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Coaching Toolkit for Families

Parenting can be a challenging time with the multitude of changes, demands and issues that children could be facing! So many parents spend all their time nurturing their children but they neglect the most important person in the relationship which is themselves! This Family Resilience Building toolkit is about bringing parents back to basics so that family life can be streamlined, for less stress, more playtime and increased happy memories!

 What is this Family Resilience Toolkit about?

Parenting can be a challenging time with the multitude of changes, demands and issues that children could be facing! 

So many parents spend all their time nurturing their children but they neglect the most important person in the relationship which is themselves! When this happens, it has the potential to spill over into their children’s lives and this could show up in negative behaviour. 

If this is you, this 28-day programme with accompanying parent journal, is going to support you to lay a solid foundation for finding the peace and joy you so desire in your family! Especially when the world sometimes feels like it is going crazy!  If you feel like you are already equipped with resilience, that's great too! This programme will consolidate your resilience and keep you motivated and inspired with tools, techniques and activities to keep the momentum going!

Who designed the Family Resilience Toolkit?

This family resilience programme is based on a unique coaching model developed by  author of The Secret Parent and founder of The Kids Life Studio® and the Kids Life Coach Academy, Zelna Lauwrens. She designed this play based coaching model with the aim of supporting children to navigate the ups and downs of life.  This family resilience programme is presented as a printable journal that offers daily steps and guidelines. 

What is the foundation of this Family Resilience Toolkit?

If your child isn't receiving coaching from one of our professional Kids Life Coaches...the good news is that this easy to use toolkit gives you all the tools that will help you to implement the 4 Pillars for Success:





Just like regular exercise builds up healthy bodies this Family Resilience Building toolkit helps to strengthen your families body, heart, mind and spirit by following an easy personal development process. We know it works because we have been doing it since 2003!

Check out how our process works by clicking here

Who can use this Family Resilience Building Toolkit?

This is NOT a parent coaching programme...nor is it a child coaching programme. Instead, this combines a whole family approach so that parents and children can collaborate in building their strengths and focusing on building a success mindset.  The toolkit which consists of a Parent journal for daily inspiration and check-ins, has been designed in such a way that you will take exactly what you need from it!  If you are a proactive parent, we need to warn you that the effects will be far reaching and will ripple way past your own family!

Which kind of Parent enjoys using our Family Resilience Toolkit?

We target the parent who might be:

  • Struggling with routine and discipline in their home
  • Feeling confused by the unwritten rules of parenting
  • Looking for a way to build their own confidence as a parent
  • On track but needs extra motivation to take action
  • Stressed by the daily tasks of being a parent
  • Wanting a system to change their family lifestyle 
  • Interested in raising a confident child in body, heart and mind
  • Needs guidance for opening the lines of communication 
  • Anxious about the ups and downs of life and want to build resilience
  • Is looking for practical activities to build emotional intelligence
  • Understands the need for an additional layer of support
  • Unwilling to struggle trying to figure things out alone

How does this Family Resilience Building Toolkit work?

This Family Resilience building programme consists of parents making use of our unique Discovering your child's inner leader Journal over 28 days with each day tackling a new theme. 

To hold you accountable, an e-mail is sent to you each day for 30 days so the you can  remember to do a daily check-in and to celebrate your child's achievements and unpack any lessons that come along using the journal. 

The added bonus is belonging to a parent support group on facebook where you can ask any questions and offer reflections and our global network of professional Kids Life Studio® Coaches will offer their professional advice. 

What themes are covered in this Family Resilience programme?

The themes covered include:

Day 1:  Zeal parenting 

Day 2: Expectations 

Day 3: Time 

Day 4:  Value yourself 

Day 5:  Having purpose 

Day 6: Overcoming obstacles 

Day 7: Communicating purpose 

Day 8: Beliefs 

Day 9: Coincidence 

Day 10:  Focus & determination 

Day 11: Taking action 

Day 12: Fear of failure 

Day 13: Patience 

Day 14: Trusting myself 

Day 15: Passion 

Day 16: Compassion 

Day 17: Giving is receiving 

Day 18: Being great! 

Day 19: Personal commitment 

Day 20: Personal Power 

Day 21: You can do anything 

Day 22: Unconditional love 

Day 23: Having hope 

Day 24: Lightening up 

Day 25: Celebrate 

Day 26: Saying thank you 

Day 27: Living the moment 

Day 28: Finding peace 

What tools will you get to support your family as a parent?

The strength of this programme is designed around making use of the dynamic Family Resilience Toolkit which is a unique tool that supports you to reengineer your family life so that you can maximise your child's success.

When you access this online programme, you will be provided with:  

  • The Discovering your Child's inner leader Journal with checklists, inspirational quotes, illustrations and space for daily scribbles. 
  • Printable motivational posters & templates
  • Tangible resources for building your own family resilience toolkit

Visit our find a coach page to find a certified Kids Life Studio® Coach in your local area and enrol in our family resilience club taster workshop and get access to this toolkit for FREE!    

What outcomes can parents expect to achieve by using this Family Resilience Toolkit?

Discovering your child's inner leader®: 

  • Is a proven way to help your family to overcome their self-defeating thoughts and behaviours.
  • Has an important role in facilitating that the you take a look at yourself from the inside out.   This means forming a correlation between negative thoughts that result in negative choices which impact on your children’s behaviour. 
  • Supports you to acknowledge that there may be things that you need to, or want to change about yourself. 
  • Helps you to find success by making healthier lifestyle choices for your family. 
  • Facilitates finding solutions for problems that your children may be facing.
  • It assists in forming a success mindset that sees every challenge as an opportunity to learn and grow.
  • Builds family dynamics and opens the lines of communication based on solid family values

Will you receive a certificate?

Please note that this Family Resilience Toolkit does not provide you with a formal training programme and as such there is no certificate. All of our Kids Life Studio® Certified coaches  are on hand to offer support on an individual basis by tailor-making a support programme just for you if you want something more than this membership!  You can also take a look at our Family Resilience Club if you are interested in coaching for your child at an affordable monthly fee. 

If you are the kind of parent who is an action taker for your children, then this is for you! If you want this Journal for FREE all you have to do is enrol in a no obligation family resilience taster workshop with one of our Kids Life Studio® certified coaches. They will give you a FREE voucher to access this resilience toolkit resource. 


Family Coaching Programme

This unique Journal offers a 28-day support programme for the parent who understands the value of offering support to their child through the ups and downs of life.  Rather than waiting for things to go wrong, and then trying to "fix" them, this 28-day programme is for the parent who understands the value of prevention rather than cure.

This journal was designed by founder of The Kids Life Studio┬« and the Kids Life Coach Academy, Zelna Lauwrens with the aim of supporting parents to get into sync with their own lives so that their family life can continue to flourish. 

This programme is specifically designed to support parents in implementing the 4 Pillars for Success:





Just like regular exercise builds up healthy bodies this 28-day Family Resilience Building programme offers a toolkit to help to strengthen a parent and child's body, heart, mind and spirit by following an easy self development process.

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