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Kids Life Coaching is published in the World Social Psychiatry journal

Uncategorized Apr 01, 2020

When I started coaching children 17 years ago I was a teacher and the most commonly used assessment tool back then that I was familiar with was the Connors Rating Scale for ADHD.

Since my niche back then was special needs and mostly ADHD kids I found the tool incomprehensive and so went about expanding and designing my own. To use in my coaching practice to assess and measure results.

This tool is now officially mentioned in the World Social Psychiatry Journal in a published journal paper of which I am a co-author alongside a team of Psychiatrists and Psychologists. We have been working together on a global family resilience research project for the past year and it is still a work in progress.

My play based Kids Life Coaching model which uses my Lifestyle Assessment tool is also mentioned. I am beyond proud of the fact that my Kids Life Coaching model is being recognised as a sound intervention and so proud of our global team at Kids Life Studio who are paving the way for setting the standards in this very unregulated industry of life coaching for children.

I am the first Kids Life Coach to be published in a medical journal of this kind!! Most importantly though I did it for my great team!! Together we are the first organisation offering Kids Life Coaching services to be published in a medical journal!!!! Really proud of that!

Alongside this I also have members of our Kids Life Studio team currently working on their own personal research as part of their Level 3:  Advanced Kids Life Coach certification! We have research projects happening relating to:

Teen pregnancy

Technology Addiction




All of our research is directly linked to the Sustainable Development Goals for 2030!  

If you want to join our world class team make contact with me!! I anticipate more good things to come....children need a validated and measurable approach besides therapy!! Kids Life Coaching is just that solution!!

Have a read!!


Sending much love and zeal your way as you start or continue your work as a children's action taker and change maker!

Regards with zeal,


Kids Life Studio & Kids Life Coach Academy founder





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