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Our global Alumni network of Kids Life Coaches love connecting and collaborating

Uncategorized Dec 12, 2023

You may well have already have experienced for yourself, that one of the things that make us unique as an organisation is that we place high value on personal relationships. When you participate in our training, we consider you part of our Kids Life Studio® Global Network of Alumni’s.

The definition of being an Alumni means that you are a graduate or former student of an educational institution such as Kids Life Studio® Coach Academy

All of or active member Alumni's are delighted to have been part of the whispers that our highest level of kids life coach training has now officially achieved Level 5 Diploma status (equivalent to an undergraduate degree). This means that if you certify with us, you can be listed as an Accredited member of a professional body through our organisation!

In  our Kids Life Coaching Diploma immersive online training you will learn how to:

  • set up your individual and group coaching successfully 
  • establish your own niche for differentiating yourself
  • select, assess, coach and support new clients
  • create and tailor make your own group or individual coaching programmes  to ensure maximum benefit for your clients
  • offer support for a variety of needs in order to facilitate excellent personal development outcomes for your clients.
  • use our sample activities as a basis for designing your own play based approaches
  • to facilitate learning through structured coaching activities. 

I am a great believer in the power of collaboration and connection and in my past in person and online trainings, I have loved seeing the magic happen! is with me!! Will you become an Alumni of Kids Life Studio® in 2024? 


 Regards with Zeal,

 Zelna Lauwrens

 Founder Kids Life Studio® Global Network 


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