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Uncategorized Jan 08, 2019

Every Monday our global team of Kids Life Studio® Coaches and I have a group coaching call. We call this “Mindset Monday”!

During this time we sometimes have guest coaches and authors who share their wisdom and give us new perspectives. The aim is to build our mindset toolbox so that we can maximise our results.

So yesterday was our first official group coaching call of the year BUT...

The universe had other plans...

....and I was unable to make it and also unable to let anybody in my team know that I couldn’t be there!

Since these meetings are usually led by myself, I anticipated our team doing a casual New Year meet and greet and having a chit chat catch up!

What transpired was magical!!

These self led change makers for children embraced the opportunity and apparently lots of group coaching transpired! Even though I wasn’t there they took the opportunity....

These remarkable people give willingly of their time outside of their working day to learn and grow!

Some wake up in the wee hours of the morning or stay up late at night because of our time zone differences!

Sharing and connecting and always open to expanding their minds! Sacrificing their time to fine tune their mindset for other people’s children!!

Our theme for 2019 is “We are children’s change makers”....

I believe I have the best global team of Kids Life Coaches ever because they are educated, motivated, inspired but most of all flexible!!

Last night was proof! Even though they were not led in their discussions they came up with an even better plan!

They are addicted to upskilling themselves because they understand the value of walking the walk and talking the talking!

Well done Team Zealers on your commitment to children! To using your talents to serve the families in your communities!

You are dedicated to being world class thinkers and this is what makes you the best ever!

Cream always rises to the showed me once again how lucky I am to be doing the work I do with amazing people like you all over the world!!

We are a collective energy of REAL children’s change makers and we understand the power of collaboration!!

To give of our best to children we need to be the best versions of ourselves!!

My team strives for that ideal everyday!

If you have a child who needs inspiration to being an impactful leader of their own life...visit our Kids Life Coach directory!


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