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Never give up on your dream of being a Kids Life Coach

Uncategorized Apr 04, 2019

As the founder of The Kids Life Studio® and The Kids Life Coach Academy, I organically started coaching children in my classroom as a teacher in 1992...

Then I transitioned to part-time coaching outside of my classroom in 2003 after building my own coaching model....

Then from 2005 I coached full time in my own Kids Life Studio space - I was seeing approximately 60 children a week for individual and small group coaching at the height of my career....

Then from 2009 I started training adults to use my coaching methods...

In 2014 I started building a global team of children’s change makers! I now work less with children and only take on a select few per year because that way I have time to mentor and invest into professionals who want to be career Kids Life Coaches.

Sooooooo why am I sharing this with you....

Not to impress you with my experience....or to tell you about my achievements, but to show you how committed I am to children! I have never ever given up on my dream to make Kids Life Coaching a mainstream intervention!!

I have been through disappointments, losses, challenges, heartache, my career working with children.

I have also had the exhilaration, successes, celebrations, happiness and achievements.

This is just like a parent experiences with their own children. The highs the lows, the wobbles and falls!

I have never been blessed with children of my own so my life’s purpose is to be an inspired contributor to other people’s children. Which is why just like a parent I can never give up!! I always see hope even when things get tough!

In my journey as a SECRET PARENT I have met all types of parents and all types of children. (If you haven’t read my book visit

I have learnt and grown through observation and remaining in a neutral position. I have managed to become perfectly positioned to teach and mentor others through my experience.

My approach is unique and not for everybody...I am passionate and driven. I am purposeful and I never settle for mediocrity. My energy and grit for being a change maker for children can be exhausting (even for me☺️).

Most of all I have seen how I leave those who are under performing and selfishly directed inward...feeling guilty. Yes guilty...because they know they SHOULD be doing more!

This is never my leave anybody feeling guilt or regret....but if you choose to train with me as a certified Kids Life Coach, I can only promise to get the best out of you. I see potential in every student who works with me. I make no apologies for taking people out of their comfort zone and pushing them past their perceived capabilities.

I am tough on my students...I make no excuses for being a hard task master which is WHY I get results.

Isn’t this what parents do for their children? So when I see people who are potentially the most amazing children’s change makers give up when things get to hard, or because they choose to stay in their comfort zone and play it small....I get frustrated.

You see children need YOU!!! To be the best YOU!! They need YOU to show them the if YOU get scared then they get scared....if YOU give up they give up. If YOU make excuses then they make excuses.

My global network of world class Kids Life Coaches are not perfect (all of us are perfectly imperfect) but they, like me are 💯 %committed to making a difference to children.

They choose to earn respect through walking their walk and talking their talk! They make choices congruent to our Kids Life coaching model and because of this they become experts at coaching children to be the leaders of their own lives.

I know it isn’t easy to be a role model. I know it isn’t always easy to make the right choices. BUT if I can ask you to make one choice today...that is right for children...then do this....

Choose to be a SECRET PARENT as a Kids Life Coach to just one child by being that steadfast lean on kind of person....the one that a child will always look up to. A neutral non judgemental adult that is willing to accept help and be coached and to constantly be expanded. It is up to will you make your life count? Will you live your dream of being a Kids Life Coach?

If you want to join my global team of change makers take a look at this Kids Life Coach Academy website to find out how! Click here to find out more about our Kids Life Coach Certification.


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