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Why is life coaching helpful for children?

Uncategorized Nov 15, 2023

The truth hurts but it doesn't make it any less of the truth! Children globally, are faced with so many toxic influences in our modern day world that they are struggling to maintain good mental, physical, social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. 

With war, terrorism, food shortages, natural disasters, poverty, crime, abuse, neglect and technology influences just being a few of the more serious problems facing them, children need support to navigate life with a full heart, a well equipped mind and a strong physical body.

This is why life coaching is so helpful for children!

Since the pandemic, this innovative approach has become mainstream which is excellent news. With our organisation Kids Life Studio® leading the way since 2003, we have trained a global network of Kids Life Coaches in over 45 countries and counting.  However, what we have noticed is that many new "kids on the block" with good intentions and a heart full of ZEAL (energy and enthusiasm for a cause or objective) are not well trained, nor well equipped. 

What sets our kids life coach training apart is that we understand through a combination of experience and well researched methodologies why life coaching is helpful for children. Here are our top 5 reasons:

  1. The list of demands children find themselves dealing with today is endless.  They need an objective tour guide to help them navigate the ups and downs with a set of tools that leave them feeling empowered.  What Zelna likes to call a "Secret Parent". With character building at the top of the agenda of any good kids life coach, this is about shaping good habits, in fun positive ways that leaves them being a positive contributor to our world.
  2. Whilst parents play a large role in supporting their own children, because of the shrinking nucleus family and less community based support, kids life coaching offers an added buffer for families. We believe that parents don't need to do it alone! Children naturally open up to a neutral adult and this allows them to have a channel for exploring parts of their personality that perhaps a parent wouldn't be able to because their views are narrowed by tunnel vision. 
  3. In a meritocratic society, with achievements, accolades, possessions and fame being high on the agenda as success measures, life coaching for children shows children the happiness has a broader definition. Done correctly, children get to explore their own concept of what makes them happy and this allows them to look inward rather than outward as they design their own blueprint for success. 
  4.  Coaching children exposes them to lifestyle habits that encourage balance. With the guidance of a life coach, they are able to access their own personal responsibility to make better choices. With guidance, they learn to choose well when it comes to their own brain behaviour, brain building and brain balancing. Daily micro habits relating to excercise, eating, sleeping, positive leisure time and learning leave them feeling empowered. 
  5. Children need to develop a greater understanding for the wide variety of interests and passions that exist and learn that there are no ‘wrong’ or ‘right’ things to enjoy or ways to be happy. Finding their own sense of self and building confidence is important in a world filled with toxic influencers and bad role models. With life coaching, children feel in control of their own destiny in a world that sometimes threatens to overwhelm them.

This short list is only the tip of the ice berg when it comes to coaching children. What really matters is that a kids life coach understands the fundamentals of supporting children by tailor making their approach to each child's unique needs. A one size fits all approach is not conducive to enabling children to flourish. 

What is needed is targeted goal setting that steers the child towards their own personal best self! This is about emotional, social physical, spiritual and mental wellbeing that leaves them equipped to make great choices in life. 

If this is something you are interested in supporting children with, why not enrol in our FREE Introduction to Kids Life Coaching to find out more! Or if you have already done that, set up a time to speak to a certifications consultant and find out about our Diploma in Kids Life Coaching and how you can setup your own kids life coaching practice to support children.

Regards with Zeal, 


Kids Life Studio® Founder 



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