Kids Life Coach Academy

Join our members network of world-class Kids Life Coaches globally

 This membership opportunity is for certified Kids Life Studio® coaches who understand the value of ongoing mentorship and support and want access to a monthly toolkit for expanding their coaching practice.

Coaching children is about creativity and coming up with new ideas. This means staying on top of the latest trends and keeping your own coaching toolkit up to date.  It's about being innovative and savvy and differentiating yourself from the mediocre Kids Life Coaches out there...

It is obvious that you have seen the glaring need, to fast track your success and harness your time productively. You understand the value of NOT having to figure things out yourself and having access to a support network to assist you.  So this is why The Kids Life Coach Academy has developed this membership opportunity for you!

Packed with resources and tools and ongoing mentorship to enhance your Kids Life Coaching practice,  we aim to support you in your important work of supporting children!

The good news is that you can adapt the outcome of this membership to suit your needs and no matter the context, you can integrate the new toolkit each month into your existing environment, brand, qualifications or business.

This membership is designed in such a way that you get a new tools and resources each month to add to your Kids Life Coaching toolbox!

So what do you get each month?  

  • Case Studies - we will share success stories of what worked and what didn't work during our weekly professional supervision sessions with fellow coaches from around the world. This way you will be able to re-engineer how you move forward in your own coaching. 
  • Resources - you will get new ideas for practical play based activities to use in your coaching sessions. These are in a handy alphabetical A to Z format so that you can access resources quickly and easily. This includes many areas like anger, bullying, friendships, divorce...we aim to help you build up a data base so that you can make quick and easy impact.
  • Mentorship - you will get access to live group mentorship once a week where you can ask questions about anything relating to coaching children, your business or dealing with parents. In fact, this is the space to learn and grow alongside fellow coaches around the world. 
  • Research - if you want to be in the know when telling people what you do, then you need to have your finger on the pulse with regards to the latest research relating to neuroscience, child development and psychology.  
  • Online presence - Website listing on with links to your personal website if you have one
  • Client data storage - backend access to client data storage system for all online lifestyle assessments completed

To help you make up your mind, we will give you a 1 day free if you don't like what you see at the end of your 24 hour access....There is no obligation to continue.  f you decide to stick around, you will just have lots of opportunities to grow, learn and expand your mind as a world-class Kids Life Coach!


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