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Coaching children is about creativity and coming up with new ideas to keep it fresh and inspiring for the children you support! This means staying on top of the latest trends and keeping your own coaching toolkit up to date.  It's about being innovative and savvy and differentiating yourself from the mediocre Kids Life Coaches out there.

Our professional membership coaches understand the value of NOT having to figure things out working in isolation. They see value in having access to a support network to assist 24/7 with a global coach network around the world!  Our community hub offers ongoing access to a 24/7 conversation surrounding best practices when it comes to coaching children. 

If you are serious about maintaining your knowledge as a kids life coach, building your resources and surrounding yourself with like minded professionals then this community membership is for you!  When you invest in this opportunity, you get:

  • Coaching ideas: Join live sessions and learn from fellow coaches as they share their creative experiments, activities, games and adventures that they have tried and tested with children in their sessions. These practical hands on sessions will engage you to use these ideas and add them to your own coaching toolbox. 
  • Marketing ideas: Ongoing support on innovative and fresh ways of educating clients on the services you offer and how this will be of benefit to them. This includes a range of sales tips that aren't too 'salesy' that allow you to position yourself in the market with a steady stream of client referrals.
  • New Skills: Gain access to actual client insights that provide you with a growth opportunity and allow you to learn helpful tips and skills. The aim is to upskill yourself with the opportunity for professional development through engaging with real-time case studies.
  • Overcoming Challenges: Live mentorship sessions aimed at sharing topical conversations around challenging scenarios and best practices to manage them. These are an opportunity to brainstorm, debate and navigate potentially tricky situations to be well prepared for all eventualities. 

Hosted online weekly, via Zoom either at 9 am or 4 pm GMT, you can either attend live or you can access the recordings if you can't make it! This library of marketing trainings, best practices sessions, skills transfer support and coaching ideas will be available for you to access on demand. This will equate to around 400 additional continuous professional development (CPD) hours per annum. 

The biggest bonus!  Some of our members have become lifelong friends and others have gone on to form collaborations and launch new programmes and products together. Being part of a like-minded community of children's change makers is priceless! Invest in yourself and see the magic that happens!


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