...and...and...

The pressure in our world "to do" is overwhelming us and our natural inherent need to "just be" is being overtaken. With so many external influences such as the media putting an over emphasis on days like today along with too much talk about depression, anxiety, natural disasters, addictions, trauma....I am seeing more and more people feeling helpless and hopeless. 

No wonder, there are some adults feeling blue today. So if adults may be feeling this way, how are children feeling? In the northern hemisphere, children return to school after a short Christmas holiday and the rat race of extra murals, tests, homework commences yet again. In the Southern hempisphere, the new school year is starting this week and there is a general feeling of apathy coupled with excitement. 

I believe that no matter what a child may be facing, kids life coaching shouldn't only be reserved for days resembling "blue Mondays". Life coaching is not just for children with "problems". All children can benefit from support, guidance and skills transfer from a committed adult who can be their tour guide on their 'blue' days.

In a world lacking in connection and with real human contact declining steadily, it is important for us to build relationships. This shouldn't just start when a child is facing challenges. In an ideal world, we should start coaching children as young as age 6 to make good lifestyle choices for themselves. 

I wish I could wrap children in cotton wool and protect them from all the bad going on our world. The truth is that that isn't possible and also wouldn't be productive. We need to believe that children are "intuitively resilient" and so long as they keep on playing....they will keep on thriving. 

This is why our Play Based Coaching System® works so well. It is life coaching on steroids for kids! With our 10-step process, we build relationships, offer tailor made support with follow up and follow through! 

The reality is that many children have woken up today and will wake up tomorrow feeling 'blue". For majority, this is because of external influences and life events out of their control. To buffer and prevent their brain health from deteriorating, it is about implementing a well curated routine that is within their control. 

It all starts with us as adults. How will you curate your routine today to combat Blue Monday if you're feeling blue? If you're feeling all unicorns, roses and sunshine will you spread it so that others can feel it too?

Wishing you a sunny blue sky Monday....remember we have the power to reframe our thoughts and tell a different story. Children need to hear more positivity, hope, courage, empathy, support...You are that person!

With love and Zeal,


Kids Life Studio® Founder 



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