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What is the secret to financial success as a Kids Life Coach?

Uncategorized Apr 10, 2020

What is the secret to your financial success as a Kids Life Coach?

So often I see capable people with the aptitude, knowledge and passion give up on their dreams to coach children as a full-time career.


Because they don’t earn enough money.

So they end up compromising and giving up on their dreams. They go back to the safety net of their full time career.

The kids lose out. They lose out. They end up unhappy and regretful.

So why is this the case?

Well I look at it this way. There is a secret to succeeding in this game. I have been coaching children since 2003 and nobody gave me a recipe. I didn’t have somebody helping me to set up my coaching practice.

I wanted it.
I figured it out.
I pushed through even when things got hard.
I refined.
I built my brand up step by step. is the secret to my success as a Kids Life Coach.

There are 3 things that I have and that I now look for when people want to join our team as a Kids Life Studio brand ambassador:

1. I am coachable - I asked people who had already succeeded financially for support, advice and tips. I also got myself a life coach. I wasn’t scared to ask...but most importantly I wasn’t scared to learn!! I attended courses, read books, completed a second degree.

2. I am committed - Let me tell you I was scared when I first quit my teaching job I loved! I had been coaching children part-time for a year and my business was working....I knew the time was right so I took the plunge! I was ALL in! I was 100% committed. I never made ANY excuses. Yes I had hard days where I wanted to give up but I didn’t. I’m still here 17 years later.

3. I am resourceful - now don’t get me wrong here but I know how to hustle!! In a good way. If it means there is a pay off for the kids I will do whatever it takes to achieve my goal. I am relentless. Yet I see some people who do my kids life coaching training get EVERYTHING they need to setup their financially successful coaching practice and they STILL don’t succeed! Why? They aren’t willing to go the extra mile and do the work. They aren’t willing to figure things out! You have to be willing to find solutions when hit with obstacles!! Giving up is a choice that was never an option for me.

So the secret to your financial success includes YOU taking responsibility and pushing through and doing whatever it takes.

Obstacles will always be there to derail you if you let them!!

How badly do you want success? Well for me it’s about impacting the lives of millions of children globally!! I won’t stop....I sometimes slow down but I never ever stop.

What about you?

Are you making excuses as to why you can’t succeed as a Kids Life Coach?

Do you say things like....

The economy is bad...
Parents don’t understand what I do....
Is there a market for this....
There is to much competition...
I don’t know enough...
Does this work...

Let me tell you this. Any doubt you have will translate into how marketable you are!!

Trust me...speaking with conviction in a room full of psychiatrists and pshychologists (which I’ve done many times before) on kids life coaching takes grit!! It takes believing in what you do!!!

If you want it badly enough you will be a success...

Let me know if you need help as we are always looking for new team members!!

Make an appointment to speak with me.

Oh and if you aren’t willing to invest the money or time doing the work....then this probably isn’t for you! I recommend you stay in your day job....if you’re willing to be coachable, committed and resourceful speak to me!! I will fast track you to success with an easy recipe!! You just need to be willing to bake the cake....

Regards with Zeal,


Kids Life Studio & Kids Life Coach Academy Founder


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