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Do you judge parents as a Kids Life Coach?

Uncategorized Feb 16, 2021

I have been speaking to a lovely mom today who feels she has failed her daughter. This wasn’t deliberate or through neglect....she had just faced lots of trauma herself and felt unsupported.

She said one of the hardest things for her was feeling judged and being told repeatedly she was a “bad mom”.

Be mindful of judging those that you perceive to be “bad” parents. There is always a backend story....that you don’t a Kids Life Coach!

As a Secret Parent I have seen how hard it can be for biological parents. Wowzer!!! Sometimes life can throw curve balls to families that knock them back dramatically.

In my experience coaching children for over two decades, the one thing that conquers all of this....

Is when parents find unconditional love grounded in compassion.

So stop judging the parents of the children that you coach and just try to put yourself in their shoes....empathy can take you a long way. Parents don't need judgement, they need compassion, care, acceptance. Many are doing their best and your job as a world-class Kids Life Coach is to be a Secret Parent to their child. Supporting them in their parenting journey. Not by replacing their role, but by supplementing it. 

Children who are abandoned, abused or neglected....usually (though not always) have parents who experienced the same....this is a cycle that can be broken. You can break it. Not by coaching the parent to be a 'better parent' but by staying in your lane and equipping their child to navigate life with confidence despite their circumstances. 

When healing happens and love is put at the centre of it all, you will see remarkable results in your clients. 

Instead of judging, be the incubator and safe holding space to the inner child of that parent who is struggling (don't confuse this with parent coaching!) and watch the miracles of a rebuilt family life unfold....

At The Kids Life Studio®, our therapeutic play based coaching system offers a non invasive approach to supporting parents and their children to become resilient and make better choices in life. 

If you are already coaching children, I hope that you are using a similar model to ours. One that is non judgemental, sustainable, ethical, non-invasive and with measurable results. 

If you are exploring becoming a coach, why not check out our Level 1 Theory training. If you fill in a statement of interest, you get a coupon voucher that gives you a discount of $1000.  

Our global network of world class Kids Life Coaches never judge parents. They are proactive in their stance because they use a system that gets results. Every time!

Wishing you well in your journey to supporting children and getting great results where parents feel supported and not judged!

Regards with Zeal,


Kids Life Studio® & Kids Life Coach Academy Founder


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