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Why Covid-19 is the best thing that has ever happened for Kids Life Coaches

Uncategorized Apr 18, 2020

I have been very quiet in the past while in sharing my words...popping in for my weekly Facebook live on our Kids Life Coach support network and commenting on the odd this is me saying...I'm doing the best I can right now...pivoting Kids Life Studio and The Kids Life Coach Academy and The Secret Parent Foundation to support people during this intense time of change.

But today I felt I needed to share my thoughts on Social Distancing with you....and how Covid-19 is actually the best thing that has happened for career Kids Life Coaches.

Life as we know it will never be the same. Fact. I have already seen a shift in thinking and the good news is that it seems mental wellbeing is now becoming top priority for most people amidst the chaos of Covid-19.

So anybody already coaching children...will theoretically have more need for their services now!

With fear hijacking our brains on a daily basis and being forced into "lockdown" all of us are at risk for anxiety and depression. Especially when we worry....

Yet...the reality is that some days...I can't hold it together...some days I struggle more than others. I have all the tools to manage this situation and I am practicing my own Zelna Zeal Coaching model in my own life daily...

BUT...the truth is that I am grieving...and maybe you are to?

We have lost the way of life we had grown accustomed to. We have lost routines. We have lost freedom of movement. We have lost the familiarity of life that was previously very much based on our own personal choices.

We could choose where we went, who we socialised with, how we socialised and when we did this. Social Distancing.....has taken that all away!

Our tagline at The Kids Life Studio is "where choices are made easy". Yet right now many choices have been removed from us.

Glassers Choice Theory says we make choices based on 5 needs:






Right now most people are being forced to make choices based on survival. Should I or shouldn't I go out for essentials shopping? If I go out...Should I or shouldn't I wear a face mask? It seems bizarre to think that our thought processes and choice making in terms of survival have shifted so dramatically.

Yet, I have hope....

As you have probably already seen....there is lots of good that can come of this new "normal". We have slowed down. We have been forced to respect our earth and give it time to rest. Families are spending more time together.

However my concern is still our children....

If we as adult role models can't hold it together, how will they? What about the children in homes where abuse was already rife? Is it worse now?  What about children in foster care? Will they ever return to their families with economic meltdowns imminent? What about domestic abuse....what about...what about...what about....

You see we could all sit here worrying...tapping into our primal instinct to protect ourselves....we could enter the Fight, flight or freeze states of self protection....but that doesn't help the situation. So how can you be part of the solution...

How can you be a children's action taker and change maker?

I believe Kids Life Coaching is the answer. The truth is that despite what is happening our work carries on. In fact the time has never been better for anybody wanting to create a career out of Kids Life Coaching! Our Kids Life Studio coaches are flourishing and thriving....they are stepping up and shining their lights brightly!! 

You see how you get through this all depends on how you approach this situation....if you feel scared! Don't do I at times...if you feel despondent...don't to! If you feel to!!!

Yet if you are reading this right means you are already part of the solution in some way. The solution to seeing our children suffer from mental illness as a side effect of our current situation.

We are ALL in this together and we are ALL perfectly positioned to make a difference. This doesn't mean holding it together ALL the time. This doesn't mean getting it perfect..

This is our time to shine and to show a task shifting model that puts Kids Life Coaching at the centre of the eye of the storm. This Covid storm that we know will pass...

So what action will you take today to take back control? If your emotions are like mine right now...up and down...a bit fractured....what will you do?

Well I will tell you what I am doing....

I continue to stick to my big DREAM!!! To make Kids Life Coaching mainstream. During and at the end of this pandemic we are facing....Kids Life Coaching will be the foremost way that children and parents are kept on track. I don't believe a therapist or a social worker or a teacher can do that.

I believe that a trained Kids Life Coach with the tools and skills and a framework for getting results will do the job better than anybody else!

The reason I know this is because I have been in this game for 17 years...I have seen how the mental health sector works.

So trust me when I say...although I am scared right now...I have also never felt more confident about the work I have chosen to do for children.

So if you are interested in how you can be part of the solution in a sustainable way, let me know. We are always looking for members to join our team as Kids Life Studio Brand Ambassadors.

I want to say thank you for reading this...and if you are feeling scared...remember you can still choose to make your current choices based on your own personal power....celebrate your strengths and become a children's action taker and change maker!

Sending much love and zeal your way,


Kids Life Studio® & Kids Life Coach Academy Founder



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