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Kids Life Coach Training should never compromise on quality

Uncategorized Dec 11, 2018

Today I have quite a few interviews lined up. People I am speaking to who are interested in training with me as a certified Kids Life Coach. I don’t know how they find me...but they do!

I have learnt in my 15 years of business that there is a fine line in terms of pushing too hard in marketing! Sometimes you have to spend time laying a solid foundation (for me it was 15 years) before you reap the rewards!

I see so many perceived “competitors” send out fluffy frilly e-mail campaigns (I used to do that until I realised actions speak louder than window dressing!) and what they say is good on paper but not always solid in practice.

They compete on price and charge a smaller investment fee to gain a higher revenue with through traffic! I realised long ago that this model of doing things can be fundamentally flawed (I know because once upon a time I did the same....before I knew better!)

You see it is easy to deliver content with no accountability....

But....I decided I didn’t want to be that kind of service provider.

Does it mean I have seen a slower more ethical growth...


Does it mean I have people who prefer to sacrifice in quality because of price and go with what seems cheaper at the time but costs a lot in the long run...


Does it mean I get some opportunists who want to fast track their career by training with me for fame and fortune...


Does it mean I sometimes give away too much with little thanks in return...


But I am okay with all of that! You see this is my calling! I do this work because it is a part of who I am.

If you have read my most recent book “The Secret Parent” you will know that I have worked with a variety of different children.

I have struggled with my own mental health challenges.

I have experienced hurt, frustration, challenges and loss.

Yet...I know my purpose!

So today as I speak to these beautiful souls around the world who want to be children’s change makers alongside me, I look for 3 know they are a right for for me...for my global team...for the children we are aiming to reach....

This work is important to me and I invest my time and energy into people fully and openly and with much love!

The reason is simple....they will be transferring my 20 years knowledge and experience to children! They will be the catalysts for change! So that’s why I pride myself on quality beyond all else!

Want to join my team then fill in an application and set up a time to connect with me!! Let’s share our dreams for supporting children to be the leaders of their own lives and strategise a way forward!

Regards with Zeal, 


Kids Life Studio & Kids Life Coach Academy Founder


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