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Level 2: Theory of Kids Life Coaching Certificate (upgraded version of old Level 1 Theory training)

Learn the Theory of how children think, learn, act and behave with this unique 6-week hybrid training. You will get access to online training so that you can learn in the comfort of your own home in your own time. Alongside this, you will also get access to our live mentorship support sessions twice a week throughout your 6-week training.

If you are expecting text book style training that offers nothing more than information, then this may not be the training for you. Our aim at The Kids Life Studio® is to provide our students with the fundamentals for supporting children through our unique Play Based Coaching System®.


Since all of our students come from different backgrounds, we honour that a lot of groundwork into mental wellbeing for children may already have been done.  This is why no matter where you are in your journey to understanding the Psychology of Childhood, this training meets you where you are!

We want you to find your own answers and fit your own puzzle pieces together that support you to understand children and their challenges at a deeper level. For this reason, our weekly training will be supplemented with your own self study and research into the fundamentals of coaching children through play. 


Our unique Play Based Coaching System® was born in 2003 when our founder, Zelna Lauwrens saw a glaring gap between theory and practice. It frustrated her that so many people attend theory after theory training and their manuals and course materials gather dust on their shelves afterwards!

This Level 2 Certificate in the Theory of Kids Life Coaching is different!


We will help you to gain clarity into the psychology of childhood and give insight into the well researched evidence that empowers toddlers to teens to navigate life’s challenges easily.


You will need to do the work! If you are expecting an easy listening, easy going, easy reading kind of training then we need to warn you. This training requires work and you will need to put in the hours to do your assignments and understand the materials. 

Alongside this, our experiential hybrid learning model has a strong focus on building resilience, leadership and a leadership mindset in YOU first!  We believe that to support children, you need to walk the walk and talk the talk!  So whilst this training provides practical solutions to the challenges young people may be facing in their everyday lives it also allows you to shift and grow towards your own personal transformation as a parent or professional. 

If you are tired of trying to figure things out. You are still reading endless books and attending endless courses, let The Kids Life Studio® Coach Academy jump start your understanding of 'the language of childhood' with this interactive research based training coupled with mentorship. 

How we can help you...

In our experience, once off online training that is self paced and has no accountability does little for long-lasting impact. This is why we offer this opportunity to enrol in our 6-week training and gain access to our support during your training. You will not only gain access to a new online training module each week but you will be invited to attend online twice weekly group mentorship sessions with fellow children's change makers from around the world. You will have access to our global network so that you never feel alone! 

Although this theory training has been designed for you to participate at your own pace and in your own time in the comfort of your own home we want to keep you on track!  

To help you, all of the work has been chunked down for you to complete weekly over a time frame of 6 weeks to make your learning easier and to ensure that you absorb the maximum benefit.  Research has shown that this is the optimal time frame for maximising your learning when focusing on new content matter. The intention is for you to gain practical insight and knowledge into the fundamentals of "How to become a Kids Life Coach".  

We need to whisper a secret out loud here....

If you are looking for another manual to gather dust on your aren't going to find it here.

Disclaimer: By participating in this training, you are going to experience a mindset shift, resulting in intense personal transformation. If you were only looking for theory without accountability this may not be the training for you. 

Although you will be provided with a Kids Life Coaching Theory manual, you will be encouraged to challenge your belief systems and 'think out of the box'!  We want you to feel empowered to tap into your own inner wisdom and put your own puzzle pieces together through intensive research and self study to find the answers.  In fact, we encourage this....since this is not an academic training but rather an opportunity to practically apply yourself and to transform your mindset when it comes to supporting children.

By applying yourself for a minimum of 10 hours a week over 6 weeks, you will have reframed faulty beliefs about what you can and can't do to support children.  You will change your mindset and lay the foundation for coaching children through play. 

It doesn't stop there.

Through your commitment, by the end of this theory training, you will have new insights into "How to become a Kids Life Coach" and you can be opt to pursue your Level 3 Diploma in Kids Life Coaching by enrolling in our online training or attending a 5-day Diploma boot camp training event. 

Life Coaching for children has in recent years become a buzz word. This is because many people just like you, have seen that children around the world are being exposed to risk factors beyond their control. This is causing a decline in the quality of childhood and an increase in mental health problems.  

Now is your chance to be part of the solution!

Whether it is in your own home as a parent, in your classroom as a teacher or in your therapy practice as a social worker or psychologist, or on the sports field as a coach...

It is time to take action!

Prevention is always better than cure so this training is aimed at giving you a foundation for supporting children so that they can be equipped to deal with life’s curve balls with confidence.  

Ready to take a look under the hood? This is what you will be learning in your 6 week training!

Module 1: Rebranding Childhood

During this module, you will be given a solid understanding of Kids Life Coaching as a way to support children. How it started. What it is. How it can help. What you can do to turn theory into practice. 

Why we do what we do?
What does a Kids Life Coach do?
How does coaching help children?
How can I become a success at coaching children?
How will I make an impact on the children I coach?

Module 2: The Psychology of Childhood

During this module you will be introduced to the Science of the Brain and how children think, understand and learn. You will find out more about the value of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming when coaching children. 

Introduction to the Psychology of Childhood
How old are you really?
Why do children behave badly?
How do I coach a child to be positive?
Why are the 24 C's of leadership so important?
How do values influence a child's decisions?

Module 3: Exploring Childhood Challenges

During this module you will be introduced to the theory of Emotional Intelligence. You will learn the 5 components of this theory which include:  Self Awareness, Self Regulation, Motivation, Empathy & Social Skills.

Introduction to Exploring Childhood Challenges
Why do children need coaching?
What will I be coaching kids?
What kind of children will I coach?
How can I coach a child to find balance?
Who can support you in your coaching?

Module 4: Enabling Children's Labels

During this module you will build a solid foundation for understanding Positive Psychology. This field is founded on the belief that humans want to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives, to cultivate what is best within themselves, and to enhance their experiences of love, work, and play. 

Introduction to Enabling children's labels
What is the language of childhood?
How do I understand labels?
How can I influence a child?
How do I meet a child's needs?
How do I develop the mindset of a Kids Life Coach?

Module 5:  Moulding Children for Life

During this module you will learn the dynamics of childhood friendships and focus on solutions for issues such as bullying, social isolation and the benefits of good communication skills. 

Introduction to Moulding Children for Life
What are the 4 U's for Coaching Children?
What are the 5 Tools for Coaching Children?
What are the 6 Theories for Coaching Children?
What are the 7 Key Ingredients for Coaching Children?
How does everything come together?

Module 6:  Theory of Kids Life Coaching

During this week, you will be given an opportunity to gain insight into how you can apply the Theory behind Kids Life Coaching. This final module will consolidate all that you have learnt and give you the opportunity to turn your theory into practice. You then have a choice to submit a Portfolio of Evidence to get your certificate and be invited to continue on to your Level 2: Kids Life Coach Certification.

So how about it?

Want to join a global network of children's change makers just like you and learn the fundamentals of Play Based Coaching®?

It is time to take action and jump start your REAL understanding of how toddlers to teens think, learn, act and behave! 

Any questions...head over to our Frequently Asked Questions page or mail our certifications team for help!




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