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Finding True belonging as a Kids Life Coach

Uncategorized May 10, 2021

Sometimes we try to hard to fit in. We strive for perfection. We people please. We perform according to other people’s expectations.

The result....

We end up losing ourselves.

I can speak from personal experience as to what it feels like to want to be a biological mom but knowing this will never ever be possible.

I have yearned to participate in “mommy” conversations about pregnancy, teething, breast feeding but I will always be an outsider.

Most of all I will never fully understand what it means to have protective instincts as a parent.

Yet my whole entire life revolves around being an advocate for children’s well-being. I feel so strongly and passionately about getting it “right” in childhood purely because I can remain objective.

This vantage point allows me to see the unvarnished truth that parents can fail to see. It doesn’t make me a doesn’t mean I have all the doesn’t mean I am always well received.

What it does mean is that my words of advice sometimes fall on deaf ears as most of the time, the truth is not something a parent’s fiercely protective heart is ready to hear.

I will never fit in to the exclusive parenting club but I now know that true belonging means letting go of that. 

This doesn’t mean we are simply means we are strong enough to stand tall in our own right.  I have found my personal niche as a family resilience building expert specialising in leadership and peak performance!

I now truly belong because I have chosen to let go and shine and do what I love to do....I now feel liberated and so can you! Finding true belonging starts internally so that you can shine your brightest light to those around you. 

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Wishing you all the success you deserve as you carve out your own niche and find your true belonging as a world-class kids life coach

Regards with zeal


Kids Life Studio® & Kids Life Coach Academy Founder


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