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The 3 things you must do to successfully coach children online

Uncategorized Mar 26, 2020

Click here to view my Facebook live about the 3 things you must do to successfully coach children online

With Social Distancing and Social Isolation becoming buzz words globally, our Kids Life Studio team took a decision to coach all children online until further notice.

I have been in the game of Kids Life Coaching for 17 years now. In this time, I have worked with thousands of children from a variety of backgrounds, with a variety of circumstances and displaying a variety of problems.

I have always avoided coaching online as I feel it isn't conducive to getting maximum results from children. The success of our coaching sessions at The Kids Life Studio relies on REAL face to face connection and a play based approach.

Although I have coached children online when there has been a need, over the years....I have had to go through a massive mind shift in the past week to adapt to this new changing way of doing things.

Join me today, Thursday, 26 March at 12 pm GMT to find out the three things you MUST do to successfully coach children online. 

By the end of the session, you will have insight into the exact things that I will be doing to continue getting positive results as Kids Life Coach.

Will I see you there?

The session will be hosted on our Kids Life Coach Support Network Facebook Group. All you have to do is join me at 12 pm GMT.

Oh and if you can't make it...don't worry the recording will be there for you to watch anytime you're ready and you can post your Questions if you have any and I will make sure I answer!

I am super excited to share what I have figured out as the three things that I will definitely be doing in my coaching sessions online moving forward!

Also...I will as always be available for bring them along with you as I am always happy to help!

Have a super day! 

Regards with Zeal,

Zelna Lauwrens

Founder of Kids Life Studio® & Kids Life Coach Academy


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