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Level 1 Introduction

Kids Life Coaching is emerging as a key trend in child support and development!  With the increasing complexities of the issues faced by today's youth, the demand for inspiring role models and dedicated support has never been higher. If you're keen to explore how you can contribute to the well-being of children through dynamic, experiential, and scientifically-backed Kids Life Coaching techniques, our captivating FUNdamentals course is designed just for you!

Are you eager to grasp the essentials of Kids Life Coaching? We've got you covered! With our Kids Life Studio® Global Network's expertise, honed since 2003 through coaching children worldwide, we offer a wealth of experience that merges theory with practice in an effective way. For those looking to understand the foundational elements of our unique approach and its effectiveness, you're in the ideal place. This short online course is your gateway to understanding the key principles behind our successful methodology, making it the perfect starting point for your journey.

Explore the core of our Kids Life Coaching FUNdamentals course

This self-directed FUNdamentals course is crafted to introduce you to the ways Kids Life Coaching helps children thrive and maintain happiness, regardless of the obstacles they encounter. Upon completing this FUNdamentals course, you will have navigated through 6 comprehensive modules that address pivotal questions:

Module 1: Introduction to Kids Life Coaching - What is it?
Module 2: Differentiating Kids Life Coaching from Therapy - Are they the same?
Module 3: Kids Life Coaching  versus Parent Coaching - How do they differ?
Module 4: Accreditation in Kids Life Coaching - What does it involve?
Module 5: The necessity of Kids Life Coaching - Is it needed?
Module 6: Establishing a thriving Kids Life Coaching practice - How can it be done?

Ideal for those involved in adult life coaching, educational settings, therapeutic environments, or home-based learning. Or are you curious about embarking on a new career path? Regardless of your background, this FUNdamentals course provides the essential insights into why Kids Life Coaching is emerging as a rapidly expanding field within child development.

Discover the advantages of our Kids Life Coaching FUNdamentals course

Jumping into the FUNdamentals of Kids Life Coaching course feels a lot like rediscovering the joy and ease of childhood that we, as adults, sometimes forget in our busy lives. Remember how natural it felt to play and connect? That's your superpower when it comes to coaching kids, and we're here to help you dust it off and put it back into action! This course is your invitation to dive back into that playful spirit, reawakening your intuitive skills to build deep, meaningful connections with children. Let's make it fun and easy together! The best part...We've made this self-paced online course incredibly accessible by pricing it competitively!

When you finish the FUNdamentals of Kids Life Coaching course, you're in for a treat! Whatever your reasons for starting this journey, you'll end up with a crystal-clear blueprint for how to support kids in a meaningful and lasting way through Kids Life Coaching. And guess what? It's going to be a fun ride! You'll learn handy tips to sprinkle a little magic into your daily routine and, to top it all off, you'll get a special certificate of participation to celebrate your commitment and hard work. 


Learn the FUNdamentals of Kids Life Coaching

Want to know the fundamentals of Kids Life Coaching? We have you covered! Since 2003, our global coach network has been coaching children around the world and this has given us a deep understanding that builds a bridge between theory and practice.

By the end of this FUNdamentals course, you will have completed 6 modules that will answer some important questions for you:  

Module 1: What is Kids Life Coaching?

Module 2: Is Kids Life Coaching the same as Therapy?

Module 3: Is Kids Life Coaching the same as Parent Coaching?

Module 4:  Is Kids Life Coaching accredited?

Module 5:  Is there a need for Kids Life Coaching?

Module 6:  How to set up a successful Kids Life Coaching practice?

Whatever your goal for doing this short course, you will leave with a clear road map for  the next steps you need to take to support children effectively and sustainably through Kids Life Coaching. You will also have access to our live monthly Kids Life Coaching Conversations to engage further with your learning.  



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