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The two things that will prevent you from failing to plan as a Kids Life Coach

Uncategorized Nov 23, 2021
Oh dear... things have gone rather quiet from my side! I have recently had a few health issues and a bad bout of Covid (I am still under quarantine!) but I am feeling ready to engage again!
I wanted to pop in to share that as the founder of Kids Life Studio Global Group and The Kids Life Coach Academy I enjoy nothing more than seeing the coaches that we train flourish!!
I have seen that those Kids Life Coaches that do the best at building their Kids Life Coaching practices...have TWO things in common!
They are fact they are planning their daily tasks. They don't leave their success to chance and they set daily incremental micro goals to work towards reaching their blue sky thinking dreams!!
They are full of gratitude! They give thanks daily and weekly and they celebrate their wins big or small with our team! We usually do this on a Friday and I love reading how our coaches are excelling! This is such an essential key to success as a world-class Kids Life Coach. I can always tell the difference between a coach filled with gratitude and one filled with grumps! (LOL) Coaching children to have gratitude is best role modelled and such a fundamental key to success! 
One of the tools we have created to help anybody working with children to stay on track with their dreams, goals and gratitude like our global team is our 2022 planner.
Check it out and get yourself a copy! The link below is for the UK version but there are versions in your local currency on your local Amazon platform. Just search for 2022 Zeal Planner. We have had great results using it and I hope that you do to!!
Remember "failing to plan is planning to fail"! So as I recover from my health setbacks, I have immense gratitude that today I am feeling slightly better and able to pop in and share my Zeal.
Zeal is what our global team of Kids Life Studio coaches call 'energy and enthusiasm for a cause or objective'. Our collective cause is being the best version of ourselves so that we can best serve the children we support. Will yo join us? 
P.S. If you are already a certified Kids Life Studio Coach and a member of our network, you have access to a FREE printable version of this be sure to visit your membership site to get it if you haven't already! 
Sending much love and zeal your way!
Kids Life Studio & Kids Life Coach Academy Founder 

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