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Your Kids LIfe Coaching clients care about your outcomes not your certification!

Uncategorized Jun 12, 2020
I have been training passionate people to become career Kids Life Coaches since 2009. One of the questions I get asked most often before enrolment is this....
“Is your certification accredited?”
My answer is always the same....
“Kids Life Coaching is unregulated and there are no adult life coaching associations that are able to accredit. We set our own standards and benchmarks.”
That being said we uphold academic criteria, and as an honorary fellow of Queen Mary University Global Policy Institute and also ex University Lecturer our focus at Kids Life Studio is on outcomes and a results driven approach.
How does this work?
We offer a toolkit that tracks and measures progress and success. This allows us to avoid a one size fits all approach and we get bespoke results for each of our clients.
This may sound tricky, but it’s really easy once you have a system that consistently gets results.
In my opinion, having coached children since isn’t about your certification but your results.
I never started my Kids Life Coaching practice all those years ago with a system and a programme. I designed my own Zelna Zeal Coaching Model based on what worked and got results. My client results and feedback were what gave me success.
Our motto at Kids Life Studio is that our success is reliant on the success of the children we coach.
Simply put....too many people hide behind their degrees, certificates and titles and don’t take accountability for results.
Parents deserve to have a Kids Life Coach who not only has a system that gets measurable results but also somebody who is professional and properly trained.
If you’re eager to get the journey started to taking accountability for your results take a look at our evidence based report on why Kids Life Coaching is viable.
Stop hiding behind a myriad of (sometimes) useless pieces of paper and certifications and take responsibility for becoming world-class in your results and final outcome.
The only way to success is actually being a success....
Read some of our testimonials here
If you are eager to join a global team of world-class Kids Life Coaches who walk the walk and talk the talk, then make contact with me or enrol in our Level 1 Theory of Kids Life Coach Training. 
I look forward to supporting you on your journey to getting the outcomes your clients deserve!
Regards with Zeal,
Kids Life Studio® & Kids Life Coach Academy Founder

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