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Level 2 Theory

It sounds like you're on a heartfelt quest to make a real difference in the lives of children through coaching. We totally get how overwhelming it can feel, trying to piece together the perfect approach with so many options out there. It's like trying to find a clear signal in a world full of static, isn't it? If you're feeling a bit worn out from the endless search, flipping through book after book and jumping from course to course, we've got something special for you. Let Kids Life Studio® warmly welcome you into the world of Kids Life Coaching. We're here to guide you to a clearer understanding of the theory on this rewarding journey.

We truly cherish the wealth of experience you bring to the table. Our distinctive training is designed to honor what you've already mastered, identify areas for growth, and seamlessly blend your insights with our proven methods. This approach lays down a robust theoretical groundwork for coaching children. So, whether you're nurturing young minds at home as a parent, guiding them in the classroom as a teacher, supporting their emotional well-being as a social worker or psychologist, or encouraging their physical health on the sports field as a coach, you're in the ideal spot to dive into this training.

This training is entirely online, allowing you to absorb the Kids Life Coaching Theory at your own pace and from the comfort of your home. To ensure lasting impact, we've designed our training to be more effective than one-time, self-paced courses with no accountability. We've organized the coursework into manageable portions, that makes it easy to dedicate about 5 hours each week over a period of 6 weeks. We're passionate about challenging our students, focusing not just on providing information, but on actively engaging in solving the issues that children encounter! While outcomes can differ, a significant number of our students undergo a profound personal transformation.


Explore the Core of Our Training: Discover What You'll Learn in the Kids Life Coach Theory Course!

Module 1: Rebranding Childhood

During this module, you will be given a solid understanding of Kids Life Coaching as a way to support children. How it started. What it is. How it can help. What you can do to turn theory into practice. 

Why we do what we do?
What does a Kids Life Coach do?
How does coaching help children?
How can I become a success at coaching children?
How will I make an impact on the children I coach?

Module 2: The Psychology of Childhood

During this module you will be introduced to the Science of the Brain and how children think, understand and learn. You will find out more about the value of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming when coaching children. 

Introduction to the Psychology of Childhood
How old are you really?
Why do children behave badly?
How do I coach a child to be positive?
Why are the 24 C's of leadership so important?
How do values influence a child's decisions?

Module 3: Exploring Childhood Challenges

During this module you will be introduced to the theory of Emotional Intelligence. You will learn the 5 components of this theory which include:  Self Awareness, Self Regulation, Motivation, Empathy & Social Skills.

Introduction to Exploring Childhood Challenges
Why do children need coaching?
What will I be coaching kids?
What kind of children will I coach?
How can I coach a child to find balance?
Who can support you in your coaching?

Module 4: Enabling Children's Labels

During this module you will build a solid foundation for understanding Positive Psychology. This field is founded on the belief that humans want to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives, to cultivate what is best within themselves, and to enhance their experiences of love, work, and play. 

Introduction to Enabling children's labels
What is the language of childhood?
How do I understand labels?
How can I influence a child?
How do I meet a child's needs?
How do I develop the mindset of a Kids Life Coach?

Module 5:  Moulding Children for Life

During this module you will learn the dynamics of childhood friendships and focus on solutions for issues such as bullying, social isolation and the benefits of good communication skills. 

Introduction to Moulding Children for Life
What are the 4 U's for Coaching Children?
What are the 5 Tools for Coaching Children?
What are the 6 Theories for Coaching Children?
What are the 7 Key Ingredients for Coaching Children?
How does everything come together?

Module 6:  Theory of Kids Life Coaching

During this week, you will be given an opportunity to gain insight into how you can apply the Theory behind Kids Life Coaching. This final module will consolidate all that you have learnt to earn your certificate and give you the opportunity to turn your theory into practice.  

Any questions...mail our certifications team for support!

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