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The 3 reasons why only SOME Kids Life Coaches succeed

Uncategorized Feb 24, 2020

Today was a proud mamma bear moment for me!! When I certified Monique Engelbrecht in October 2018, I remember looking at the quality of her portfolio of evidence submission and thinking “this lady is going to go far!!”

Today she was aired on her first live radio interview in South Africa on the topic of bullying not even a year after launching her full-time Kids Life Coaching practice!

Now not everybody I train and invite on board as part of my Kids Life Studio brand ambassador team succeeds in this way...

So I wanted to share the 3 reasons WHY Monique has succeeded like this and so quickly....

1. She is a lifelong learner!!!
She asks for help when she needs it and is always willing to learn and grow. So when she reached out to me and I coached her last night before the interview, I knew she would take my tips on board. This is because she comes from a space of love and not ego. Although she was quite capable of doing the interview without my input, I loved how she opened herself up to reaching out to her support team when it counted the most.  Monique is our youngest Kids Life Studio Brand Ambassador and although she comes with a Psychology degree (cum laude if I'm not mistaken!) she accepts that she is on a learning journey (as we all are). She is always reading, learning and growing and is also a regular contributor at our Monday Mastermind sessions with other Kids Life Studio coaches. That being said, she stands strong in her own right with her solid academic background but she knows that she is even stronger as a team player and lifelong learner!  

2. She is resourceful!!!!
Monique doesn’t say no to opportunity. I have never heard her complain or make an excuse. Even when life throws her curve balls she just gets on with things because she is so passionate about coaching children. When she flew to England last June to join me at the House of Lords...she didn’t have the full financial resources (the SA rand is weak when coming to the UK) but she was determined and launched a fundraising campaign. Today on radio she showed again how resourceful she is because she found that opportunity. It didn’t find her. She has worked for it. She is an action taker and change maker. Without her putting in the effort, she wouldn't have had the airtime and she is most deserving of this reward!

3. She is committed!!!
Oh boy where do I start...from day 1 this lady knew what she wanted. Helping and supporting children through kids life coaching was her primary driver and she would let nothing stop her. She works on her Mindset daily and she actually uses my Zelna Zeal coaching model in her own life! She is also open to admitting seeing a decline in her progress when she slips on her mindset work and she quickly hops back into routine. She is not alone there! As a global network of coaches, we constantly keep each other inspired and motivated so that we can stay at the top of our game.  This takes enormous commitment. Monique works incredibly hard at maintaining not only her mindset, but also her knowledge. She is always going the extra mile and is an out of the box thinker. She has no qualms sharing what she does and lifting our team of brand ambassadors up is a priority for her as a committed team player.

In fact all of our Kids Life Studio brand ambassadors are like Monique in some ways!! They all strive to be world-class kids life coaches by walking the walk and talking the talk. They are all willing to embrace being a lifelong learner to ensure they become the best at what they do. 

Everything we do as a team puts children at the centre....

Our aim as Kids Life Studio brand ambassadors is to raise the profile of Kids Life Coaching and the media is the best way for us. 

The fact that we are a global team is powerful!! When one of us does something as a Kids Life Studio coach everybody benefits. When Monique was given airtime we all were, because the DJ mentioned the Kids Life Studio.

Today I am a proud mamma bear....and want to wish Monique well done for putting herself out there!! She is not only a team player in our Kids Life Studio organisation but she also gets excellent measurable results with her clients. She is truly a world-class Kids Life Coach who walks the walk and talks the talk! Click here to visit her profile. 

Thank you for being a children’s change maker and walking alongside our global team!!

Regards with Zeal

Zelna Zeal

Kids Life Studio & Kids Life Coach Academy Founder

P.S. is you feel you have what it takes to join our team, please visit my online school to see how you can get involved. If you are a parent and you want a world-class Kids Life coach for your child visit to view our global coach directory. 


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