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Parents only care how much you empower their child to solve a problem through Kids Life Coaching

Uncategorized Apr 16, 2019

Parents only truly care how much you empower their children to solve a problem. FACT!

They don’t want you to fix or judge or advise or be “airy fairy” with hypothetical ways. They don’t want theory....they don’t want textbook recommendations....they want practical ways of working through life....

What counts is sharing constructive and proven methods that give children a toolkit for dealing with life’s ups and downs with ease! This is what my Kids Life Coaching model offers. A structured way for dealing with life by laying the foundation for positive mental well being and building resilience. 

Labels don’t matter and understanding the perceived problem doesn’t matter...what matters is results! 

You can only get results with a measurable system and a recipe that works each and every time with any child anywhere with any challenge...

If you can’t do that you will constantly be reinventing the are not being effective as a coach.  So many well meaning Kids Life Coaches who haven't been properly trained and who work in isolation don't maximise their effectiveness because they just don't know any better. 

So here are some questions for you....

Do you empower? Or do focus too much on solving? Do you coach the parent or the child?

No child is broken so they don’t need fixing....just a toolkit for feeling confident enough to be the leader of their own life. This is where so many Kids Life Coaches get it wrong. Those who train elsewhere haven't yet seen the power in my solution outcomes based approach that is based on an easy to use 10-step process

No parent needs to be told what or how to do things....they just need support in seeing perspective and feeling confident that their child has a toolkit for life. That their child will make good choices even when nobody is watching....

That’s when amazing things will happen.

My global network of Kids Life Studio® certified Coaches understand the magic of empowering parents and their children. The system they use gets the results that parents want as they are measurable. Parents ultimately want independent creative thinking children who are confident to become inspired contributors to our world. That is what world-class Kids Life Coaching is all about!

Regards with Zeal,


Kids Life Studio & Kids Life Coach Academy Founder 


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