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This membership opportunity is for certified Kids Life Studio® coaches who understand the value of ongoing mentorship and support and want access to ideas for adding to their coaching toolkit and expanding their coaching practice.

Coaching children is about creativity and coming up with new ideas. This means staying on top of the latest trends and keeping your own coaching toolkit up to date.  It's about being innovative and savvy and differentiating yourself from the mediocre Kids Life Coaches out there.

It is obvious that you have seen the glaring need, to fast track your success and harness your time productively. You understand the value of NOT having to figure things out yourself and having access to a support network to assist you.  So this is why The Kids Life Studio® Coach Academy has developed this membership opportunity for you!

 To maintain continuous professional development, this membership is designed to give you access to twice weekly group mentorship sessions that count for 1 CPD point towards maintaining professional accreditation:

  • Coaching ideas: Join live sessions and learn from fellow coaches as they share their creative experiments, activities, games and adventures that they have tried and tested with children in their sessions. These practical hands on sessions will engage you to use these ideas and add them to your own coaching toolbox. 
  • Marketing ideas: Ongoing support on innovative and fresh ways of educating clients on the services you offer and how this will be of benefit to them. This includes a range of sales tips that aren't too 'salesy' that allow you to position yourself in the market with a steady stream of client referrals.
  • New Skills: Gain access to actual client insights that provide you with a growth opportunity and allow you to learn helpful tips and skills. The aim is to upskill yourself with the opportunity for professional development through engaging with real-time case studies.
  • Overcoming Challenges: Live mentorship sessions aimed at sharing topical conversations around challenging scenarios and best practices to manage them. These are an opportunity to brainstorm, debate and navigate potentially tricky situations to be well prepared for all eventualities. 

All mentorship sessions are hosted live and recordings are available in the membership library for reviewing on demand. Pay annually to receive a bonus premium coach listing on the Kids Life Studio® website and ongoing discounts for continuous professional development training. 

MONTHLY PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT SESSIONS for 2024:  These sessions will be available in your membership site on a the 1st day of each month and will equate to 3 CPD points towards your continuous professional development. 

January:  The trampoline effect

Building resilience and grit is sometimes over emphasised in a world that seems to be flooded with toxic influences. Equipping children with the skills to bounce back from setbacks, persevere through challenges, and develop a growth mindset is only part of the solution. Do you know the other part? 

February: Stress Busters

Mindfulness and relaxation techniques are a great way to ground a child and offer an opportunity to connect to their inner self. Teaching children techniques to manage stress, improve focus, and enhance overall well-being allows them to make better choices for themselves and show up as their own best version. 

March: Being nice doesn’t matter

Building Emotional intelligence is not about learning to be nice, it is about playing your top inner game. Supporting  children to develop self awareness, regulation, empathy, and social skills is an essential part of this puzzle, but there is more to it that nobody is talking about. Secret whispered out loud may be the solution?

April: Anger with a Capital D

Exploring and deepening communication skills is something that every family benefits from. The art of effective questioning, active listening, and conflict management strategies allows the opportunity to make good choices when the conflict arises. Anger is totally acceptable as an emotion, but it is only a viable solution to a challenge when channeled correctly and opportunity is given for healthy expression. 

May: What kids want that money can’t buy

Parental involvement is sometimes substituted for material possessions in a world geared towards commercialism.  A variety of reasons could be the cause of this such as parents overcompensating for their lost childhood, or a lack of time and energy. The aim is to discuss ways to effectively engage and spend time playing with children to build a solid sense of self based on a values system that becomes an inner GPS for making choices.

June: No arms to hug, no eyes to see 

Diversity, equality and inclusion are new buzz words but what do they actually mean? Understanding the fundamentals of how to support children with special needs, learning differences, and diverse backgrounds are important in a world where the "new normal” is to “not fit in but to stand out." 

July: Giving up is the hard part

Discipline in children is a contentious issue with many varying opinions on parenting and classroom behaviour modification strategies. Addressing challenging behaviours and promoting positive behaviour change in children is about more than just telling, it is about doing and believing that more is possible. 

August: Eating chocolate is good for you 

Positive psychology and happiness is well researched and have been proven to be beneficial for maintaining mental wellbeing. Exploring concepts like gratitude, optimism, strengths-based approaches, and fostering happiness in children is essential for building strong bodies, hearts and minds. 

September: Reach for the stars 

Creativity and imagination is a natural intuitive process all humans are born with. When life gets too busy and filled with superfluous tasks lacking in meaning and purpose, this can lead to depression, anxiety and a general feeling of hopelessness. Promoting creative thinking, problem-solving skills, and nurturing children's imagination is the antidote to this. 

October: Disconnect to reconnect

Self-care is essential for modern day living. Supporting families in maintaining their well-being, managing stress, and preventing burnout is a buffer to physical and mental illness. Simple strategies allow a sense of hope and agency in navigating a landscape that doesn't always allow for downtime.

November: Why bullying isn’t a thing

The landscape of childhood friendships is changing with increased pressure to fit in, easy access to technology and social media. Alongside this, reduced in person communication has led to relationship problems and a perceived upswing in bullying. How can adults be part of the solution? 

December: Failing to plan is planning to fail

Goal Setting: What it is, what it isn't. Why SMART goals don't work for children. How to set developmentally appropriate micro goals that can build good daily habits for achieving a productive day, week, month and year. 



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