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Why guessing isn't a good strategy as a Kids Life Coach

Uncategorized Feb 16, 2024

Kids Life Coaching is a relatively new field in the greater scheme of things. When I first started coaching children in 2003, it was unheard of and I was the first Kids Life Coach to launch my own practice. At the time, I had nobody to learn from, nobody to help me and nobody to point me in the right direction. Simply because coaching was reserved for adults and nobody was doing it for children (yet) until I identified the gap and took action. 

Just like you....I saw a need and you no doubt have also seen a need for kids life coaching in your community. It always surprises me as to even after two decades of coaching this field is still growing. In fact, since the pandemic I have seen a growth spurt with the field gaining amazing traction. 

Yet sadly...with every good intention, I see passionate children's change makers launch their own coaching practice the same way I did over two decades ago and even there there is so much help they choose to do it alone!


With so many resources now available there is absolutely no reason for you to be doing this. You see, I simply had to do that but you don't. 

Guessing is not a good strategy and I learnt the hard way!  

Setting up a coaching practice needs legalities in place, a marketing plan, a business plan, financial foundations and most of all a robust coaching system with assessment tools in place for screening clients. I learnt through attending a multitude of courses, asking business people, employing people to coach me and by figuring things out. This wasn't very sustainable and it took me at least two years if not longer to see a return on my investment in my coaching practice. 

You don't need to do the same as what I did. Our Kids Life Coach Certification takes the guess work out of setting up your own coaching practice! In fact, we get you thinking about all the things you didn't know you needed to think about! 

So if you have been thinking of setting up your own coaching practice, why not take a look at my recent video on my 3 top tips for avoiding guessing and building your coaching practice on a solid foundation. 

Anybody who knows me understands I am a stickler for quality and I have high standards. I am very proud of that and in fact our training is not for everybody! We don't want you guessing so we get you to do all the hard work in a 6 months expedited time frame to ensure that you reach the finish line with everything you need to launch your income earning coaching practice. NO GUESSWORK!!! Just pure strategy and planning in a structured way that will get you results!

Yes, yes....I know its not about the money but I found out that it is more of a joy being able to pay all the bills and serve my own family financially helping children and families than it is struggling and giving my services away for free. Yes, yes....I used to do that when I first started coaching by the way...but this is another blog for another day! Now I understand the value of my services and all of our trained and certified coaches understand the same. We add value to peoples lives and we take the guesswork out of parenting and navigating challenges for children. 

So today I encourage you to take the guesswork out of your coaching practice! Remember that"Failing to plan is planning to fail!"


I wish you well as you navigate your way through your kids life coaching journey. May you not have to figure things out the hard way and may you use our useful strategies for launching your ethical and sustainable coaching practice so that the children in your community can benefit!

Regards with Zeal,


Kids Life Studio® Founder 



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