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Level 1 - 4 Premium Package

This premium package offers a fast track pathway to success with access to personalised individual coaching, group mentorship and business startup support. In this package, we provide you with all the tools you need to get started in your own income earning kids life coaching practice by alleviating the guess work. With our structured 10-step approach, you gain access to tried and tested methods that get sustainable long-term results. All of this with our carefully curated mentorship and coaching programme that will give you the support you need to launch your successful kids life coaching practice quickly and easily.

Our Kids Life Studio® Premium package will enable you, through a hybrid mixture of online, classroom and hands-on practical learning to become confident in your ability to work with individual children or in small groups of families or in schools.

 In this Kids Life Coach Premium Package, you will learn how to:

  • set up your own kids life coaching business either part-time or full-time
  • earn an income for your services through effective marketing practices
  • establish your own niche for differentiating yourself
  • select, assess, coach and support new clients
  • create and tailor make your own individual or group coaching programmes  to ensure maximum benefit for your clients
  • offer support for a variety of needs in order to facilitate excellent personal development outcomes for your clients.
  • use our sample activities as a basis for designing your own play based approaches
  • to facilitate learning through structured coaching activities that involves the whole family.

Throughout this course, you will have a Master Coach as your personal tour guide and culminating in your final task that will involve working with case studies. 

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Premium Fast Track Training Package

This package provides access to personalised support in setting up your coaching practice at a hugely discounted investment fee for your Level 1 - 4 Diploma in Kids Life Coaching.

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