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With teen depression, anxiety, suicide, self harm, drug and alcohol abuse on the rise, we believe that we need to tackle problems before they spiral out of control.  Prevention is always better than cure so this Introduction to Kids Life Coaching is aimed at giving you a foundation for supporting children below the age of 12 so that they can be equipped to deal with life’s curve balls with confidence.  

This training has been laid out in such a way to maximise your learning in a short space of time with one video per day over 6 days and a final consolidation exercise on the final day of the week. 

Week 1: Orientation

Why we do what we do?
What does a Kids Life Coach do?
How does coaching help children?
How can I become a success at coaching children?
How will I make an impact on the children I coach?

Week 2: The Psychology of Childhood

Introduction to the Psychology of Childhood
How old are you really?
Why do children behave badly?
How do I coach a child to be positive?
Why are the 24 C's of leadership so important?
How do values influence a child's decisions?

Week 3: Exploring Childhood Challenges

Introduction to Exploring Childhood Challenges
Why do children need coaching?
What will I be coaching kids?
What kind of children will I coach?
How can I coach a child to find balance?
Who can support you in your coaching?

Week 4: Enabling Children's Labels

Introduction to Enabling children's labels
What is the language of childhood?
How do I understand labels?
How can I influence a child?
How do I meet a child's needs?
How do I develop the mindset of a Kids Life Coach?

Week 5:  Moulding Children for Life

Introduction to Moulding Children for Life
What are the 4 U's for Coaching Children?
What are the 5 Tools for Coaching Children?
What are the 6 Theories for Coaching Children?
What are the 7 Key Ingredients for Coaching Children?
How does everything come together?

Week 6:  Theory of Kids Life Coaching

During this week, you will be given an opportunity to gain insight into the Theory behind Kids Life Coaching. This will be done in a self study and research format that requires submission of a final task to achieve your Certificate of Completion and an accompanying PDF Kids Life Coaching Theory manual.  

Please mail our team with any further questions. 


Kids Life Coaching Made Easy Offer

This introductory training intends to inspire you to tap into your own natural inner Kids Life Coach that every single adult has! So whether you are a parent, teacher, therapist, social worker, life coach or any other profession relating to children, this content can be adapted and applied to your own unique context.

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